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When Video Games and Toys Collide

The top video game action figures we wanna see

By ANDREW KARDON     July 23, 2002

Lara Croft did it. So did Zelda. Heck, even Mario got in on the action. No, we're not talking about some sick video game orgy. We're talkin' about action figures. This is the "Toy" section of CINESCAPE.COM after all.

Nowadays, it seems that if a video game's considered a hit, it's quickly cranked out into a movie, toy line and anything else someone with a license can think up. Nothing wrong with that at all. Yet with so many popular video games out there, not everyone's getting the full toy treatment they so deserve. And on the other end of the spectrum, some real classic gameslike DRAGON'S LAIRare getting updated versions of their original games, as well as some sweet action figures.

So what follows is a list of the top video game toys we'd give our left Nintendo-thumb for:

Combat evolved. That pretty much sums up this unbelievably amazing X-Box masterpiece of a game. With cool aliens, nifty weapons and a kick-ass cyborg as the lead good guy, this mega-hit of a game is just screaming for a toy line. Give us green and gold versions of the MASTER CHIEF and a super sexy (especially for an artificial intelligence) CORTANA figure. And we'll take as many different COVENANT and FLOOD alien freaks as we can get, so our pal can just blast 'em away. Yeah, this one's got McFarlane Toys written all over it.

MASTER CHIEF and the marines are ready to blow away your toys.

Long before there was a Lara Croft (or even a crocodile hunter named Steve Irwin), there was a little fedora-wearing pixelated pal named Pitfall Harry who'd swing from vines, jump over alligators, scorpions and barrels, and collect gold bars. Yeah, that was way back on the Atari 2600's PITFALL game, but a few sequels brought the jungle adventurer to more modern times. Mattel could do some nice justice in bringing the vine-cutting Harry to plastic life (along with plenty of monstrous critters to thwart his path).

Let's get that whip-cracking TREVOR BELMONT the plastic treatment too, along with all sorts of bats, snakes and evil critters, not to mention the big bad kahuna himself: COUNT DRACULA. For even more game zaniness, include a castle base with each figure that links up to recreate spookerific scenes from this classic horror game. Moore Action Collectibles is already doing some great vampiric work with the BUFFY line, so this one'd be a piece o' cake for them.

Okay, okay. This one's pretty cheesy, but how cool would it be? You've got a crazy apron-wearing chef with a big-ass chef's hat. Give him some salt and pepper shakers, along with some giant "walking" hot dogs and fried eggs to chase after him. Heck, while we're at it, let's get a whole bunch of these classic games like DIGGER, QBERT and RAMPAGE. As for who should put 'em out... let's get those fine folks at Playmates who've done an awesome detailed job of bringing the SIMPSONS to life.

Time to make the burgers...

The axe-wielding WARRIOR. The arrow-shooting ELF. The typical white-bearded WIZARD. And the buxom armored babe VALKYRIE. These four heroes swallowed many a youth's quarter back on this awesome dungeons and dragons-type video game for up to four players. So it's about time someone, like say Palisades, ran these characters through the toy gauntlet.

Two perfectly round marbles ready to take on... okay, maybe this one's a little too much.

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