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Viz-in Vol. 12 No. 8

    August 01, 2000

viz-in vol. 12, no. 8 Your One-Stop Monthly Manga & Anime Connection!


DER MOND: THE ART OF YOSHIYUKI SADAMOTO color, softcover, 13"x10" 120 pages $29.95 USA/$46.50 CAN SHIPS 11/10 FROM NADIA TO EVANGELION Stylish, delicate, and cutting-edge, DER MOND collects the color illustrations of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (character designer, NEON GENESIS EVANGELION) for the first time in an English edition! This book includes 74 pages of paintings and designs from EVANGELION, plus 50 pages from THE WINGS OF HONNEAMISE, NADIA, BLUE URU and other works, including his Eric Clapton CD cover. From the doll-like beauty of Rei Ayanami to the titanic power of the Evangelions themselves, see why Sadamoto is one of today's greatest Japanese artists.

PULP VOL. 4, #12 NOVEMBER '00 manga anthology b&w, 184 pages $5.95 USA/$8.95 CAN MATURE READERS ONLY 3RD ANNIVERSARY ISSUE! SHIPS 11/17 UNDER THE ROOFS OF TOKYO Pulp is three years old! (But you know they'll say it's 19 in the U.S. version.) Yuji Oniki ("Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi", "Nocturnal Transmissions") scours the underworld of Tokyo to bring back a report on fuzoku, the Japanese sex industry. PLUS: "Vulgarity Drifting Diary", "Alt.Lit", "Pulp Cult", "The Manga Browser", Chuck Stephens' movie reviews and all our other columns on Japanese film, books, manga and more. It's the thinking otaku's magazine of new Japanese pop culture, not to mention the biggest manga magazine in America, with 184 pages of comics! IN THIS ISSUE: BENKEI IN NEW YORK: In the second half of "Swordfish", Benkei goes to a hostage swap to retrieve Maria, the mafia boss's daughter. BAKUNE YOUNG: Renge demonstrates her psychic powers, while hundreds of yakuza swarm like starved rats on Bakune's ex-gym- teacher! DANCE TILL TOMORROW: On the way to the New Year's Festival, Aya and Freddy meet up with a creepy little girl who has business with Suekichi. STRAIN: Angel attacks Shimei Sai's headquarters, only to come face to noseless face with Sai's 7-foot-tall, skull-faced bodyguard! BANANA FISH: The Chinese mob betrays Shorter Wong along with Eiji, whose fate, it seems, is to become Papa Dino's concubine. VOYEURS, INC.: He's clinically insane and he's carrying a box of live roaches. Uggh! Ewww! Ick! Plus ko-gal cut-ups in the surreal SHORT CUTS and the usual strangeness in HEARTBROKEN ANGELS.

DRAGON BALL Z, VOL. 2 Viz graphic novel story and art by Akira Toriyama b&w, 192 pages $14.95 USA/$23.00 CAN SHIPS 11/10 HEROES IN HEAVEN...AND HELL Akira Toriyama's action epic, as seen on the Cartoon Network, is now available in English in its original comic form! After years of training and adventure, young Son Goku has become Earth's strongest martial artistnow he and his friends must fight against the deadliest villains of all time and space! This graphic novel collects DRAGON BALL Z #6 through PART 2 #2. IN THIS VOLUME: Goku is deadbut his journey is just beginning. Now he must travel through the afterlife along the million-kilometer Snake Road to find Kaiô-sama, the Lord of Worldswho will teach him martial arts techniques so powerful they're reserved for the gods! And he'd better hurry, too, because Earth has only nine months until the evil Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa, will arrive to wipe the planet clean of life. While the archdemon Piccolo trains Goku's son Gohan to reach his full power potential, the alien spaceships rocket ever closer to Earth...bearing a power so awesome that even Earth's six strongest heroes may not be a match for it!!!

POKEMON ADVENTURES, VOL. 2: LEGENDARY POKEMON Viz graphic novel story by Hidenori Kusaka art by MATO b&w, 216 pages $14.95 USA/$23.00 CAN SHIPS 11/3 COLOR ME POKEMON Pokemon comics based on the original Game Boy game, with all the Gym Leaders, places and characters! "This is the comic that most resembles the world I was trying to convey...I want every Pokemon fan to read it!" says POKEMON game producer Tsunekazu Ishihara. There's plenty of action as trainers named Red and Blue explore the world in search of Pokemon and excitement. But can they foil the schemes of the villainous organization Team Rocket? Contains POKEMON ADVENTURES PART, 1 #5 (last part) through PART 3 #1 (first part). IN THIS VOLUME: Red meets a new trainer, Green, a deceptive girl who uses her Pokemon to get, connive or steal whatever she wants! But they must work together to fight Team Rocket, who's captured Mew to use its genetic data to create a new Pokemon! Then, Red challenges Erika, Celadon City Gym Leader and Grass Pokemon expert; and ventures into the Safari Zone, only to get lost in the jungle among savage wild Pokemon! Finally, Red surfs the islands in search of Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos...but Team Rocket is hunting them too! Can Red keep the mighty Legendary Birds out of Rocket leader Giovanni's evil hands?

