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millean 11/7/2011 2:56:42 PM

fatpantz, I have my moments.  Plus, being a rocket scientist doesn't hurt.  :)

And yes, your gripe is just like what I had been complaining about.  Either the pump was going to give way, or it was going to be the rope.  One of the two.  However, since I saw that in the preview clip on the Talking Dead, I didn't care because I literally knew it was coming.


Wiseguy 11/7/2011 3:31:34 PM

Good episode.

I agree with you guys about the well scene, you knew that was comig. Also, let me just add that the whole scene was stupid. You don't want to kill the zombie in the well because he'd contaminate the water?? the water is already contaminated, the freak has been in there for a long time and anyone that would drink that water regardless of wether or not they got the zombie out cleanly is a fool with no long term plans.

I don't think Lori asking Shane to stay had anything to do with her pregnancy test, she asked before she knew and it was obviously only because she felt greatful for him getting the med equipment to save her son. In fact if she suspected that she was pregnant before I'd think she'd want Shane to leave to avoid any possible future question about who's the dad cause I doubt Shane would sit quietly if he thought it was his child


I agree about the meaning of Rick putting the badges away. I think he's turning the corner and starting to realize that he may have to do things he'd never consider to protect his family and group

DaForce1 11/7/2011 4:56:22 PM

 The zombie in the well was Nicotero's shout-out (if you will) to his work on Evil Dead 2 when he had a young Ted Raimi flying around the cabin in a fat suit on wires. 

As for Rick putting the badge away, it's his way of letting go of the leadership role he took of the group when he joined them. Now that they're on the farm, it's Hershel's rules, and Rick is putting away the symbols of authority. If anything, that scene was long, drawn out, and extremely heavy-handed in allegory. 

JoeArtistWriter 11/7/2011 5:07:56 PM

jedi, I really enjoyed it, and the pace is fine with me. I felt we had some great character development, some genuinely funny moments, bits of tension. Slow is fine. I find the real terror is in the anticipation.

millean, even though I knw what's in the barn in the comic book, doesn't mean the TV show isn't teasing me along and then will bait and switch me, so I'm curious myself. Glenn is great in the book, and TV Glenn is proving to be spot on.

Monkeyfoot, there were certain angles of the well-walker that made me think the make-up/costume was obvious. Keep in mind I watch, rewind watch again for reviewing purposes.

Chopsaki, you're the kind of guy who looks at the glass as half full... unfortunately, the beverage inside is zombie infected milk.

JonnyRotten, perhaps I wasn't clear. I agree it was within Darryl's character, I just thought the writing choice was too on the nose. The Cherokee Rose story was just too obvious a parallel. I was hoping for something a little less obvious.

TheMovieGuy, it's gonna take more than one mashed zombie head to make me a TDog believer, but anything is possible. I've liked Dale from the get go, but they've given him a little more than TDOg, so he may yet grow on me.

iceknight, ***SPOILER*** if the show follows the comic book I'm really looking forward to Hershel's secret being revealed.

Samson, I'm with you. I'm happy with the pacing and find when done right (like last night) the suspense is there in even the most mundane scenes.


samson 11/7/2011 7:54:21 PM

I rewatched it just now. One thing I saw that didn't catch me last night; Why didn't Short Round and the girl from Chuck secure the horses when they spent all that time (at least I hope it was all that time for the sake of Glenn's self esteem) in the drug store. We already know the walkers eat horse flesh.

Still a great episode, though.

hfc7036 11/7/2011 8:43:05 PM

 This was ANOTHER great episode where the action didn't guide the tension.  This was great drama and a lot of 'what the hell was I doing the last two episodes' stuff.  Shane should never, ever divulge his secret.  Just my opinion, but everyone's gonna do some stuff in a zombie apocolypse that's going to be highly questionable or immorale.  If or when this ends and the skies clear and the zombies are gone or controlled, that's going to be a real killer.  Until then, let his actions only serve to dictate his future demises or situations.

ReleaseTheseFeces 11/7/2011 10:10:50 PM

Why is Hershel's homestead devoid of boarded-up windows? This question still plagues me.

JoeArtistWriter 11/8/2011 7:12:48 AM

fatpantz, I see you have your answer. I didn't know about the "farmacee" word triggering anti-spam bots, but I've lost posts over the years than I care to remember. Always copy before you send on this site.

hanso, I agree the books are better (as is often the case) but I'm still loving this program. I get the sense you're disappointed. I'm definitely enjoying it.

DaForce, again, it wasn't a criticism on Darryl's character, or the actor's portrayal. The story of the Cherokee Rose just seemed to exact for what Carol was going through. I thought it was a litttle hamhanded by the writers, but it looks like I'm the only one bugged by that.

fatpantz, I agree Lori could have made Glenn's life a little easier by letting him know it was a home pregnancy test, but the point there was the writers wanted you to assume it was tampons then be shocked with the kit. I saw that one coming, but having read the books, I knew Lori was getting pregnant, so I was expecting that switch.

conundrum, not sure why the gun ban at all, but I have to assume we'll get answers. I also suspect Hershel must have a stock pile of weapons he's hiding. I could be wrong, but I don't see the advantage of not being armed. If not against the zombies, then against a group larger, stronger and with guns who may want to take over your safe haven.

JoeArtistWriter 11/8/2011 7:19:58 AM

Wiseguy, I agree the well scene was stupid in the sense that water was contaminated the minute a walking husk of dead flesh stepped its toe in it. Not sure why a bullet wouldn't have been a safer, better idea. No ammount of boiling that water would make it safe. I wonder if they are going to pay off the fact the cows have been drinking from that well and the farm has been using the milk.

samson, I didn't catch that but it's possible they didn't tie the horse because they didn't want them immobile in case of a zombie attack. Most likely the horses would return to the farm if they were spooked. (At least that's the way it goes in every western I've ever seen.

hfc, I'm in full agreement.

ReleaseThese, somehow Hershel's place is a safe haven and he seems to feel protected from this epidemic. We may get answers, and that's a valid question.

calhob 11/8/2011 12:50:49 PM

 Guys, if you know from the comic about the barn, then you should absolutely know why Hershel doesn't want guns around the compound. I'm not going to say it, due to spoilers, but he has his reasons for the rule. I am sure in a few episodes we will get a clue to what it is. 

I know its really only been a day at the farm house, but I find it weird we were never even briefly introduced to Hershel's family. We have seen glimpses, but thats all. 

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