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fatpantz 10/24/2011 1:55:17 PM

I give this week's episode a solid A.

The acting and emotions were so realistic, and i was on the edge of my seat the full episode.  i will agree with Joe that the weakest point was Andrea's pathetic battle with the zombie, but I did LOVE the fact that I had to take a second look before realizing she was being stalked by one.

The amazing Scott Wilson being cast as Hershel Greene is absolutely perfect.  His reactions and mannerisms only play perfectly into his character and his future role in the show. 

I am curious as to why Otis and Shane didnt keep an extra flare or two for their escape.  Great idea to distract the zombies, but did they expect them to hold their attention forever?  I do feel the infiltration and escape of the medical trailer could have been written a bit better.  I also LOVED the FEMA jacket...made me laugh.

rogue188 10/24/2011 2:29:56 PM

I fully agree with a B . I would say the middle part of this epidsode really dragged, and all of the excitement was in the final 15 minutes. I understand they have a lot of drama to this show, but there is just a little too much exposition.

scytheofluna 10/24/2011 2:33:16 PM

The Walking Dead has always been more about interpersonal tension, human emotion and character development than it has been about action and zombies.  The humans are the real "walking dead".  Complaining about the emotional content of the series just demonstrates that you have no familiarity with the source material.  Since this is an adaptation of a long running and wildly popular comic book series, sorry, the fans should come first.

However on that note:

I'm waiting for Blu Ray.  The more this show deviates from the source material the less excited I am.  Having read the first six years of the comics, I truly could not give a rat's ass about the filler episodes and extra (not in the comics) characters. As far as I'm concerned they're zombie food, and the sooner they get killed, the better.  I just find myself wishing that those scenes would be over and that they'd move on to the characters I know and care about.  I don't understand the need to alter the books.  They were pretty much perfect to begin with.  Hillbilly with a crossbow doesn't need to be taking up screen time.  Kill him and be done with it.

I'm not saying the show is bad,  just that it's pointless to "adapt" something and then change it constantly.  It's a big middle finger to the fans of the books, or at least a blatant disregard of their feelings.

I dunno, maybe season 2 will adhere a little better, but then SPOILER ALERT...............................Shane should have been dead early on, and yet here he is when they're at Herschel's farm.  WTF?  Why the hell are they still keeping him around?

hanso 10/24/2011 3:02:11 PM

I agree Scythe, except I actually care about Daryl more than any of the other characters.  They are unlikeable to me so far and I wouldn't care if they all got eaten by a zombie.

Btw, can they let T Dog die already?  Let's trade him for Tyrese.



rogue188 10/24/2011 4:17:15 PM

I have only read the first two graphic novels and I don't know everything about this series, but I am appreciating it. I am not complaining about the emotional content, I just think they overdid it a little in these last two episodes.

wallyrus 10/24/2011 4:41:33 PM

 Did anybody notice the blue meth a la "Breaking Bad"?!

caredskinfan 10/24/2011 10:04:44 PM

   You guys can nit pick this show all you want, but it's still the best thing in a sea of lame ass mediocore shows on TV!!
   I mean c'mon, we get to watch basically a horror movie with zombies, blood & Guts and gore. On tv none the less. I don't think it gets better than that.  Plus not every episode is going to hit it out of the park.  Just pray they don't   "F" it up like lost or Smallville.

elrushbo 10/24/2011 10:26:02 PM

I am hooked for sure, it was good to see them come across more people. I hope to see more backstory about what happened, was it a medical experimentation gone wrong, how did it spread so quickly? I could see a 1 hour event after the season set in pre-apocalypse or as it it started. One thing I want to know-does Rick have the cure in his veins?? And yeah, how does it spread so quickly if it isn't airborne?

Chopsaki 10/25/2011 12:19:15 AM

Daryl Dixon! If they kill him off I'm going to stop watching this show...not really...but maybe...I will don't push me...obviously I'm just kidding...or am I? Hopefully my fake threat keeps him alive and going redneck on zombie ass!

rogue188 10/25/2011 6:27:13 AM

I don't think they will answer how the zombie plague. If you want my opinion, when the CDC guy whispered somethhing to Rick, it was probably the fact that his wife was pregnant. She did take a blood test, after all.

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