MAGICAL POKEMON JOURNEY, PART 3 #1: NINJA IN TRAINING 4-issue monthly series story & art by Yumi Tsukirino monthly, b&w, 40 pages squarebound format $4.95 USA/$7.95 CAN SHIPS 11/10 DO AS I DO, NOT AS I SAY Meet a young ninja who wants to be like gym leader Koga. He's learning martial arts from his ditto master...who better to teach camouflage and hiding? Then, Pikachu tries to pick a flower for Hazel, only to find that everyone in the Pokemon world seems to be gone!

viz graphic novels

STRAIN, VOL. 4 Pulp graphic novel story by Buronson art by Ryoichi Ikegami b&w, 224 pages $16.95 USA/$26.00 CAN SHIPS 11/17 CHINA & JAPAN From the creators of SANCTUARY and FIST OF THE NORTH STAR! In the streets of Kuala Lumpur, blood flows thick, but not thicker than water. Framed, nearly executed, and exiled to Malaysia's slums, Japanese assassin Shingo Kusaka joins a group of outcasts in the fight against his elder brother Shunichiro, a power-hungry aristocrat, and the monolithic Chinese Sai crime family. This graphic novel contains the STRAIN installments from PULP Vol. 3 #12 to Vol. 4 #7 in their entirety. IN THIS VOLUME: Shimei Sai makes a hostile takeover of Kusaka Corp., and wastes no time letting his former partner and now employee Shunichiro know exactly how he feels. Shunichiro's response is to hire the best assassin in Malaysia...Shingo Kusaka, the very brother he tried to kill! With this reconciliation of convenience, the siblings go up against the Sai family in a bloody attempted coup. Will Rei Fai, Shimei's mistress, be their ally or enemy? Will Gensuke Jin, Shingo's grandfather, lend his power and influence to their cause? And what about cross-dressing killer "Sweetie" Andre? It all comes down to an underground room where Shion and Shunichiro face one another, revolvers in hand...

RANMA 1/2, VOL. 16 Viz graphic novel story & art by Rumiko Takahashi b&w, 200 pages $15.95 USA/$24.95 CAN SHIPS 11/24 MAGIC SPRING OVERKILL Due to an unfortunate accident at the cursed Chinese training ground Jusenkyo, when Ranma and his father get splashed with cold water, papa turns into a giant panda and male Ranma becomes a buxom young woman! Hot water reverses the effect...but only until the next time! Constantly chased by battle-happy martial artists and lovesick suitors of both sexes, what's a half-boy, half-girl to do? RANMA 1/2 VOL. 15 collects RANMA 1/2 PART 8 #8 through PART 8 #13 in one convenient volume. IN THIS VOLUME: When Ranma starts finding his fellow cursed martial artists knocked out cold and wrapped in pantyhose, he discovers that a demon is tracking down every one on the Jusenkyo visitors' registry. Turns out the "demon" is a teenager hunting for Happosai, who baptized him as a newborn the niu ho man maolen niichuan spring, the "spring where yeti riding ox while carrying eel and crane" drowned 2500 years ago! Now the ox-headed, crane-winged monster has kidnapped Akane! Ryoga, Ranma, Mousse and Shampoo must put aside their differences (sort of) to save her...and find out the real reason why this demon has a grudge!


POKEMON ADVENTURES, PART 3 #4: MASTER MEWTWO 7-issue monthly series story by Hidenori Kusaka art by MATO squarebound, b&w, 32 pages $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN SHIPS 11/3 THE OMEGA POKEMON Blaine, a scientist who defected from Team Rocket, has created a monsterMewtwo, the most powerful psychic Pokemon ever. And now Red must defeat it alone! Don't count on a happy ending like in Pokemon: The First Movie!

viz video

MAISON IKKOKU, VOL. 25: WELCOME TO THE DOGHOUSE 2 episodes per volume English subtitled color, stereo, 52 mins. $28.95 USA SHIPS 11/10 THE MYSTERY MAN Desperate to overcome his paralyzing fear of dogs, Mitaka enlists (or should that be, has thrust upon him) the help of Ikkoku's determined residents. AND THEN: A new Ikkoku resident? Having lost a spouse, just like the manager, a strange sympathy strikes up between the two. What will it mean for Kyoko and Godai's burgeoning relationship?

