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Waiting for HALO...Again

With HALO 2 just a few short days away, CINESCAPE's game editors explain why they think the game is so anticipated and what they are wanting the most from it.

By James Stevenson and Troy Roberts     November 05, 2004

The Master Chief returns in HALO 2.
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In my opinion, HALO is one of those ultimate buddy games. No matter who you have over to your house or apartment, you and your friends can always kick back and play HALO. While many other games have come close in the deathmatch department (GOLDENEYE set the standard, HALO broke it), HALO really defined multiplayer shooters on the console systems. With new and improved modes of play, HALO 2 looks to redefine what it has previously set. The addition of Xbox Live will make HALO 2's shelf life even longer than that of the first game (which is still one of the best selling titles on the Xbox). My one disappointment is going to be the lack of co-op play online or through a LAN, but I guess I can get over it. TR

Honestly, while the thought of playing HALO 2 multiplayer with my friends on the LAN for hours on end is appealing, part of me is looking forward more to the single-player campaign in HALO 2. I was sorely disappointed by the first game's one-player mode, and even though co-op was somewhat redeeming, that portion of the game never really did much for me. HALO 2 looks to correc that with what could be the truly epic storyline that Bungie envisioned for the first game. I'm hoping for a better story and much better/less repetitive level design.

That said,

The Master Chief returns in HALO 2.

multiplayer will be great. I wish co-op was multiplay on Live, but it's probably more fun in person anyway. The best part will be getting on the LAN with 15 friends and playing through the night, as much as I like Live, there is nothing better than gloating after a huge win, running down to grab some gyros at 2 am, and then heading back for another few hours. It should suck away much of my sleep over the next year, and somehow, I'm not too upset about it. -JS


Blizzard has announced that WORLD OF WARCRAFT, it's massive multiplayer online game based in the WARCRAFT universe, will ship on November 23...Eidos has announced a fourth title in the HITMAN series...GODZILLA: SAVE THE EARTH has shipped...The Xbox version of GHOST RECON 2 has been bumped up two weeks to November 16, while the PS2 version will still ship on November 30...


Well, obviously HALO 2 is on shelves this week... Looking for something involving movement? EYETOY: ANTIGRAV suits the bill for you EYETOY owners out there. Anime freaks will dig GHOST IN THE SHELL: STAND ALONE COMPLEX. Another big release includes the final game in the JAK AND DAXTER trilogy, JAK III which takes place out in a desert wasteland. If you like to sing, KARAOKE REVOLUTION VOLUME 3 hits PS2 and the first KARAOKE REVOLUTION hits Xbox. Activision releases what should be another great licensed title in LEMONY SNICKET'S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS. THE URBZ are hitting the consoles, and Mario hits the court in MARIO POWER TENNIS. If you can't find a reason to spend money this week, maybe you aren't a gamer.

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