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  • Episode: After (Season 4, Episode 9)
  • Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Danai Gurira
  • Written By: Robert Kirkman
  • Directed By: Greg Nicotero
  • Network: AMC
  • Studio: American Movie Classics (AMC), Circle of Confusion, Valhalla Motion Pictures
  • Series:

The Walking Dead: After Review

Season 4 Continues!

By Hanso     February 10, 2014

The Walking Dead returns to AMC
The Walking Dead returns from its hiatus with some Michonne, Rick, and Carl action.  Well, Michonne and Carl action really, Rick was comatose for half the episode after getting beat down by The Governor in the mid season finale.  Speaking of the Governor, that guy better be dead.  It seems they went out of their way to not show him dead or turned.  Hershel died a few minutes before, and we got a shot of his zombie head.  Why no turned Governor hmmm?  

At first it seemed we would be watching another boring Walking Dead episode, but by the time Michonne unleashes her katana and goes on her “I choose to live” spree, it was clear that while slow paced at times we got and excellent character driven episode focusing on Michonne’s coping of the prison battle aftermath and her decision to “…keep livin.  L-i-v-i-n.” The prison battle really traumatized her, sending her into crazy Rick territory, as she believes everyone she has cared about is dead.  Unfortunately for Michonne this isn’t the first time she’s lost everyone.  Thru a dream sequence we learn that Michonne was a middle class gal who had a son (so that’s why she cried when she held Judith!), and enjoyed discussing art with her lover and his friend.   Unfortunately for Michonne she knows nothing about art because if there is one thing that is most definitely art it’s a gorilla riding a car.  The dream sequence was really creepy, everything started out fine and ended by with the loss of Michonne’s son and the reveal that her zombie pets from season 3 where her lover and friend.   After her first major loss she had decided to fight and survive but now after the prison battle she wasn’t so sure.  Why keep going if there is no happy ending?  She picked up some new zombie pets and left the prison behind, walking aimlessly and zombie like amongst the dead, until she spotted a zombie Michonne.  That’s when she realized better to keep going that ending up like that, so she took her katana and worked her issues out by slicing down a whole bunch of walkers.  Afterwards, she picked up Rick & Carl’s trail and headed down to Carl Town.

Ah Carl Town, population two, and the town slogan is “I hate my Dad.” Carl blames Farmer Rick for the death of everyone he loves.  If Rick hadn’t been so concerned with his vegetable garden, he could’ve protected the group and the prison battle wouldn’t have gone down.  Poor Rick took a physical beating from The Governor and now has to take an emotional one from Carl.  Good thing he went comatose as soon as they reached Carl Town, because if he thought Carl mentioning Shane was mean, he sure wouldn’t have liked all the nasty things Carl followed up with including that he doesn’t care if Rick lives or dies.  
Like every young boy, Carl believes he is a man and has decided that his way is the only way to survive and that he doesn’t need his father to protect him anymore.  We see that Carl is capable of holding his own as he searches the empty houses of Carl Town, and that a zombie here and zombie there ain’t no match for a boy and his gun.  Also not a match for a young boy is chocolate pudding.  First, how long does canned pudding last?  The zombie apocalypse has been going on for a while, that pudding should be expired.  Second, I’m not a pudding expert but eating 112 ounces of pudding that may or may not have expired will probably give you massive diarrhea.  Regardless, Carl downs chocolate pudding, spends some time enjoying the view of his town but then realizes he still needs his dad.  Rick finally wakes up from his coma, and Carl and he share a moment together until somebody knocks on the door.  You guessed it, Michonne has finally reached Carl Town, population three, they still working on the new town slogan. 

Not seen in this episode, everybody else from the group.  Looks like that story is for next week.

Random zombie question:  If a zombie falls down, can they get up or do they become crawlers?  When they first turn they can probably get up as their muscles should still function but with the passage of time the zombies become stiff so they shouldn’t be able to get up, or should they?


