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zalder 5/17/2012 3:11:29 PM

I hope they find a good way to explain why they don't just bring in the big group no matter what the problem...lilke perhaps all the movies are happing at the same time.  I mean even if it isn't a difficult villian why not bring in help just to make it easier and quicker?


Haven't heard of this villian but then I never read the iron man comics at all so not surprising.

Lsn22s 5/17/2012 4:34:26 PM

I really think its going to be Thanos in Avengers 2. Think about it, they can do another round of solo movies (except Hulk? maybe?) and have seeds planted in each film leading up to some world-shaking sh*t like they did with this first round leading up to Avengers. Thanos is an epic character, he needs to be built up instead of just thrown into the next movie IMHO. Although i do like Wise's idea of Thor Vs. Thanos, but we would most definitely get some Thor vs. Thanos in Avengers 2 if he's the villain there.

@ Tiredjay, I agree with your take on IM3, makes the most sense to me, and sounds AWESOME. I just can't wait to see how all the extremis madness ends up affecting the appearance of his suit in the movie. I wonder just how much they're going to augment his abilities too, we just might have a whole new Iron man come Avengers 2. Oh and more War Machine please, the more awesome Stark-tech in this movie the better as far as i'm concerned.

For Thor 2, I would love to see Beta Ray Bill! He would look sooooooooo badass on-screen! Truth is, I almost don't care what direction they go with the next Thor, I'm just beyond stoked to see what the cosmic side of the Marvel movie universe has to offer. Which leads me to...

Doctor Strange......This guy NEEDS a movie, he NEEDS to be introduced into the Marvel Movie U immediately. His powers are so different than the other Avengers, as is his whole vibe, and he has some sweet-looking enemies. Imagine Dormammu on the big-screen....are you sh*tting me?!?!?!?! I think this character would add something incredible to the overall depth of the Avengers franchise.

I know everyone is waiting to see Winter Soldier in the next Cap movie, but is there anyone else who would love to see Cap duke it out with a live action Crossbones? That would be so cool. Falcon would be a welcome addition on the good-guy side too. I wonder if they'll introduce Baron Zemo? or bring back the Red Skull?

I am such a happy Marvel Comics fan and especially Avengers fan right now! So much cool stuff to look forward to....

ElBaz13 5/17/2012 5:18:14 PM

Thor can't beat Thanos by himself but he can with Beta Ray Bill and the Warriors Three. Love those characters and was sad to see some of their scenes cut from Thor.

I too agree that's it's great to be a Marvel Comics fan and the movies they are producing. They are sticking as close to the source material and not deviating too much from the characters, origins, supporting cast and powers.Especially the Thor material. I was so afraid someone would make him too "realistic" like the Ultimate version and have no Asgard (well, at least in the first series) and everyone think is an eco-freak nutjob with super powers. I was afraid they would take some of the littlest things away like his ability to fly. There was none of that. It's the Thor from the comic and pretty much knocked it out of the park for comicbook fans.

Hopefully there is more Asgard in Thor 2 and we get to see Ulik, Ymir, Surtur, Balder, etc...


Betenoire 5/17/2012 5:32:24 PM

Of course Iron Man's greatest enemy is really Jack Daniel's, but I doubt Marvel has the stones to try that storyline in a superhero film. 

violator14 5/17/2012 6:02:11 PM

 I would imagine Iron Man's worst enemy would be Magneto. Haha

Tighelander 5/17/2012 10:49:05 PM

When did Fing Fang Foom become a fan favorite??

Coldblood? That shows you how long it's been since I've read an Iron Man comic.

So Thor 2 might end with the defeat of Asgard, with maybe Loki returning to Earth to ask for the help of the Avengers? Wouldn't that be awkward.

There's a limit to how many heroes they can juggle on screen right?

Re: Iron Man 2, I thought both villains were weak, especially Hammer. A bad guy can be a threat if he's incompetent, and Hammer was about as competent as Luthors buddy in the first Superman movie.


Wiseguy 5/18/2012 10:50:02 AM

Tighelander, now that's a good idea. Thanos takes over Asgard but earth and the other realms are next but the Avengers go to Asgard instead of just having another earth invasion, I like it, No I love it

hanso 5/18/2012 12:29:55 PM

 You know it ain't good when mofos be talking about more about Thor 2/Avengers 2 than the casting of this cat as a villain.

Btw, I just seen this cat the other day in Shame.  You know what else I saw in Shame?  Michael Fassbender's pipi.  

BunyonSnipe 5/19/2012 8:55:01 AM

Heroes For Hire TV show... I'm in!

Would be nice if they could have cameos from the like of Chris Evans and the others too...

Maybe this wouldf be the perfect way to use characters like Spidey and Daredevil too, why do the films have to be seperated, okay they are made by different companies, but why to crossover... let's face it EVERYBODY wins!

daredevilva 5/20/2012 6:38:07 AM

Why not do something epic with the third one like the armor wars????????

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