RANMA 1/2, SEASON 6 VOL. 1: WHO DO? VOODOO 2 episodes per volume English dubbed color, stereo, 52 mins. $24.95 USA SHIPS 11/3 MORE WEIRDOS FOR YOUR ANIME DOLLAR Interfere with a girl and the idealized image she holds of her papa at your own peril! Kuno's ready to give his delinquent dad the boot, but Kodachi seems to need him now more than ever. Can the cranky upperclassman put up with the indignities for his sister's sake? AND THEN: There's a new kid in town! A really creepy kid! Who puts nails into stuff. And carries voodoo dolls. And also has a crush on Akane!

RANMA 1/2, MARTIAL MAYHEM, SUBTITLED EDITION: MARRY ME, AKANE 2 episodes per volume subtitled color, stereo, 52 mins. $28.95 USA SHIPS 11/17

HERE'S THE RING TO PROVE THAT I'M NO JOKER... Ranma and Ryoga have always competed in the martial arts, but now, with Ryoga's proposal to Ranma's fiancée, their romantic rivalry is coming to the boiling point, too...Then, an argument over food (what else?) send Genma storming out of the Tendo Dojo in a huffand he's taking his son with him!

viz comics

NEON GENESIS EVANGELION BOOK 5, #2 REGULAR & SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION 7-issue monthly series story & art by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto original concept by Gainax monthly, b&w, 32 pages $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN SHIPS 11/17 SUFFER THE CHILDREN Misato Katsuragi: a woman who survived the apocalypse of the year 2000 and today, at 29 years old, is one of the chief officers of NERV. But the reappearance of Kaji, her old lover, bothers her with memories of the life she'd put aside. Meanwhile, floating in the liquid spinal tissue of Eva Unit-00 during a synchronization experiment, Rei Ayanami has disturbing dreams.

AQUA KNIGHT, PART 2, #2 5-issue monthly series story & art by Yukito Kishiro monthly, b&w, 48 $3.50 USA/$5.50 CAN SHIPS 11/24 FUTURE BOY ASHIKA Aboard Alacontra's ship, Ashika learns that Alacontra is an Aqua Knight himself, who has defeated many other Knights in battle! And thus primitive, unschooled Ashika's perilous training begins...but first he'll have to learn a few other things like toilet-training...

EL HAZARD: THE MAGNIFICENT WORLD #3 5-issue series story & art by Hidetomo Tsubura monthly, b&w, 40 pages $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN SHIPS 11/24 A WIZARD OF EL HAZARD Makoto is captured by two (out of the three) magic-wielding Muldoon Priestesses, who after some suspicion decide to take him to the capital of Roshitaria. Meanwhile Miz, the Priestess of Water, develops a crush on Makoto's gym teacher Mr. Fujisawa! But far from this green and flowery part of El Hazard, in the dark hive of the Bugrom, the evil Jinnai cements an alliance with the insect enemies of Roshitaria!

GUNDAM WING: GROUND ZERO #4 4-issue monthly series story & art by Reku Fuyunagi b&w, 40 pages $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN SHIPS 11/17 EN ROSE In a world of total pacifism, after the end of the GUNDAM WING TV series, there are still dangers for Relena. But how does Heero always manage to rescue her, only to disappear minutes later without saying a word?

NO NEED FOR TENCHI!, PART 10 #3 7-issue series story & art by Hitoshi Okuda monthly, b&w, 32 pages $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN SHIPS 11/24 THE LOCH TENCHI MONSTER Sea serpents: are they motivated solely by the desire to protect the environment? Or are they just giant, 200-foot-long, tourist-eating pests? As the undersea menace strikes again in broad daylight, Washu must find a way to stop it, without revealing the Tenchi gang's powers to thousands of reporters and beachgoers!

DRAGON BALL, PART 3 #6 story & art by Akira Toriyama 14-issue monthly series b&w, 32 pages $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN SHIPS 11/3 GOKU VS. GOMU Trapped in Level 5 with the hungry monster Gomu, Goku and 8-Chan are appalled to find that even the Kamehameha doesn't work! How will they stop the slobbering blob and rescue the mayor of Jingle Village? Their problems will end this way or another!

SILENT MÖBIUS: CATASTROPHE #6 6-issue monthly series story & art by Kia Asamiya b&w, 32 pages $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN SHIPS 11/10 DEAD LINE Who is the megadyne serial killer? What is the meaning of the cyber- virus Lebia Maverick has discovered? And how long will it take for Ralph Bomaz, shot by the murderer, to die on the roof of Kiddy's apartment building? Now all these questions will be answered...

