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Viz Boxes Up Manga for the Holidays

By Chris Beveridge     November 21, 2008

Death Note Manga Box Set
© Viz Media

Viz Media has decided to box up a trio of its most popular series for the holiday season in order to make it easier for people to buy gifts for their little manga fan. The cheapest of the three sets is the $100 Death Note Complete Box Set which has the twelv volume series proper as well as the special thirteenth volume and a "How to Use It" booklet. The next set is the Bleach Box Set which holds twenty-one volumes in a box designed just for it while also including a special booklet made for it and a double sided poster which will run you $150. And if that's not rich enough for your blood, there's the really nicely priced $175 Naruto box set which contains all of "Part One" of the series with twenty-seven volumes. This box is a savings of about $40 over the retail price of the single volumes, plus you get it in a box. All the boxes are designed with artwork that features the series and has a handle so you can tote it around and share it easily with someone. Or bludgeon them with it if you can heft it too.

While it's obvious why these three series were chosen, considering their overall popularity and sales across multiple media formats, one has to wonder if there's more sales potential for this with other series as time goes on as well. With fans cutting back on books, would you be more tempted if you could pick up large chunks of books in a box set or bundle down the line? How many would be interested in grabbing a big chunk of Monster at the moment or Hunter x Hunter to complement the release of the anime series? Which shoujo books would you want to see brought in this form as opposed to a VizBig edition?


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