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By Rob M. Worley     April 07, 2010
Source: Mania

Comics2Film: WALKING DEAD - Rick Grimes by Tony Moore
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'Walking Dead' gets its leading man. Plus: A cool 'Green Lantern' photo? 'Iron Man 2' secrets on viral site? 'Losers' chatter and more! Wondering what Eloise meant when she called it a violation, it's your Comics2Film 10.4.7!




Fox Denies RED SONJA Offer

A rumor earlier in the week had Millennium Films extending an offer to Ms. Megan Fox to star in their 'Red Sonja' movie.

Moviefone followed up on the story with Fox's personal publicist who said the report is "not true."



LARGO WINCH II Production Blog

If you're a fan of the recent 'Largo Winch' movie, you may be interested to know that their working on a sequel and there's a production blog up for the new movie at LargoWinch2-LeFilm.com. The films are based on the Belgian comics about a young man who inherits his father's vast corporate empire and battles evil and corruption.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.




Collider.com posts a video interview with director Sylvain White, in which he talks about 'The Losers' as well as plans for Frank Miller's graphic novel 'Ronin'.

White confirmed that he's jimping into 'Ronin' as his next project.

"I think we're getting close. Before [I did the Losers] we had a draft that's pretty close. 60-70% there," White said. "Now that I finished 'The Losers' for Warner I'm going to get back into it an finish it up."

He also said that hopes to keep the movie true to the design of the graphic novel.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.




Comic Book Resources has a round up of the Image Comics panel at WonderCon. Announcements of two new comic-to-film projects were announced.

Richard Starkings said that his futuristinc, gene-splice comic 'Elephantmen' has been optioned to be "a major motion picture" and that the producers are out to directors and actors for the film.

Frank Cho showed a short pilot for his late, lamented comic 'Liberty Meadows'. Cho revealed he's been working on the short for two years and produced it for the web, but now it has attracted TV interest so...they want to film another pilot.

"The whole TV industry is crazy," Cho is quoted as saying.



Saldana Talks About Softer Aisha in THE LOSERS

Fans of the comic 'The Losers' know that the character Aisha al-Fadhil is an embittered Afghani national marked by her deadly combat skills, hard-nosed attitude and relentless drive to kill the title group's enemy Max.

If you've seen the trailer, you know that actress Zoe Saldana is not playing that character, but rather a sexy, westernized version of her, made to seem deadly by the weapons she carries. The actress spoke to MTV Splash Page and commented on the Hollywood alteration.

"I felt like we were pretty on, but in terms of the tweaking, we just had to sort of soften her," said Saldana, "because she's a very violent and very raw character in the comic.

"There's a picture in one of the volumes where she kills three or four guys with a knife — a big knife — and then she's licking it," said Saldana. "Now, that's pretty awesome, but we needed to keep it PG-13, so there was a lot of polishing that needed to happen, at least for this first one."

The movie arrives in theaters on April 23rd.




io9.com caught up with 'Splice' director VIncenzo Natali who says his dream project is to do a 'Swamp Thing' movie. DC Comics' muck monster has been in development for a new feature for years. Producer Joel Silver talked it up considerably last year, during the press tour for 'Whiteout' and seemed to think it was likely to go into production in 2010.

Last C2F has heard, comics creator Len Wein wrote a screenplay that aimed to take the character back to its original horror roots. However, Natali envisions a film drawn from the highly-acclaimed comics of the 1980s.

"Swamp thing is just something I'd love to do," the director said. "Personally I'd like to go down the Alan Moore road."

Dream projects aside, Natali also revealed that he's more focused on an adaptation of J.G. Ballard's novel 'High Rise', for which he holds the film rights.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Is this a spy photo from the GREEN LANTERN filming in Madisonvill, LA?

Spaceship revealed in GREEN LANTERN Photo?

Spectators in Madisonville Louisiana nave sent a photo of what looks to be some kind of space craft from the set of 'Green Lantern' to the Comic Book Movie website. The silver, metallic craft is seen in the photo being lowered into the lake water from a boat trailer.

Speculation is that this may be the craft that carries the Green Lantern Abin Sur to earth for his fateful meeting with Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds).

In other 'Lantern' news, actor Mark Strong chatted with USA Weekend about the project, in which he plays future villain Sinestro.

"For anybody who’s familiar with the Green Lantern and the origin story, the film closely follows the early comics. Sinestro starts out as Hal Jordan’s mentor, slightly suspicious and not sure of him because obviously Hal is the first human being who’s made into a Green Lantern," Strong said. "He’s certainly very strict and certainly unsure of the wisdom of Hal becoming a Green Lantern."

"He is a military guy but isn’t immediately bad. It’s the kind of person he is that lends himself to becoming bad over the course of the comics being written, but initially he’s quite a heroic figure.”

Strong also spoke about the character's appearance and inspiration in the comics, and how he aims to emulate that in the movie.

"That widow’s peak and thin mustache was for some reason originally based on David Niven, and Hal Jordan was based on Errol Flynn," Strong told USA Weekend. "In the ‘30s and ‘40s, they shared an apartment together in Hollywood when they were making movies and they were great friends. Obviously at the time, whoever was doing the original comics must have looked at them as guys doing very well in the film industry, and based those characters on them. So I would like to do justice to the Sinestro that was conceived for the comic books."

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Adèle Blanc-Sec Poster

ADELE BLANC-SEC Interviews, Poster

There's new material from Luc Besson's comic adaptation 'Adèle Blanc-Sec' popping up online. Allocine.fr has a look at the final poster from the film. We're guessing Adèle manages to tame that errant pterodactyl at some point.

