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DougRed4 11/29/2011 3:32:16 PM

I don't think Herschel knew that Sophia was in the barn (though I guessed it myself a bit before it happened, thanks to the speculation on this site).

Kirkman himself exlplained it on The Talking Dead.  Otis was the guy who rounded people up, so she was put in there before Otis' demise.  From what we saw of Otis' wife feeding the zombies chicken, it's not like they sat down for Sunday dinner with the barn denizens, so it's quite plausable that Herschel knew nothing about her.

hanso 11/29/2011 4:10:17 PM

I think the more interesting question is now that the barn sequence deviated from the books, how are they going to make Hershel realize he was wrong for keeping zombies in the barn?  It sure ain't going to happen with how the last episode ended.

calhob 11/29/2011 4:25:54 PM

 Hanso, that is true. The barn scene made more sense the way it was done in the book as opposed to the comic, but that was the final straw there at the farm. Whole different situation in the show. 

Sure, Hershel will be super pissed and will want the group gone, but his thinking wasn't changed at all. In fact, some of the group may be even more sympathetic towards the zombies now that Sophia was one and had to be killed (even though Amy did that too, seems like this would upset the group more).

I say the barn stays as the setting of the rest of the season and the whole Shane story plays out kinda like in the comic.

InnerSanctum 11/29/2011 4:55:41 PM

 I have a feeling, after the bury the dead, our heroes will be moving on from the farm.  The only reason they stayed was to find Sophia and Rick's determination to keep the group safe.  Shane may want to take over the farm, but I imagine Rick will make the final call and respect Hershel.  Who may or may not follow the group.  I'd prefer he didn't.  We have enough characters right now as it is.   We know Maggie will probably follow after Glenn.  The other folks on Hershel's farm seem like red shirts.  

wish 11/29/2011 5:10:36 PM

wow, so in addition to being gun-loving, violent and murderous sister fuckers, you americans are also pretty easy to offend......that explains the war mongering........care to explain the ball of crap economy you've forced on the rest of the world?  "UP" here in Canada we have a great economy with lots of money everywhere and no murders at all........sorry to upset you all "DOWN" there, but I call it as I see it..........


NOW that's how I would do it if I was really trying to be a prick gauleyboy, I was really only trying to offer a decent explanation as to why its ok to show blood guts and brains and the weapons and reasons as to why they are on display, but can't show a little tit and ass or drop an F-bomb when the situation really calls for it.....like in a post apocolyptic zombie nightmare world.  Maybe you have a better reason why violence is ok but nudity and swearing is BAD.

Sorry to anyone I offended, and I'm actually jealous of your right to bear arms, in a lot of ways you guys have it figured out pretty damn good down there and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't my eventual goal to someday live and become an American myself...........maybe not where gauleyboy is living though........unless it's Oregon or California.......I'll suffer it then.......most beautiful place I've ever been.

violator14 11/29/2011 5:21:21 PM

I have no idea what the books are about, but in all "reality", i think the crew has every right to stay and even take over Hershel's farm. There is no more "MY LAND" cuz there is no more government to enforce deeds to properties and crap! If anything he's lucky that they haven't taken over already and raped and pillaged his crap. Fortunately they have square as a douche Rick to keep them in check.

And i hope this show does get moved to HBO/Starz someday, cuz i am also interested in seeing Zombie on Zombie action. LOL

wish 11/29/2011 5:23:51 PM

Please know that I would never mean what I said in the first part of my last comment, I have a lot of American friends that I love, including all you maniacs.......even gauleyboy whom I've found myself agreeing with more often than not.  I don't like being called a prick unless I feel I deserve it, and that was my point.


Wiseguy 11/29/2011 5:38:44 PM

Point taken wish but be ware my laser pointer atop my Desert Eagle .44 magnum is hovering right around your forehead should you insult my gun toting violence loving nudity phobia brethren ever again

death4sale 11/29/2011 6:07:27 PM

To hell with the books, I'm glad they're changing things. I have read the books myself, but that is an entirely different medium. Why would I want a retread of the same story from the books anyway? If I want to follow the story from the books, you know what? I'll go and read the books. But what's nice about the changes they've made is that we don't always see these things coming and that is good TV. Making this show unpredictable for even those avid readers of the books is a wise decision because now we will have something to get excited about. It makes the TV show more enjoyable to me since there is a sense that anyone can be killed at anytime. I love that feeling.

Am I the only one who likes Shane and thinks that everything he has said is correct? He's been right about everything. Everyone is trying to pretend that the world hasn't changed. Rick and many others still think that the usual rules apply to this new post-apocalyptic world. Shane is being unjustly vilified because he's the only character that is willing to make hard decisions. He is the only one who sees how much things have changed. If this group followed Rick's every whim, they would be dead already. Honestly, it's shocking these people aren't dead already. But Shane is manning up and choosing to do something about it. His actions are better for the whole group's survival. Rick stepping up to the plate at the end of the episode signals that he just came to the same realization as Shane, that things are truly different. I see the group looking at Shane for more answers after this and I hope he doesn't die. I thought it was awesome that they deviated from the books and killed Sophia. It takes some guts on TV to but a bullet through a child's head, but it makes for a lasting impression.


The one thing I hope they stick to is Dale getting bitten. I would be very happy if Dale died. In what world is Dale living in right now? How can be possibly think that hiding all of the guns is a good idea in a world of undead cannibals? Dale's actions could have gotten a lot of people killed if some Walkers wondered into the area and no one was armed. Plus Dale getting bitten would set up some fantastic drama and like the comics, I would love if Andrea mercy killed him before he turned.

ElBaz13 11/29/2011 8:19:37 PM

agree death4sale.

I haven't read the books so I am enjoying this show a lot. But at the same time, at least changing things up in the show, like you said, makes it unpredictable.

I think at this point it is ok to accept these changes since Kirkman is executive producer and probably has OKd many of these changes. Like someone pointed out earlier, maybe Kirkman didn't like some of his stuff in his comics and decided "what if?"  Besides, it's better him overseeing the changes than say Bryan Singer who never read X-men comics or some bigwig at Warner Bros.

I also agree with Shane's reasoning. I think I brought up classic D&D alignment (from my D&D geek years)  in a previous post and said Rick is Lawful Good while Shane is true neutral. It's easy to make lawful good decisions in the real world, but once it's taken over by zombies, you have to change mentality and be more neutral.  Case in point. Shooting Otis. Sure it was evil to take him out but Shane did it for "good", for Carl and his group and not a total stranger.

As for you spoiling the Dale thing, well, at this point, based on comments, it's anybody's game who survives and who lives so it might not follow the book at all.



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