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JoeArtistWriter 10/31/2011 4:53:32 PM

hanso, you're asking me to recall something longer than last week, so while I don't recall specifics about episodes from last season, I don't think I gave less than B in those six episodes. I must have liked the senior citizen lovin' cholos - and who wouldn't?

I do agree with you about TV Rick vs comic book Rick, but I will also assume TV Rick will start to harden his heart by the end of this season. Oh yeah, all hail hanso.   ;)

obsidian, nicely stated. Shane does love Carl (and he also loves Lori and Rick) The levels of his love for each are complicated, but I do believe Shane acted primarily out of his code as a friend of the family as well as a trained military officer who has to make tough decisions at times. Naturally his sexual relationship with Lori make things muddy, and that makes this bleak life they live all the more tense. Will Shane keep it together, or will he snap. He's already thought about "accidently" shooting Rick way back in I believe the very first episode.

It was clear to Shane there was no way he AND Otis were going to make it, and while some of his decision to shoot Otis and leave him as a distraction may have been self preservation, I assume most of that choice had to do with keeping his squad safe. (Otis was not officially a member of his squad, and Shane may have thought he could rationalize the trade off since Otis was the one who got them in that particular situation in the first place.)

samson 10/31/2011 9:45:21 PM

I have one question. If the walkers only eat live meat, why would they have eaten the legs of the hanging walker?

fatpantz 10/31/2011 11:28:31 PM

@Samson - The guy hung himself while he was alive, is it not possible that a walker came upon him before his body lost all of its delicious freshness??  That also makes me picture a zombie eating the feet of a hanging guy and that is funny in my head....

Another great episode, no real complaints....can't wait for the next week...all hail hanso!

DaForce1 11/1/2011 2:12:11 AM

 Shane isn't becoming a 'bad' guy. In this episode we saw that Shane paused and looked resigned and ready to die (at the fence) before Otis appeared and took out the zombies blocking Shane. Even later when he fell and Otis literally pulled him to his feet forcing him to go on, Shane was trying to give Otis his backpack so that Otis would keep on going.  The decision to shoot Otis and leave him as zombie chow wasn't calculated, it was something that was going to happen to both of them if one of them didn't make the sacrifice to be eaten. Shane just removed the decision from Otis' hands since Otis never would have done it to Shane. 

As for Shane shaving his head and staring in the mirror at himself. The shaving of the head to hide the hair that Otis ripped out of his head was the main reason. I believe that Shane can't believe what he's willing to do now in this world to keep on going. Remember, he left his friend Rick in a zombie infested hospital at the start of the outbreak, AND was shagging his best friend's wife (whom he told her husband was dead) only to have Rick miraclously come back. That has to seriously fuck with your head almost as much as the dead coming back to life and destroying civilization. 

In the comic, Otis lived for quite a while and even was the reason for Michone joining the group AND he was also instrumental in saving Rick at the farm. So now with that changed, it'll be interesting to see how she comes to be a part of the group and what happens to the situation that puts Rick's life in jeopardy in the first place. Also, Carol is going to surprise a lot of people I believe. I don't see her as a red shirt, nor do I see her as crazy as she was in the comics. Because if that was the case, she would have stayed in the CDC with Sofia and ended it there. Besides, Kirkman AND Gale Anne-Hurd said that they were taking Carol in a different direction. I think once we stop revolving around the Rick-Lori-Shane triangle, some of the more peripheral characters will get a chance to be fleshed out (no pun intended). 


HotDogs 11/1/2011 3:06:11 AM

I am betting the girl is fine.  Merle has her and will be trying to use her against the crew.

Wiseguy 11/1/2011 4:39:22 AM

Finally caught this episode.

Shane has always been a pretty grey character/leader going back to the 1st season. I wouldn't make too many conclusions about his actions. 1st they were both going to die and in effect taking the kid with them. 2nd even injured he was probably better fit than Otis to carry all the equipment and get away from the zombies should only one had to do it.

I'm going to hark back to what I said last week, terrible plan from the start, Glenn showed himself to be a better tactician from the 1st season. You'd think Shane could've had a better plan. Otis gets the items they were looking for while Shane does whatever it took to get the zombies away and keep them away from the trailer

Anyway I don't think Shane would've even contemplated sacrificing himself in this situation. Almost giving up isn't sacrifice it's quitting and that's what he almost did hadn't Otis saved his hyde. I don't think he's any more evil or bad than he already was, just practical and a whole lot of selfish

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 11/1/2011 5:29:30 AM

I know some people think that the show might change from the comics and have Merle become The Governor. But I just thought - maybe - something happens this season and Shane dips out and he is the one that becomes The Governor. But I doubt it. It would be interesting. Or maybe they'll keep it like in the comics. I only know The Governor exists in the comics and his handy problem.  Other than that I know next to nil.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 11/1/2011 5:30:04 AM

I know some people think that the show might change from the comics and have Merle become The Governor. But I just thought - maybe - something happens this season and Shane dips out and he is the one that becomes The Governor. But I doubt it. It would be interesting. Or maybe they'll keep it like in the comics. I only know The Governor exists in the comics and his handy problem.  Other than that I know next to nil.

goldeneyez 11/1/2011 6:40:25 AM

Maybe it's just me, but I think Rick's story about Shane stealing the Principal's car under his nose is really an allegory about Shane being with Lori unbeknownst to Rick, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were intimate prior to the Zombie apocalypse given what we've seen of Shane's behavior so far.

JoeArtistWriter 11/1/2011 9:56:31 AM

samsom, it's also possible Darryl got it wrong and animals ate his legs, but yes, that's something we the audience shouldn't be confused over.

fatpantz, I agree, I did like the mental image of zombies eating the legs of a man who unsuccessfully hung himself

DaForce, I disagree. My bet is Shane is turning bad. Bad is a relative term, but if we all agree Rick is good, and if he and Shane become enemies down the road (as I assume they will be) Shane will be perceived as bad.

As far as why Shane cut his hair, of course I understood that he shaved his head because Otis ripped a chunk out, but the unspoken reason (I believe) is to show (like Lex Luthor) Shane's transition from good to bad. It will happen - mark my words.

HotDogs. Agreed, we will find the girl alive. Whether or not she is fine is debatable, but I'm willingto bet she's alive.

Wiseguy, agreed. Shane did what was best for everyone when he sacrificed Otis. I also believe the decision will eat at him and be part of a catalyst to eventually turn him against Rick. As for Shane sacrificing himself, I also agree. Shane started as mostly good but not flawless good. He's definitely heading down the wrong road now.

MrJaw, I'm half - expecting Merle to be the Govenor, and I also thought it may be Shane. I assume both Shane and Merle will threaten the groups safety in the future.

goldeneyez, agreed. I hinted at that in my review, but yes, there's a reason the writers told that particular story. I hope Shane and Lori never cheated knowingly on Rick while he and Lori were married, but it's possible back in high school Shane and Lori fooled around behind Rick's back.

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