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    September 15, 2000



San Francisco, CA (9/15/00)-Viz Comics proudly announces the January 2001 release of MARIONETTE GENERATION, the first volume of the manga series by Haruhiko Mikimoto, character designer of MACROSS/ROBOTECH. This offbeat romantic comedy, currently serialized in Viz's monthly manga magazine ANIMERICA EXTRA, combines lush artwork with a quirky sense of humor.

Illustrator Izumi Morino may not be able to find work, but his life is still very complicated. Kinoko, a cute junior-high student, has become his de facto assistant and attempts to run his life through whining and wheedling. Things get weird one morning when she catches him in bed with a doll...not an adult doll, but a cute rag doll. Embarrassing to be sure, but Izumi has no idea how it got there...and even less idea what to think when the doll starts to walk, talk and call him names!

In This Volume: "Who am I? Where did I come from?" asks the doll...and it's staying at Izumi's place 'till it finds out! What will this mean for Kinoko's underage crush on Izumi? Can Izumi handle the trials of life as a commercial artist who specializes in drawing cute girls? Who is the teenage boy who's taking photographs of Izumi? And who is the mysterious fashion doll that sees the rag doll as its enemy? This graphic novel collects the stories from ANIMERICA EXTRA Part 3 #3 through #10.

Famed for his beautiful, delicate illustrations and painterly color works, Haruhiko Mikimoto has worked as a character designer for many different anime. Starting as a self-described fan, he soon got a job at Studio Nue, and a sketch of a Chinese girl doodled in a notebook was enough to lead him to a character design stint on the 1982 TV series SUPERDIMENSIONAL FORTRESS MACROSS (known in the U.S. as the first part of ROBOTECH). His work also appears in MACROSS II, MEGAZONE 23, ORGUSS, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 0080: WAR IN THE POCKET, GUNBUSTER, and many other anime series, as well as video games such as QUO VADIS. His manga works include MACROSS 7 TRASH and MARIONETTE GENERATION, which started in 1989 and ran for several years in the Japanese animation magazine NEWTYPE.

MARIONETTE GENERATION is written and drawn by Haruhiko Mikimoto. It is b&w, 192 pages long and retails for $15.95 USA/$24.95 Canada.


"This is good, old-fashioned comic book storytelling. Not a self- conscious attempt to do comics the way Stan Lee did them in the 60s, but an honest, fresh wholly original concept done to fulfill one man's vision. Only someone in love with what they're doing can make essentially funny characters like these seem so believably dramatic and noble."

San Francisco, CA (9/15/00)-Viz Comics proudly announces the January 2001 release of DRAGON BALL Z, Vol. 3! You've seen the smash-hit Cartoon Network anime series, now in its 4th successful season, with over 150 new episodes licensed to show on American've heard of the video games, movies, and see the original manga that started it all, collected as economical graphic novels in the original right-to-left-reading format!

After years of training and adventure, young Goku has become Earth's strongest martial artist-but the stakes are increasing, as he and his friends must fight against the deadliest villains of all time and space! Get ready for action as aliens, time travelers, and the mighty Saiyans clash over the fate of the Earth and the awesome power of the seven Dragon Balls that can grant any wish!

In This Volume: While Goku races towards Earth from the afterlife along the million-kilometer Serpent Road, the world's mightiest martial artists make their last stand against alien invaders determined to wipe out the human race! Piccolo, Gohan, Kuririn, Tenshinhan and Chaozu struggle five-to-one against Nappa, but soon the battle is four-to-one... then three-to-one... as their unstoppable opponent finishes them off one at a time. Their last chance is Goku...but even he, and the miraculous kaio-ken, may not be a match for Nappa's commander Vegeta. This graphic novel collects DRAGON BALL Z Part 2 #3 through #8, including new illustration pages not printed in the monthly comic!

Widely known all over the world for his playful stories and humorous, distinctive art style, DRAGON BALL creator Akira Toriyama is also known in his native Japan for the wildly popular DR. SLUMP, his previous manga series about the adventures of a mad scientist and his android "daughter." His hit series DRAGON BALL ran from 1984 to 1995 in Shueisha's weekly SHONEN JUMP magazine, where it was the most popular title in the magazine's history, and generated innumerable movies, video games and merchandise. Toriyama has also done design work for video games such as DRAGON WARRIOR, CHRONO TRIGGER and TOBAL NO. 1, and drawn several new short manga, such as COWA, KAJIKA and SAND LAND.

DRAGON BALL Z VOL. 3 is written and drawn by Akira Toriyama. It is 192 pages long and retails for $14.95 USA/$23.00 Canada. Plus, be sure to check out Viz's DRAGON BALL, Akira Toriyama's prequel series!


"This is a fantastic comic; well-drawn, tightly-plotted and scalp- crawlingly creepy...People tend to forget that the author of URUSEI YATSURA can tackle horror with the same skill as she writes comedy, but INU-YASHA is the perfect way to be reminded."-Manga Max

"Captivating characters, a dark sense of humor, scary monsters, and fast-paced adventure." -comics columnist Tony Isabella

San Francisco, CA (9/15/00)-Viz Comics proudly announces the January 2001 release of INU-YASHA Vol. 8, the latest volume of the time- traveling horror/action manga series by Rumiko Takahashi!

When high-school student Kagome is transported back in time to the feudal era, she accidentally releases the feral half-demon dog-boy Inu-Yasha from his imprisonment for stealing the "Jewel of Four Souls." Bound together by a spell, Inu-Yasha and Kagome soon become the Jewel's guardians, dedicated to prevent other demons from using its terrible power for evil!

In This Volume: 50 years ago, the demon Naraku tricked Inu-Yasha and Kikyo, causing the former friends to nearly kill one another. Now, using the wolf-demon Royakan as its pawn, Naraku seeks Inu-Yasha's head once again. Meanwhile, Kikyo has suffered an even worse fate, becoming a ghost who must steal the souls of young girls like her to survive. Will her love for Inu-Yasha redeem her tortured spirit...or has her soul been so twisted that she will only find satisfaction in his death? This graphic novel collects the comics Inu-Yasha Part 4 #6 through Part 5 #3.

Rumiko Takahashi is the world's bestselling female comic artist, with over 100 million of her books in print in Japan alone. Her works, which range from the slapstick comedy of RANMA 1/2 and LUM*URUSEI YATSURA to the romantic soap-opera of MAISON IKKOKU and the supernatural horror of INU-YASHA, have been adapted into anime TV series, movies, and video games. Since her U.S. debut in 1989, she has become one of the most popular manga artists in America as well. When she visited America at the Comic-Con International in San Diego in July 2000, she drew sketches for hundreds of fans and gave interviews to many publications, including the L.A. Times, which printed the interview on August 17, 2000.

INU-YASHA Vol. 8 is written and drawn by Rumiko Takahashi. It is b&w, 184 pages long and retails for $15.95 USA/$24.95 Canada.


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