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fatpantz 11/7/2011 11:51:32 AM

OK I am at a loss.  I lost my first post due to some weird issue with the site.  So I made a copy before posting the second one.  Lucky i did, because that one disappeared too....I have removed any excessive punctuation, gramatical issues, bold type, and cursive language....and it still wont post.  Grrrrrrr...

Help me Obi Wan Oesterle, you are my only hope

TheMovieGuy28 11/7/2011 12:22:40 PM

dangit, Iceknight, i thought that was a spoiler in case you hadn't seen the episode, not from the books! lolol

but it sounds like we've all got some theories along the lines of what you said anyway :)

millean 11/7/2011 12:46:18 PM

Yeah, I did the same thing with IceKnight's post.  Got about 6-7 words in, realized it was referring to the books and quit reading.

fatpantz, I'll bet you mention the type of store that Maggie and Glenn go to.  I bet that is getting flagged as spam thanks to all of the farm-a-suit-ical spam out in the world.  My first post to you disappeared, and the only thing I can think of that I said was Farm-a-see.  (Oh, and two consecuctive dashes will do you in as well - and evidently I like to use a lot of those.)  :)



millean 11/7/2011 12:49:16 PM

Yep.  Phar-ma-cy get flagged as spam.  Everybody else commenting should take note.

jedibanner 11/7/2011 12:50:11 PM

That's weird...never got a post not appeared in all my Mania life.

millean, very true, it could be either advantagous or the opposite if you haven't read the books.

The pregnancy thing is not that much interesting to me also but in the book anyway, they treated it with a good way that was satisfactory so, hopefully they do the same thing in the TV series also.

But whoever said the ''prison'' arc is coming down the road in the TV series...count your blessing cause this ain't hapening until the 9th season of Walking dead at THIS pace...

hanso 11/7/2011 1:26:23 PM

 Millean, read the books.  They are much better than the TV show.  Trust.

millean 11/7/2011 2:01:39 PM

I have no doubt that the books are better, as most TV/Movie properties are.  I may even go ahead and start the books, but since I've started this way, I think I'd rather stay ahead on the TV side, at least for now.

DaForce1 11/7/2011 2:18:22 PM

 Anyone else catch Glenn complementing Shane on his new haircut? Those of us that have read the comic know what I'm talking about. It made me giggle just a little. 

Daryl's story about the Cherokee Rose was dead on to his character and what we've seen of his personality so far this season. It didn't feel forced at all. 

To everyone complaining about the pace, I seem to recall people complaining about the pace of the first season as well. At least up until the finale. So quiet down, take your ADD meds, and watch with the rest of the grown-ups.

Finally, I had a thought after seeing Merle in the teasers for next week's episode. What if Merle saw what Shane did to Otis? There were plenty of gunshots at the school that would have attracted Merle that way, and after seeing the horde at Zombie High he could have hid out and watched the whole thing happen. But would people believe Merle? 

fatpantz 11/7/2011 2:29:02 PM

Millean you are a genious...I would have never thought to change that word....lmao...emergency averted Joe!!! LMAO!!

I guess I am in the minority here. Personally i didnt like the well scene, I thought it was 100% typical Hollywood bs and was predictable garbage.  Who here did not know the pump was going to give and Glen was going to fall in?  I honestly groaned in agony when it actually happened and was angry at whoever wrote the scene.  I wasnt filled with any type of suspense or shock, and as much as I love Troma, the fat water-bloated zombie was too comedic for my liking and didnt suit TWD.

My only other complaint would be how Lori wouldnt just simply ask Glen to get her a pregnancy test. She gives him a brand name, yet in a market of hundreds of types of tests, this farm-a-see has one test lying on the floor and it is the exact one she listed. At that point, Glen has a look of shock on his face when he realizes it was a pregnancy test she was asking for. Did she think he was such an idiot that when he picked it up, he wouldnt figure out what it was used for? That was just silly writing IMO

That being said, the rest of the episode was great. My two favorite scenes were: Shane talking about "the switch" to turn off when killing a man, which really does show that Shane is capable of anything if it means surviving or the well being of a loved one. My second favourite was **SPOILER** Hershel's foreshadowing of the barn. **END SPOILER** I honestly cant wait for that to play out.

conundrum 11/7/2011 2:34:54 PM

If Hershel's secret is the same from the book, then why the gun ban?  Hmmmm.

Also, since the writers are deviating from the books, I wonder if Sophia will turn up with The Governor.  Or is that S3?  <g>

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