Meanwhile, Accropix.com has a 5-minute sizzler reel featuring clips from the film along with interview from its stars. It's all in French, and lacking subtitles. Check it out if you speak the language of love.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



BOONDOCKS Season 3 Trailer

Aaron McGruder's acclaimed animated series 'The Boondocks' is set to return for its third and final season on May 2nd. Check out the trailer for the show's final run.

Thanks to Calibur454 for the submission who says, "lets hope there is a movie to go along with it."



IRON MAN 2 Viral: Stark Expo Unveils Accutech Site

A new 'Iron Man 2' viral site was revealed over at the Stark Expo 2010 site. The new page focuses on Accutech, a Stark subsidiary which appeared in the comics, proved to be instrumental in Stark's battle with Justin Hammer.

Accutech seems to make good on Tony Stark's proclamation that "we no longer make weapons". A video for the company focuses on their pioneering exo-skeleton technology (which is apparently based on the Iron Man technology) and displays a working prototype cybernetic arm. However, the video opens with a quote from Howard Stark: "Technology -- the sword that protects the Nation."

Some have pointed out that the logo for Accutech puts them in the mind of the logo for a certain super hero team. Watch the video and let us know what you think. And be sure to visit the Accutech website and post any Easter eggs you discover there in the comments below.




Brit actor Andrew Lincoln has been cast in the lead role in AMC's comic-based TV series 'The Walking Dead', according to Variety.

Lincoln, a veteran of several TV series in the UK and currently appearing in 'Strike Back', will play police officer Rick Grimes, who awakens from on-the-job injuries to find that the world has been transformed into a zombie nightmare and goes in search of his wife, son and any semblance of civilization.

Lincoln is the second player cast, joining Jon Bernthal ('The Pacific'), who plays Grimes' partner.

AMC currently has an order for six episodes of the show, which is being developed by Frank Darabont based on the comics by Robert Kirkman. Variety also reveals that Jack LoGiudice ('Sons of Anarchy') is now on board as co-executive producer.

The show should hit the airwaves in October.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry and gauleyboy420 for the submission.


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CaptAmerica04 4/7/2010 8:22:52 AM

As soon as I saw the "A" logo for Accutech, I IMMEDIATELY thought of the Avengers logo.  That's awesome.

I think I'll spend this evening hunting around the site.

lracors 4/7/2010 8:23:48 AM

I love the "A" in the Accutech logo nice... Good to see Walking Dead moving forward... i'm a disappointed to hear that only 6 episodes have been ordered.  Abin Sur's ship looks really cool and fitting with the comics.  Vincenzo's affirmation that he want's to take the Swamp Thing down the Alan Moore road is awesome news.  Thank god no Red Sonja with Megan Fox... Finally nice to see Ronin get some love.

fallensbane 4/7/2010 8:38:05 AM

I can't wait for TWC. Hope it lives up to expectations.

gauleyboy420 4/7/2010 10:13:47 AM

Not going to look at any leaked photos of Green Lantern.... I wanna be blown away when I see the movie. I liked what Strong had to say about Sinestro. Sinestro always bothered me , not being familiar with David Niven, I always thought he looked like John Waters... And I mean who's afraid of John Waters?

Boondocks is a funny A$$ show! Glad it's back! A Pimp Named Slickback!

The Walking Dead is gonna rule, don't know who that guy is, but I like that even better. Fill the roles with unknowns!


Bigred 4/7/2010 10:14:22 AM

I'm really looking forward to the Walking Dead series. But terrified that they will mess with the story line so much it will mess it up.

gauleyboy420 4/7/2010 10:16:37 AM

Just watched the Accutech thing! That robotic arm is reality! I saw it on the Colbert Report the other night. It's slower and clunkier, but it exist! The guy who invented the segway was commisioned by the govt to create artificial limbs for wounded soldiers.

jfdavis 4/7/2010 10:33:29 AM

Red Sonia- I'm not surprised this rumor was shot down so quickly as it was that kind of "throw pasta against a wall" revelation that is so common these days.  I too wasn't thrilled with Fox in the role. Well, maybe her mutant thumb...

GL- The ship does look cool but doesn't that look kind of big for one person? Also, I can defnitely see Sinestro/Niven but the Jordan/Flynn thing I don't see. Green Arrow maybe...

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 4/7/2010 11:31:35 AM

Holy crap - Liberty Meadows? That comic is awesome and demented as hell.  I hope they put it on FX so they can go all out like in Archer.

gauleyboy420 4/7/2010 1:36:35 PM


I LOVE ARCHER! Wonder why it gets no love on Mania?

Calibur454 4/7/2010 3:58:32 PM

Glad to see the the walking dead moving along and with people from behind sons of anarchy as well. THat just makes it all the more asured that more will come.

Liberty meadows is a surprise for me- I hope this gets made it would be an interesting show

Ronin- I'm glad this is going through as well but it was a frank miller story it was only a matter of time hollywood may be greedy but not stupid

If swamp thing has an alan moore slant to it it may persuade me to see it. I'm not sure abou this one just yet. If it doesn't look good on a trailer it will be a rental for me like green lantern.

Thank god no megan fox for red sonjia- let a new comer snag this one

The boondocks- that trailer was awesome- glad to see it back but sad to see it go. I do hope there is a movie added to this as well. -It has long been rumored that Cesar will make his debut this season- lets hope it is true. IM WITH YA GAUELYBOY- LONG LIVE A PIMP NAMED SLICKBACK!!!

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