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redhairs99 1/28/2011 9:33:27 AM

Ah, yes, I forgot she was a comic strip.  I still don't consider it "genre" coic strip or not.  This news is referring to a remake of the musical.

wagoneer1 1/29/2011 10:26:08 AM

  Sorry to say this about the F*** magazine, but HOLY S***, I LOVE the RR/GL cover

wagoneer1 1/29/2011 10:29:41 AM

   Booo on Zack Snyder for choosing Canada and not USA for filming the Superman movie. why don't you move to Canada, Zack?

Coolcore 1/30/2011 8:39:04 AM

Actually they dont have the stretch WALKING DEAD at ALL to fill 20 years

The comics a monthy and they only covered 4 issues in the first 6 episodes of the comic. it they keep that pace they'll NEVER catch up to where the comic is currently

Shoot  it would take around 10 years just to get to the current point in the comic (#80)



TheScriber 2/2/2011 7:40:16 PM

 "Robert Kirkman has said that he hopes it's the series that challenges The Simpsons," Hurd said in comments summarized by Variety

Sounds like a bunch of bullocks. I hope I'm Dead wrong.

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