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Viz Media Licenses I"s and I"s Pure

By Chris Beveridge     January 07, 2009

I"s/I"S Pure Complete Collection
© Viz Media

Via a retail solicitation, Viz Media appears to have picked up the license for the two anime OVA series I"s and I"s Pure. The series is based off of the romance manga by Katsura Masazaku who gained fame years ago for his series Video Girl Ai, which was also adapted into a very popular anime in the early 90's. Viz Media is currently releasing the I"s manga series and is putting both these OVA series onto one DVD release, which is made up of two OVAs for the first and six for the second.

Cover Art Title Release Date Runtime Price Studio Format
I"s/I"S Pure Complete Collection 03-24-2009 240 mins $29.98 Viz Media

Viz Media talks about the creator thusly: Known among anime circles as the character designer for IRIA: ZEIRAM THE ANIMATION, Katsura is also a popular manga artist. His works, from the story of an unlikely superhero in WINGMAN to the saga of a girl who gains powers from magic eyeshadow in SHADOW LADY, display a quirky sense of humor and a fondness for O. Henry-like plot twists. Katsura is also celebrated in fan circles as an artist with a hand for lush screen-tones and an unparalleled eye for nubile young ladies, best noted in the shapely Iria-like bounty hunter in his manga D.N.A.2 (D.N.A. "squared").


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