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Videos: SMALLVILLE - 10.10 - Patriot

2 clips and 16 images from this week's episode

By Mania Staff     November 15, 2010
Source: The CW

SMALLVILLE - 10.10 - Patriot
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Deathstroke debuts on this week's episode of Smallville and it's torture for Green Arrow and Aquaman! T he CW has provided 2 clips and '6 images from the segment called "Patriot". But first, here's the official description:

DC COMICS CHARACTER AQUAMAN RETURNS WITH HIS WIFE MERA; TOM WELLING DIRECTS AND MICHAL HOGAN (“BATTLESTAR GALACTICA”) GUEST STARS AS COL SLADE. — In an effort to protect the rest of the team, Oliver (Justin Hartley) decides to register for the Vigilante Registration Act to see what the government plans to do with the new law.  As he suspected, it was a trap to lure superheroes to an undisclosed location where he is confined to a jail and subjected to a battery of brutal tests under the supervision of Col. Slade (guest star Michael Hogan, “Battlestar Galactica”).  Aquaman (guest star Alan Ritchson) and his new wife Mera (guest star Elena Satine) team up with Clark to free Oliver.  Lois is frustrated when Clark continues to push aside her offers to help the team and sets out to prove she can play with the big boys.  Tom Welling directed the episode written by John Chisolm.

The "Patriot" episode of Smallville airs Friday, November 19th at 8pm on The CW.



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mikemc2 11/16/2010 8:43:31 AM

This is Aquaman..why is he holding his breath is the picture?

johnwhitetoledo 11/16/2010 10:48:50 AM

"This is Aquaman..why is he holding his breath is the picture?"

Cause its a TV show, and actors cant breath under water?

serge365 11/17/2010 12:48:21 PM

"This is Aquaman..why is he holding his breath is the picture?"

How about he's holding his breath because he's NOT Aquaman.  It's a picture of Green Arrow underwater.  Their pants are different colors and made of of different materials.

StrongHyperClaw 11/21/2010 5:08:53 PM

MAN, I GOt To SAY That I Am disappoint with this last season of Smallville. The Only Thin That Can Save This Season Is The introduction Of Bruce Wayne AKA BATMAN!!!! THIS IS THe LASt SEASON Of SMALLVILLE, SO BRING IN BRUCE WAYNE/BATMAN!!! MAKE IT HAPPEND!!!



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