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Vin Diesel as the SILVER SURFER?!

He's up for it

By Patrick Sauriol     April 04, 2003
Source: The National Post

With his latest film, A MAN APART, opening today in theaters, rising action star Vin Diesel has decided to come clean and tell the media what superhero he'd like to play...and it's nobody other than Marvel Comics' SILVER SURFER.

Speaking with the National Post newspaper, Diesel shared his ideas for other genres of movies that he would like to do one day. Among the potentials pet projects are starring in a remake of GUYS AND DOLLS; riding an elephant as the Carthaginian general HANNIBAL; and playing the former herald of Galactus and wielder of the power cosmic, the Silver Surfer.

"The Surfer is an intergalactic superhero," Diesel told the Post, who is "one step further than all these regional superheroes." And hey, they've both got smooth heads.

Any bets that Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad is making a call to Vin's agent this morning?

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