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Viz Accelerates Naruto

By Chris Beveridge     November 17, 2008
Source: ICv2

© Viz Media

ICv2 has a new article up talking about some of the changes Viz Media is making to how they bring their Naruto properties over to the US market. Starting in January, they're shifting the initial focus of new episodes for their site in order to drive awareness and speed up digital distribution delivery before the episodes hit on other services like Hulu and Joost as well as game platform delivery. Episodes will begin streaming there within days of their airing in Japan. The new anime streaming initiative kicks off on January 2nd, when eight episodes will be made available, with eight more added each Friday until the catch-up is complete.  Beginning on January 15th and every Thursday thereafter, a new episode will be added, only days after its broadcast in Japan.

For manga fans, it's going to be a familiar event that will challenge a few budgets to be sure. Viz Media is intent on releasing 11 volumes of the Naruto manga, volumes 34 to 44, between February and April.  Once this period is over, the Viz Media volumes will be released once a quarter, approximately six months after their release in Japan.  Naruto Volume 44, to be released in the U.S. in April, is being released in Japan this month.  


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