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What Video Game Systems Are Best for Children?

By Alan Donahue     -
Source: Nintendo


The Nintendo Wii is the best home based video game system for families and especially children. The Nintendo Wii comes packaged with the child friendly Wii Sports and additional games are geared towards children. The system features an easy to use "Channel Interface" and can even play Nintendo Gamecube games, another child oriented system. The Nintendo DSi is the best hand held children's console. The game features minimal controls and a touch screen to make it easier for children. The dual screen can entertain children whether they are learning or having fun.
Nintendo Wii


The Nintendo Wii encourages physical activity and introduces activities they may not normally participate in. The packaged Wii Sports saves money and children stay on their feet for most of the games. The Wii Store allows children to download games of the past like Super Mario Bros. The Nintendo DSi also offers games form the past, and new games such as Brain Age offer IQ building activities that children can play and have fun at.


Children may take a while to get used to the Wii's dual controller. During some games, the controller is hard to manage and requires a lot of practice on the system before mastering. The Nintendo DSi comes with a small stylus that could get easily lost by a child. Proper care should be given to the DSi when a child uses one.

Bottom Line

Nintendo has always geared their products towards a more family friendly crowd. The Nintendo Wii is innovative and removes the "laziness" tag that often comes with video games. The DSi has so many different things that children can spend hours learning and developing through the system while still having fun.


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