EAGLE: THE MAKING OF AN ASIAN-AMERICAN PRESIDENT #10: GONE TO TEXAS 14-issue series story & art by Kaiji Kawaguchi b&w, 104 pages $6.95 USA/$10.95 CAN SHIPS 11/24 PIONEER SPIRIT It's another primary in the Democratic nomination, in a state where political power brokers still wear spurs and wear ten-gallon hats. Yamaoka and Takashi go out to the Star Cafe to try to win the support of a Texas politician...but there's no turning back once Yamaoka talks gun control in the middle of a Texas barroom!

RANMA 1/2, PART 9, #7 11-issue series story & art by Rumiko Takahashi monthly, b&w, 32 pages $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN SHIPS 11/17 HADOKEN!...I MEAN HOKKODAN To defeat Ryoga's invulnerable new shisei hokkodan energy techniques, Ranma has a plan: to ask Shampoo's grandmother Cologne for help. Uh, what about Plan B? Well, Plan B is to put on a mini-skirt and his female persona (not in that order) and try to sweet-talk the secret out of Ryoga by himself!

DRAGON BALL Z, PART 3 #10 story & art by Akira Toriyama 10-issue monthly series b&w, 32 pages $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN SHIPS 11/10 WAR ON NAMEK With the Namekian child Dende in tow, Gohan and Kuririn rush back to their hideout, where Dende tells the story of the Namekians. Meanwhile, Vegeta and Freeza are in stalemate, with each having just a few of the Namekian Dragon Balls. But for our heroes, a choice between Vegeta and Freeza is just a choice between two ways to die!

INU-YASHA, PART 5 #6 11-issue series story & art by Rumiko Takahashi b&w, 40 pages $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN SHIPS 11/3 MEAN GREEN MONSTER Miroku and Shippo are both miniaturized. Inu-Yasha is a mere human and badly wounded. It's up to Kagome to save them all from the plant- ogre...with a little help, perhaps, from a flower with the head of an old man...

viz magazines

(ANIMERICA EXTRA logo) VOL. 3 # 12 NOVEMBER '00 manga anthology b&w, 128 pages $4.95 USA/$7.95 CAN SHIPS 11/3 IT'S ABOUT THE MANGA Beautiful artwork, compelling stories and unforgettable characters... shojo and shonen can both find what they want in ANIMERICA EXTRA, the Anime Fan's Comic Magazine. Plus manga reviews, letters, fan art and more! This issue includes a feature on "Mysteries in Manga", with the scoop on DETECTIVE BOY CONAN and other important manga whodunits. IN THIS ISSUE: VIDEO GIRL AI: Out on the town for their date, Yota and Nobuko inconveniently run into all the other girls that Yota likes! MARIONETTE GENERATION: With Kozue staying at Izumi's apartment, can Lunch pretend that she's just an ordinary inanimate doll? FUSHIGI YŰGI: Miaka has found all seven Warriors of Suzaku! It's back to Hong-Nan to see if Tamahome will return from Qu-Dong as he promised...but something goes wrong. STEAM DETECTIVES: Having found and defused two of boy criminal Le Bread's bombs, Narutaki goes on to find the third...when Ling Ling staggers home badly wounded! X/1999: The skies are filled with black and white prayer cards as the lifelong enemies Subaru and Sakurazukamori square off...

ANIMERICA Vol. 8 #11 anime & manga monthly color and b&w, 96 pages $4.95 USA/$7.95 CAN SHIPS 11/17 The best magazine for anime fans! Fascinating features on the latest and greatest anime, exclusive interviews, news on what's new in Japan and what's arriving soon in America, plus exclusive columns, interviews with voice-actors, anime reviews, games, model kits, anime music, and Leiji Matsumoto's GALAXY EXPRESS 999 manga. Remember, If It's Anime in America, It's Gotta be ANIMERICA! IN THIS ISSUE: CARDCAPTORS! Find out all about Sakura and Kero-chan, the heroes of the new series from CLAMP! Plus our hard-hitting investigative feature, "Which magical girl is the most magical?"

VIZ-IN MAGAZINE, Vol. 12 #11 $6.00 per bundle of 50 SHIPS 11/17 Your monthly guide to new releases from Viz Comics, Viz Video, and Viz Music, Viz-In is North America's manga and anime connection! Don't miss this free monthly full-color poster and sneak peeks at your favorite graphic novels, videos, music, and merchandise!


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