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Voogie's Angel

In the year 2020, Earth is conquered by a malevolent alien life form. The last remnants of humankind barely escape death by hiding in the oceans and creating underwater ."Aqua-bases."

One hundred years later…they are attempting to retake their world. The human survivors create a deadly strike force composed of one human and four, cybernetically enhanced, voluptuous young women: the motherly Midi, the spirited Voogie, the hard-hitting Rebecca, the innocent Merrybell, and the pensive Shiori.

Specially trained and armed with the latest weaponry, they carry out guerrilla attacks against the alien invaders!

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Region 1 - North America

Voogie's Angel by Media Blasters
Voogie's Angel by Media Blasters

Region 2 - Japan/Europe

Voogie's Angel: Forever and Ever by Beam Entertainment