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evilbeagle 3/24/2014 5:46:44 PM

 This episode was boring for me.  I was glad to see some of them reunited, but it was a dull episode considering.  Totally agree about Terminus.  I hate it when characters don't appear to learn from past experiences.  Didn't Woodbury teach you anything???

Modo 3/24/2014 6:13:22 PM

I'm calling Cannibals for Terminus.  Just totally guessing here, based on the comic book, and the fact that Terminus has to be a bad place in order for it to be a bad-a$$ season finale that will get people talking.  Terminus as a safe haven isn't exactly a cliff-hanger.  Nothing more than sheer speculation on my part... 

TheSilentKiller 3/24/2014 6:18:12 PM

 One wonders what the steaks on the grill at Terminus were.

Also, Joe made a comment about there being no place that wants people like him: I took that to mean Terminus wasn't on his speed dial. 

Given the group with Daryl didn't eat the dead guy, I'm thinking they're not the hunters, but given the steaks on the barbie, and the absence of "all surviiving" I'm wondering if Terminus and the Hunters might not be one and the same.




blankczech 3/24/2014 6:50:36 PM

 "There is something off about Terminus. For a sanctuary to all that arrive it sure looks empty. Where is everyone? The group walk past the unlock gate and lower your weapons signs until they see a lady named Mary who will fix them a plate. WTF? You know Terminus ain’t up to no good. Why did the group just walk in there without scouting the place first? They’ve been through enough that they know they can’t trust anybody yet here they show up with no worries like lambs headed to a slaughter."

Very good Hanso... I imagine a lot of us were wondering the same thing.  I guess the comic readers know what's going to happen next...I don't read the books, so I can only guess...With food in short supply I keep waiting for these guys to run into a group of cannibals...seems incredibly dumb to enter a fenced in area without any idea of what's going on inside (they definately should have circled the place and observed it from a lot of angles before going inside...and even then probably wise to send one or two people armed people into the place to scout it out and wait until they reported back. If they didn't come back the rest of the group could have gone in guns blazing to rescue them...How can they all be so trusting and stupid?

I imagine in a post apocalyptic world there would be several groups like the one that Daryl has fallen in with...tough guys who believe in survival of the fittest.  Wasting their time tracking Rick makes about as much sense as walking into Terminus without knowing what the hell Terminus is all about. 

When this show first came on...survivors seemed to value vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, recreational vehicles).  Suddenly everyone is on foot, carrying all their stuff, sleeping on the ground.  What's that all about?





violator14 3/24/2014 7:35:21 PM

 I agree. Tasha yar is a creepy cannibal. 

Newdude718 3/24/2014 9:35:54 PM

This penultimate episode was very very MEH!!! I'd be scared shitless if there was a sanctuary with no locks on the gates or guards watching for walkers. That woman at the end looks like a creepy vegan she was probably making tofu steaks or something gross. The reunion was so lackluster I didn't even feel tingly inside about it. The hunters with Daryl was the absolute best part of this episode. I can't wait till Daryl sees them hunting rick. Gonna be epic I hope baby Judith is alive so Carl and Rick can see her now that would make me all tingly inside and not in the I need a peniselin shot kind of way. Great review Hanso your grades are always on te ball. 

SinisterPryde 3/25/2014 12:55:07 AM

I personally thought Eugene was just saying he knew to hide his own disappointment.  I don't think he really did.

Also, there is a meme which shows that the woman at Terminus (can't remember her damn name) bears a striking resemblence to the painted portrait Michonne found a few episodes back (it was a woman with streaks of paint all over it).

samson 3/25/2014 1:19:47 AM

 Violator, thanks for the spoiler warning. 

ElBaz13 3/25/2014 5:31:52 AM

So much for spoiler warnings from the comic readers.

ElBaz13 3/25/2014 5:33:12 AM

It is pretty obvious Terminus is not all cracked up to be. The "safe haven" ain't going to happen any time soon as long as the show keeps going. Otherwise, if they were all safe and sound, it would be the end of the show, right?


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