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LocoLobo73 11/8/2010 3:05:26 PM

back again with this comment on the zombies in The Walking Dead, I think we all have seen somethings the zombies do that have us scratching our heads, well Ill put this out there, maybe its like this , the fresher the zombie the more agile and intelligent it is. Also  joe you brought this up last week and I didnt correct it but you brought it up this week too, Morgan's Wife wasnt going home because that was her house, Morgan didnt live in that house they confiscated it , cause they where on the run and his wife had been bitten and came down with the "Heat" . they need some where to hide out and so they stayed there. Rick says its so and so s house.  Anyway I think its more like the fresher they are, the more they instinctively remember, IMO.  Im also using my advance knowledge of zombies and zombie psychology , lol and my repeated watching of everything zombie.... Romero 101

JoeArtistWriter 11/8/2010 4:03:10 PM

joeybaloney, the tone of this show is definitely well within the feel of the book, so the additional characters don't bother me either. Again, I'm glad to see the changes to be honest. I trust these guys will remain faithful enough to the source while taking little liberties now and then.

fatpantz, I too will assume some of these new characters are zombie food, but I'm cautious of saying so inside the article. I don't want to spoil anything inside that text. Down here, while I still refuse to spoil, I don't mind addressing these kind of subjects.

DaForce, Glenn is a nice bit of comic relief. He reminds me a little a grown-up Short Round without the broken English. Except I like Glenn and found Short Round to be an annoying pain in the ass.

noahbody, agreed, it didn't make sense to not take a weapon down there. It wasn't even a matter of convenient writing. By that I mean send them down without weapons and have them escape or die because of that fact. Still, a great episode, and I have a feeling this will be one of the weak ones in comparison when the season is over.

ddiaz, it's been so long I don't even recall how intense the Shane and Lori relationship was. I remembered it was a behind-the-back thing that was ongoing, but I could be remembering incorrectly.

doublec, as to the FCC - what Jakester said.

Jakester, I fought off the urge to mention the similarity of the Shaun of the Dead zombie walk, but it does merit a mention.

calhob, yeah, the fence climbing bugged me too a little. Especially since they seemed confused about the ladder. Part of the tension of the comic is the fact that a simple thing like a chainlink fence can keep them at bay, or make them easy targets, but it's also not a very barricade if enough of them choose to force themselves up against it at once.

LocoLobo, I've met more than a few meth-head, coked-up rednecks during my lifetime pursuit of the perfect dive bar. My arguement wasn't whether or not Merle would scream at Rick after he slammed his head with a rifle, and cuffed him to the plumbing. I just felt he was a little too annoying for annoying sake before Rick attacked him.

I do see your point though, a little coke and an army of deadly zombies 30 stories below might make a militant bigot spill his hateful thoughts right there in the open.

JoeArtistWriter 11/8/2010 4:07:09 PM

LocoLobo, you're right. That wasn't Morgan's place in the pilot. I still think it was hinted that his zombie wife is instinctively heading their way. Perhaps she zeroes into their scent even more than the other zombies.

I aslo agree with your thoughts that fresher zombies are more powerful, agile and brighter zombies. For the record they never have to state that, but if it's true they probably will.

doublec 11/8/2010 6:03:49 PM

Think I misspoke. When I said why can't AMC do it I meant why won't they do it. Sorry I wasn't clear on that. Does seem like if they're willing show something this R-rated (I was shocked at the TV-14 rating too) they could show uncut movies on thier movie station.

My answer to the different zombies having more skills than others is that people are like that, too. Some are just more adept than others. And I think LocoLobo is on to something as well with his fresher the brain cells the smarter the zombie theory.

animefanjared 11/8/2010 7:08:53 PM

Having not read the comics, I have none of the issues with the changes made (because they aren't changes to me), and so I unabashedly loved this episode.  Honestly, I personally thought this episode was better than the first, especially in the tension department.  I can't remember the last time I was on the edge of my seat for an entire hour.  And I don't know who AMC bribed to get that TV-14 rating, that was definitely R-rated gore (between the numerous headshots and absolutely vile guts scene).  I say A .

Oh, and for those of you who are theorizing the new people are cannon fodder, I imagine you're half right.  However, I read an interview in Entertainment Weekly (or maybe it was on their podcast) with the creator of the comics saying that people may not necessarily die in the same order as in the comics.  One of the things he and the people adapting the book for TV loved was the feeling that anyone can die at any time, and in order to maintain that feeling for people who have read the books, they've decided to mix it up.

And finally, something tells me that while this season may be 6 episodes long, we'll be getting more in a hurry.  I imagine AMC loved this show but the execs had no idea if it would be a success ("Mad Men" it ain't), and so they hedged thier bets by only greenlighting 6 episodes.  That way, if nobody tuned in, they hadn't committed to a long run of a show that I imagine is rather expensive for a cable network.  If the show keeps even half of the stellar ratings of the premiere, I bet there are scripts ready to go and we see season 2 sooner rather than later.

HudsonTaco 11/8/2010 7:42:52 PM

T-Dog is the dumbest name for a charater I have ever heard. That said I am loving this show and would agree with Joe review, maybe even give it an A minus. I almost lost my cookies with the Axe scene, Black and white comics just don't convey gore like that.

I too think they are making the Wife into a very unsympathetic character compared to the comics. Not liking her TV persona very much.

InnerSanctum 11/8/2010 7:46:25 PM

 Six episodes for a comic series that has been running for seven years?  This will take forever to tell the story.  They will have to switch out his son in a couple of years.  I thought we were getting, at the very least, 13 or so episodes.  That is a disappointment after waiting this long for just the series premier.  Sigh.  

I too think there is very little reason to keep adding characters.  The comic has told a great story and there were many issues that didn't even feature zombies.  But, again, there is no way this series will make it to the point of even a fraction of the comics.  The real life characters would be too old.  This is going to be a quick and furious version and I bet we never see the city "haven" invade the prison.   Just not enough episodes in a season.  


ddiaz28 11/8/2010 8:14:27 PM

Joe, in the books, Shane and Lori only really had a one night stand while on their way to Atlanta.  I don't think it continued at all after that. She regretted it after.  That's why I think having the relationship be ongoing in the show will create a bit more drama and emotional turmoil for the characters since the relationship will have to end quite suddenly once Lori realizes her husband is alive.  That decision will also give viewers a better understanding as to why Shane does what he eventually does. 

I don't want to always discuss the changes, but that will always come up with any adaptation.  In this case, the changes have been welcome in my opinion.  And if what Jared says is true about the order of deaths being changed, that will definitely keep us book readers on our toes as well.

Tonebone 11/8/2010 8:39:10 PM

Just chiming in that I am usually late to cable shows (with the exception of Mad Men). But I decided to watch the pilot last week cause a bunch of friends on FB were having nerdgasms over the show. Not many shows that I can say I am seriously waiting for next week, at least not many new shows this season. I like it so far

And I too was a bit confused at the TV-14 rating too

FilchX 11/8/2010 11:09:03 PM

For me if there changeing the order of there deaths from the book ( as witnessed in the interview on mania with the actresses who play amy and andrea mentioning "spoiler" something about amy being "alive") for me the season will be a success if it ends the same way the 1st trade ends that would prove to me that AMC is commited. I'm just worried that AMC wont have the balls to kill any of the main cast. Here's hope to a 2nd season and meeting up with Tyrese. To all of you who havent read the books...your in for a wild ride.

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