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Walking Dead Prison Photos

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Walking Dead Prison Photos

Our First Look into Season 3's Set

By Robert T. Trate     July 04, 2012
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Seen briefly in the distance in the final shot of season 2, the prison will become the new fortress/home for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company when the AMC drama returns in October… if they can clear it out the undead walkers, that is. And now we have our exclusive first sneak peek of the jail, as well as the current zombie inhabitants that call it home. In the first photo, our survivors assume a defensive, Avengers-like position to handle any incoming ghouls, while in the second, a machete-wielding Maggie (Lauren Cohan) prepares to deliver a kill shot to a zombie inmate. Check out the photos below as well as intel from executive producers Glen Mazzara and Robert Kirkman on the highly anticipated new setting for season 3.



“I’m incredibly proud of the prison,” says showrunner Glen Mazzara. “I think our crew has done a great job. It’s a huge sense of scale and magnitude I haven’t seen on any other show as far as construction. What’s important to us is, the prison itself is now a character in the show. It’s a haunted house, it’s scary, it’s frightening, and there are parts of the prison that are always terrifying, that are always inaccessible to our group. It’s not necessarily the blessing that the prison in the comic book turned out to be.”


“Grace Walker, who’s our production designer, has really put this thing together,” adds EP Robert Kirkman. “It looks absolutely amazing.”

Thanks to Chopsaki for the submission.



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Bryzarro 7/4/2012 5:49:00 AM

 Can. Not. Wait. Until October!!!

jayinvincible 7/4/2012 7:00:44 AM

 Well, that just crushed my hopes of T-Dog dying in the opening sequence. 


ddiaz28 7/4/2012 12:19:08 PM

Lauren Cohen looks bad ass!

TheSilentKiller 7/4/2012 1:30:36 PM

 Bring on Michonne. That is all. Once  she's a regular, they can hopefully kill off T-Dog, since the cast will have enough diversity to not look like the Microsoft Board of Directors.

InnerSanctum 7/4/2012 4:24:56 PM

 Looks like some bad ass zombie killing.  Love it.  Can't wait!!!

Roqueja 7/4/2012 8:22:45 PM

Very cool.  This show lives up to it's hype.  The prison as a character is as it should.

elrushbo 7/5/2012 5:00:59 AM

Why would they be at a prison?? of all the places they could go? Not to somewhere trying to work on a cure, nope, a prison.

xJokersxWildx 7/5/2012 5:18:03 AM

Elrushbo.. read the comics you'll figure out why fast k.


jayinvincible 7/5/2012 5:41:48 AM

 You don't even have to read the comics to figure out why they aren't going for a cure. Think about it for a moment, not a single one of them is a scientist and even if they were what facilities are they going to use? It takes years of research and teams of scientists to work up cures. They went to the CDC in the first season and that pretty much put a bullet in that idea. If they came up with some miracle cure in a season or two that would be totally unrealistic.

stonedtodeath 7/6/2012 8:39:00 AM

@elrushbo - Why would I go to a prison during a zombie apocalypse?  Assuming I could clear the prison of any undead, it's definitely as secure of a place as you'll find in this country.  Americans have never been big on castles, but we're big on prisons.  There's several in every state.  High Fences, high walls, gates, and amenities meant for the use of a small populace such as a kitchen, bathrooms, showers, bunks, beds and housing.  There would be food stores most likely, probably not great food, but beggars can't be choosers.  Honestly, I'm surprised it hasn't been done before, maybe it has but I can't remember....too many zombie movies and shows lately.

In terms of a cure, yeah I'd have to say that's been delayed, especially since they all have the virus.  My only question regarding that is Why is it if you get bit you turn within days, but if you've contracted it via water or even the air you have to die to become a zombie?  That's new in terms of zombie lore, and I have a couple of logical reasons, but they don't seem to fit real well with what I know about other contagious diseases.

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