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noahbody 12/6/2010 5:42:35 PM

I  will go back and read the review in a minute, but one thing that bothers me... who wants to drive a topless Jeep in a Zombie apocalypse? Seems pretty unsafe to me....give a winows (the fewer the better) and a roof any day!

hanso 12/6/2010 6:03:54 PM

 Hey Joe, I made it.  Didn't think I would but your review was up sooner than I expected.  Thanks for quoting me on your review sir.  Well I'll share some of my thoughts with the rest of the class if you don't mind.

Basically, I liked the episode but felt it was a weak finale.  The episode ends with them on the road again which is how episode 5 ended pretty much.  So the whole CDC thing was a waste imo and we didn't learn anything that we couldn't via a simple conversation.

My thinking is that a 6 episode season hurt this first season, there was really no overall story arc.  I think sticking closer to the book would've helped them more for these first episodes and then stray in season 2 and beyond.  I'm pretty confident that now that they know they got a full season and the show is a hit the showrunners will make The Walking Dead even better.

Anyway, as to Joe's theory I'm going with theory number one although theory number two is the most likely.

Joe, bang up job reviewing the show my friend, see you here for season 2.

Wiseguy 12/6/2010 6:05:55 PM

Joe, I think if the good doctor's story is true then it makes sense to my non-qualified mind to expect him to shoot her. Like rabies I would think the only way you can actually study what's happening is by killing the subjuect and digging in to the brain itself

Let's not assume the doctor was not indeed a mad scientist just yet. Remember, he whispered something into Rick's ears. Is somebody infected, did he infect them, what???? Ok just got to the part where you addressed the whisper.

Shane is that imperfect human being most of us are. Conflicted by jealousy, envy and his desire to be like his, I agree, hero Rick. I know people say he died in the book but I'm glad they're keeping him around for now.

10 months seem like forever to have to wait. Why couldn't AMC order more eps after they saw the results of the first couple of shows. Maybe then we could've gotten another 6 by spring at least.

noahbody 12/6/2010 6:08:52 PM

Morning sickness = baby = wanting to stay and die.

Shot in the MRI to observe the brain at death?

hanso 12/6/2010 6:14:37 PM

 AMC only airs one show on Sunday, and March is Breaking Bad time.  Summer is Mad Men.  Oct will now be The Walking Dead.  I read a quote from Darabont that AMC wanted the show for October and they only had time for the few episodes they made.  Plus it was a calculated gamble on AMC's part.  I think they did the same thing with Breaking Bad which had like 8 episodes.  10 months isn't that bad, it's like waiting for HBO or FX shows.

sergal 12/6/2010 6:15:23 PM

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joeybaloney 12/6/2010 6:24:11 PM

I thought this was a solid episode for the most part. Not the best this season but still better than most of what passes for television entertainment. I didn’t have a problem with Doc Jenner shooting Mrs. Doc Jenner. The important part was studying what happened during the transformation. Once she became a zombie she wasn’t all that special. Plenty of those specimens to go around. Plus he was still studying her remains. He had plenty of flesh samples before that room got decontaminated.

Good point with Daryl though. He’s become one of my favorite characters as well and I’d hate to see him reduced to a one-note redneck.

My big problem was the “watch me pull an Armageddon timer out of my ass” device. The coinkydink of having them pull up on the CDC in time for the last 20 hours of its existence was a bit much and I friggin’ HATE unrealistic timer/deadline “suspense”. Less than 3 minutes for Dale to get his ass up from the bowls of Atlanta? Couldn’t they have put at least 10 minutes on the clock? I know Walking Dead isn’t the first show/movie to resort to a bullshit deadline timeline. That’s been a pet peeve of mine for decades.
But aside from that I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and I’m still in denial I’ll have to wait until next Halloween for the next episode.

Despite the ludicrous countdown I really enjoyed the scene with Dale and Andrea arguing about leaving. “What? I said you win.” Great stuff and we’re finally getting the bigger picture on what that relationship is about. My guess on the whisper is your theory number two. I hope it wasn’t telling him to head to DC. There’s a hell of a lot of ground to cover before they start that journey. I really hope it isn’t your theory number one as that revelation is handled much better in the book.

I hate hating Shane and I hate not hating Shane. I think you’re spot on with your assessment on him, Joe. Much as I enjoy the character though I hope the triangle gets resolved early next season and in the way it was resolved in the comics. There is a point much later in the series regarding Rick, Shane and loyalty that I think would play out nice on the small screen.

Halloween 2011 is too far away.

joeybaloney 12/6/2010 6:29:27 PM

Um... are any of those Scarlett Johanson clones available for purchase sergal?

RedHood2010 12/6/2010 6:34:07 PM

As a new fan to the series who has only read the clift notes of the books, but has enjoyed this new show...I was upset that this doctor felt like it was all over after a month by himself.  A group of people show up that can help him retrieve fuel for the generator, and he has NO drive to keep fighting?  Not 6  months or a year all alone, just 30 days?  Instead of taking blood in return for them staying, send them out for fuel.

But since reading this review and thinking of Joe's first theory, maybe that is why he wasn't worried about continuing to find a cure.

I agree this episode felt like episode 5 and it was a shame we only got 1 episode of the CDC.

My wife and boys can't wait for season 2. 

Good review Joe.

RedHood2010 12/6/2010 6:36:25 PM

..OH, and I was glad they went back to Shane and the hospital.  BUT I did laugh when a group of military personnel got their arses surprised and eaten by a group of slow, noisy walkers?  Must have been the masks they were wearing.  lol

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