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xJokersxWildx 2/10/2014 7:12:51 AM

The Gov was shot in the head by Lilly at the conclusion of the season 4 1st half. They did show him laying there with a gunshot wound to the head =)

Great episode tho. Alot taken from the comic . Esp now that Michonne is back with the boys.

hanso 2/10/2014 7:55:29 AM

Damn, I completely missed that, I only remembered him being impaled by the katana last season.  Guess he's dead then.

violator14 2/10/2014 7:59:01 AM

 Very good episode story-wise and emotion-wise. Michonne is great character. 

But did anyone else wanna kick Carl's fukking whiney ass!?!?! Dude, you're dad is like freaking DYING and you're biching at him and saying the most horrible things to him!!!! Help him walk that long ass street, and get him some mother effing water you little shit!!! And i know some people will tell me this was a Carl growing up and learning episode, but STILL.... i think realistically a kid in Carl's position would have been more concerned about getting to safety and making sure his dad is ok, as opposed to worrying about his stupid-ass unjustified issues. My wife, friends and I were all saying the same thing and yelling at the TV about it. haha

Why is Hanso reviewing this? I miss Joe Kerr....  ; )

And i feel like i have seen zombies be able to get up. 

I have a random zombie comment too: I think it's really lame they don't use or have the word "zombie"  in this world. Come on now. 







ElBaz13 2/10/2014 8:22:03 AM

In role-playing terms, Michonne racked up a lot of XPs. She's definitely now a 10th level zombie samurai.

Yes, Carl was a whiney ass punk.

And yes, Governor had the bullet hole in the head but I read he is supposed to be back. Well, the rumour is a "dead" character being around. Last I checked, all the ones that got turned, were shot in the head. I'm guessing it's the flashback route since they did one with Michonne last night.

I agree Violator, Why don't they use the word zombie? It's not like it's a trademark.

I love the last 3 minutes when Michonne had tears of joy when she saw Rick and Carl and of course, Rick's answer for Carl "its' for you" was touching.  Remember when Rick wanted to kick her out of the group because he didn't trust her? They have come a long way and a tighter family now.



violator14 2/10/2014 8:28:54 AM

Baz- haha. Well i understand that you know it's probably just how this reality is. No one has ever wrote a comic or thought up a movie about zombies and they've just never existed..... but stilll come on now.... No need for that. "Walkers/Crawlers" = lame imho. haha

And ya the last 3 minutes you mentioned i loved that scene too! i watched it like 3 times. =)  I wish i could see what Rick saw thru the peephole. I was thinking it would have been funny if Michonne was doing a goofy face thru the peep hole or something. 


monkeyfoot 2/10/2014 8:59:33 AM

Love your review Hanso!

This was a really great episode to come back with. I don't think we'll get to see who was knocking next week because it looks like the next will deal with some of the other characters. 

I'm wondering if that was Michonne outside the door. We saw her on a front porch but was it Rick and Carl's porch? From the way Rick said it was for Carl I'm betting its someone with his shoe. If it was a total stranger he wouldn't have been smiling so it had to be someone they know. Part of me is thinking its Carol who Rick kicked out before the tank attack.

We didn't see the Governor shot in the head. All we saw was the gun pointed and fired from what looked like his perspective on the ground. Was he shot in the head? Was he shot?

I didn't like that Joe Kerr guy's reviews too much. Bring back Jack Napier.

tjanson 2/10/2014 9:01:17 AM

 Violator...there will be no bitching about the almighty Hanso!



violator14 2/10/2014 9:22:33 AM

 ey? Who's bitching about the almighty Hanso? I was bitching about Carl bitching at Rick. haha

lazarus 2/10/2014 9:29:17 AM

So here is my question, given that the group has seen how effect Michonne's approach is to killing zombies. Why not find a place to gather more bladed weapons and start TRAINING them? Let's see.

Sword - Pro:



Needs no ammunition


Why exactly are they not using this as their go to way of putting down zombies?

And you Carl is becoming a cocky liitle bastard. I was almost rooting for the walkers when he was mocking them and making them follow him.

I really want to start seeing some celebrity zombies pop up here and there. That would be awesome. Like Micheal Vick.

ElBaz13 2/10/2014 9:37:06 AM

Zombie Michael Vick was probably eaten by dogs.

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