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russdire 10/31/2011 11:46:52 AM

 I'm still waiting for Merle (like the clap) to come back!

Roqueja 10/31/2011 11:50:24 AM

I really liked the episode.  The best scenes (again) had Darryl, with Andrea at the hanging zombie.  It had very well written dialogue between them.  It didn't seem over-acted like I feel Lori does.  Lori is the weak point in the cast to me.  This season being more character than action driven, it really stands out to me. 

The "Don't lean your back against chain link fences" moment was a good scary jump, and the final chase from the zombies was very well set up and suspenseful.

This episode could have been titled "We're friends, but if zombies chase us I'm using my last bullet to shoot you in the leg."

JoeArtistWriter 10/31/2011 1:10:52 PM

kungPow, I hang out with fat guys so I look thinner and don't have to work out. When the Zombiepocalypse comes, I'll be way ahead of the curve.

Bryzarro, I think Shane is more nuamced than simply bad. Like I said, in a better world he's a better guy. He was envious of Rick's life, but he didn't make any moves until he thought he was dead. Maybe not the most honorable guy, but overall, at one point Shane was more good than bad and I still think he is. I do have a feeling that will start to change quickly. We've seen flashes of bad, now I assume we'll start to see evil

TheMovieGuy, I agree it's one of the best shows on TV but that premeiere made me wonder if they were going to be as god as last season. It was good, but not great. As for waiting until the end of the season to review the show, I suppose no one should have reviewed Star Wars until they put out all six?

jedi, I'm not panicking, this show is on track. Agai, the premiere was not up to par, but I'm liking where we're going.

halfbloodprincess, I may be wrong, but I think the writers want to show Shane's slow devolution from hero to villain. I think that's how this is going to play out. I am certain Shane did what he did at least partly for Carl, Lori and Rick. The guilt will eat at him, but from a purely strategic standpoint, he made the right move. No use in both him and Otis dying AND Carl dying as a result.

Johnny Rotten, we are on the same page. Making Shane bad is too easy. We're witnessing how he will become bad. The beauty part is Shane may never see himself as bad, and thats a much more interesting character.



JoeArtistWriter 10/31/2011 1:13:10 PM

russdie, I think everyone is looking for the return of Merle. I'm betting Darryl will be placed in a conflicting situation.

Rogueja, I think the best shows have been more character driven, but the threat of zombie attack always looming really helps the tension.

TheMovieGuy28 10/31/2011 1:17:50 PM

@ Joe, I think I worded my intent wrong. What I mean about waiting til the season is over is that it seems like everyone is more ready to write the show off as a one-season wonder when we're barely 25% into the season. Didn't mean wait until the whole thing is over. But even the great shows (Deadwood, Breaking Bad, Justified, SOA) sometimes have "sub-par" episodes, but again, even those episodes tend to be better than most shows' best efforts.

To better touch on the whole "not as good as last season"....well, that's human nature for you. Nothing will ever be "as good" as the first time. Even if the first time was lame, it was still the first time. So everything about it was new, was making its place in our heads and hearts.

Now that that's happened, we all have ideas/opinions as to where it should go, how it should be, and why it is or isn't as good as the first time around. Who knows? We may get 9 of the greatest episodes of tv over this season.......

....but it would still not  equal how 'great' the first time we saw it was. Know what I mean, guv'nuh?

God I love discussing differing opinions in here, as opposed to any other site that allows comments. Out there it's like everyone is the biggest d-bag alive. Yet in here, we can all differ, even vehemently, but it's like the movie and tv world is our family, so we don't let it boil. Jedi, Bryzzaro, props to ya both for your integrity.

JoeArtistWriter 10/31/2011 1:30:56 PM

TheMovieGuy, yes, this site is full of intelligent and interesting points of view. I really enjoy hosting this particular forum. I understand your point about great shows having sub-par episodes, and that's going to happen regardless of the show if it's on long enough.

In my opinion though, last season had no sub par eps, so the premiere this season, even though it wasn't bad, just wasn't great and that worried some people. I felt they had earned my trust so while I pointed out my slight disappointment in this season's first show, I had hope they'd get on track, and with this show I think we're heading for a great season. (Especially if my hunch about Shane and Rick finally becoming enemies is correct.)

Keep on watching, reading and commenting.

hanso 10/31/2011 2:15:44 PM

"To better touch on the whole "not as good as last season"....well, that's human nature for you. Nothing will ever be "as good" as the first time. Even if the first time was lame, it was still the first time. So everything about it was new, was making its place in our heads and hearts."  

False.  I'm going to use two AMC shows as an example.  Mad Men & Breaking Bad not only produced "as good" a season as their first but they've actually made better seasons than their first.

Also, sex.  If the sex you're having now ain't as good as the first, then something is wrong.

"last season had no sub par eps"  Really Joe?  Elderly care provider Latinos is all I have to say about that my friend.

This ep was good though.

hanso 10/31/2011 2:18:52 PM

"Here’s a discussion topic I believe I already understand; but who thinks if the situation were the same, except it was Rick and Otis trying to make it back in one piece that Rick would have sacrificed the fat guy to save his own son? It’s possible Rick would, but so far there has been nothing in his character to point to that, and much more evidence to suggest Rick may have thought of a better way out for both men."

It depends on which Rick we are talking about.  I believe comic book Rick would sacrifice Otis but not TV Rick.


TheMovieGuy28 10/31/2011 2:26:25 PM

Yeah, but Hanso, there's a glaring problem with your stance-


You're Hanso. All must hail you.

I can't compete with an All hail.




on a serious note, though, I actually like how this season is shaping up. I do agree, Hanso, with you about BB and MM and that shows can equal or surpass the first.

And hahah. Funny you brought up the sex logic. It was what was going through my mind too. I'm very glad my post-virginity sex has been better than my virgin-based episode. But it was my FIRST time. Sure, time 4,361 may have blown it away (pun intended), but who's counting?

It was bad. More drool, fumbling, and wild jesticulating than a spastic at an old folks' home.

obsidian 10/31/2011 4:17:00 PM

Shane isn't bad.  He's learning to survive any way he can.  That's something they're going to have to all learn sooner or later...or they'll die.  Simple as that.  Shane had a mission to get that ventilator back to Carl (whom he loves like a son). Otis had to die to get that done. Shane is willing to make decisions in a cold-blooded way that sooner or later will bring him into an all-out showdown with Rick. I can't wait.

Shane is willing to sacrifice his humanity and perhaps his sanity to protect his own...will Rick be willing to compromise his morals when his time comes?

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