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Vivat Grendel!

By Rob M. Worley     May 29, 2002

Grendel Teaser Poster by Hans Rodionoff.
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With developmenton a movie version his Mage comic book well underway, Comics2Filmhas learned that Hollywood has now turned an eye towards Matt Wagner's Grendel.

Dark HorseEntertainment and Arsenal Entertainment are developing the project. HansRodionoff, who penned the script for Artisan and Marvel's Man-Thingmovie, is attached as writer. Rodionoff is currently out pitching the concept tostudios.

"Theresponse has been very positive," Rodionoff told C2F. "Moreimportantly, this is a story that Matt Wagner has signed off on and feelspassionate about."

Thescreenwriter's take on the material focuses on the Christine Spar incarnation ofthe character, a starting point that Wagner was initially hesitant about.

"I alwaysimagined it being Hunter Rose first," Wagner said. However, Rodionoff'spitch quickly dispelled any reluctance from the creator. "Literally severalminutes into it I was completely sold."

The comiccreator said he feels that he and Rodionoff are in synch in their vision."He knows his stuff. He's incorporated a whole lot of Christine Spar'sstoryline and the history of the Hunter Rose storyline," Wagner said."There were several things that he did adaptively that I had alwaysconsidered, if I were to approach Grendel on screen."

Mike Richardsonis set to produce the project for Dark Horse with Kevin Hageman co-producing.Ian Unterreiner of Arsenal Entertainment is executive producing the project.


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