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  • Episode: Internment (Season 4, Episode 4)
  • Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Melissa McBride, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Danai Gurira
  • Written By: Frank Darabont (developer), Robert Kirkman (series of graphic novels),
  • Directed By: David Boyd
  • Network: AMC
  • Studio: American Movie Classics (AMC), Circle of Confusion, Valhalla Motion Pictures
  • Series:

The Walking Dead: Indifference Review

Lonely Nights Ahead

By Hanso     November 04, 2013

Good news everyone, Mania has heard your cries and decided that The Walking Dead will be covered after all.  The bad news is they decided I would cover it.   Please send all your hate mail to Robert Trate.  Now before we start, lets do a quick recap of the two most important things from the episode prior to this one:   

(1) It’s flu season in The Walking Dead and because the Obamacare website is not functioning correctly, Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob had to go on a medicine run.  While on the run they encountered a zombie horde, so they ditched the car and were last seen running in the woods, and (2) Carol burned Tyreese’s chick and another insignificant character alive.  Rick found out about it using his Sheriff powers, and he is conflicted about the whole situation.


So this week’s episode has two storylines going on.  The first one deals with Tyreese and the gang roaming the countryside trying to find the vet clinic.  Hanging around with Tyreese these days is no fun cause he’s angry all the time.  Poor bastard got his ass whooped by Rick and his girl was burned alive.  But what’s got him really mad is that with his girl dead it means its back to sad lonely nights of masturbating in a cell.   Cheer up Tyreese, Michonne is there for you.  (Side note, I’m not digging what they are doing with Tyreese, wish he was more like the comics.) On their trek to the clinic they stop to find a ride and we get some backstory on Bob (spoiler alert, he’s a raging alcoholic).  The group reaches the clinic and is able to gather the needed supplies but before they head on back they find out that Bob likes to get his booze on.  Darryl doesn’t like this but he’s going to like even less what Rick’s going to do on his side of the story. 

The second storyline deals with Rick and Carol who have gone off to find additional supplies.  While on the journey, they find two new characters hiding in a house.  Don’t bother learning their names; none of them make it past this episode.  They all decide to scavenge what they can from the nearby houses and meet in two hours.  Rick and Carol stick together and talk uninteresting crap like how Lori sucks at making Sunday pancakes.  Sunday pancakes? Everyone knows you do scramble eggs and bacon for Sunday breakfast.  

In between the uninteresting crap, we see the main conflict of the episode, which is Carol’s actions and justifications of killing in cold blood and Rick coming to terms with it or not.   Carol is no longer scared, the past few seasons have turned her into a girl that does what needs to be done and doesn’t think twice about it.  She’s the only one with balls left in prison and understands tough decisions have to be made for the greater good, something that Farmer Rick has forgotten.  After two hours of Rick seeing Carol has gone full blown cold stone killer and is fine with it, they head back to the meet point but as expected the other two survivors don’t.  It’s only Rick and Carol now, and Rick decides that he don’t want Psycho Carol around his kids so he makes the decision for everyone in the prison that Carol can’t come back.   That’s right Rick kicks Carol out.  Such a shame too, she was actually starting to become interesting after being a crappy character in the previous episode.  Darryl definitely won’t be happy about this, cause that was his potential girl that Rick just kicked out.  Looks like he’ll be joining Tyreese on those lonely nights, but in different cells of course.
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walldigital 11/4/2013 4:42:26 AM

Maybe it was better that Mania wasn't going to cover the show if this is the kind of reviews we get.  Are you serious or just doing this so they won't ask you to review anymore episodes?

makabriel 11/4/2013 4:44:34 AM

 Hah!  Good luck, Hanso!  Haven't read the review yet because I haven't watched the episode and I saw your spoiler Alrert.  ;)


Wiseguy 11/4/2013 5:12:43 AM

LOL I'm just laughing at the grade. I haven't started watching this season yet but now I'm gonna hurry so I can read Hanso's reviews.


Wiseguy 11/4/2013 5:16:32 AM

With hanso's opening line now I will picture hanso as Futurama's Professor Farnsworth :)

Btw has their ever been a review on this site without somebody bitching? don't bother answering it's rhetorical. Well at least even if you hate the review there'll be a thread to discuss the show

ElBaz13 11/4/2013 5:24:53 AM

F??? That's a little harsh Hanso. F means it's so bad, you stop watching it. F is for shows like the Kardashians and Honey Boo Boo.

I like this episode. Sure it was slow paced but it had some great character development.

Too bad about Carol, I was starting to like her.

hanso 11/4/2013 6:25:52 AM

 Whatup yo!  Dont pay attention to the grades, im grading them all Fs no matter how good they are.  That way I dont gotta keep track of which episode than the other. Plus i wanted to go the opposite of what was done with Gam of Thrones where everything was an A :)

this will be more recap than review, its really just so we got a place to talk about the show.  My reviews may suck but I promise thy will be in on time so that come Monday you all can discuss the show.  Overtime they should get better and if they dont well u only got like 8 more weeks to go so its all good.

ElBaz13 11/4/2013 6:46:48 AM

Hey this is alright by me. I just wanted a Walking Dead chat somewhere.

So how is Tyrese different in the comic?

Oh and Hanso, does this mean you are doing a Once a Upon a Time review as well? Loved that actress playing Ariel. Lots of fun references to Little Mermaid last night.

moonsunne 11/4/2013 6:58:44 AM

 Hanso, you should grade them all a "Z" then. The uninformed may just think you hated it.

I understand your reasoning but the masses may not.

ddiaz28 11/4/2013 7:05:36 AM

Ok, I'm glad the F wasn't serious.  I knew there would be some bad reviews because that always seems to happen with shows like this when you get a slower paced more focused episode.

I really enjoyed it.  Even after Carol fessed up last week I still had it in my mind that maybe she was protecting someone else.  But it looks like she really did it.  The question throughout the whole episode was what Rick was going to do about her.  I knew he wouldn't rat her out to Tyrese.  And by the looks he gave the knife I was afraid he had decided to kill her.  Sending her away was ok but there is no way that's the last we've seen of Carol.  She has become a great character.  I'm predicting she ends up finding the Governor in her travels and eventually returns. 

One question is still have is who was feeding the walker's the rats?  Are we supposed to assume it was the little girl?  I hope not.  It seemed like it was done purposefully to bring the fences down.  Guess everyone is too focused on the sickness to think about it but I hope the show addresses that eventually. 

ElBaz13.. Tyrese in the comic is a lot less serious and quickly becomes best friends with Rick.  I'm sure that relationship will come around eventually though.  He's still a bad ass with the hammer though and I was so happy to see that scene last week where he was left alone surrounded by tons of walkers.  Definitaly a homage to the gymnasium scene from the comics.

JarrodSarafin 11/4/2013 7:30:13 AM

 Moonsunne, I'm not sure a Z grade is possible in our system set-up. It's set up where a grade needs to be done to show up in the TV Reviews url

However....they could set it up so that Hanso's "recaps" are just in the news/editorial sections..And skip all the "Review" information on the left hand side altogether. Unless Hanso wants to be put actual grades in, I'd recommend that one. As the above posters say above, it's not a good thing to be putting F as the default grade. Beyond the horrible SEO reasoning, it will turn every recap discussion into a war about the grade and not about the show itself..

And welcome back on board, H. 




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