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jfdavis 12/22/2010 2:43:54 PM

Bacon's comments are spot on in his portrayal of Shaw, which yes, has been confirmed...Just keep the "Bacon strip" in your pants please.

I missed the Young Justice pilot. I was hoping the show would be on this week as I can watch it here at the parents  but can't  at home without cable. Also, Avengers not on this week is pissing me off.  I should have been consulted!

Green Hornet will be pretty good.  I'm hoping though, the comedy has been played up in the promos to attract "normal people." The sixties TV show was a bit campy but...seriously...

8man 12/22/2010 3:47:35 PM

It's all about the car...and Kato.  It's an origin story.  You think you take a drunk playboy and turn him into a crimefighting avenger overnight?  No.  I would bet, the plan is to make GH2 a little darker and a little more serious.  But this will do nicely.  It's got a little Kick-Ass in it!

ddiaz28 12/22/2010 9:00:46 PM

Spoilers ahead...


invisioner, there is no way they'll have Shane replace Tyrese. For one thing, he is too important a character to simply get rid of or replace.  And secondly, Shane's fate is too critical to the character development of Rick, Lori, and Carl.  I definitely love his character and am glad they are keeping him around for longer, but I would hate it more if they changed his ultimate fate.

spiderhero 12/23/2010 5:02:02 AM

You lost me at Sharon Stone. Pass.

Whiskeymovie 12/23/2010 6:00:19 AM

I never understood the hate on anyone,,,,if I remember correctly, this is the site where almost EVERYONE was bad-mouthing the choice of Heath Ledger as the Joker, and well, we all know how that tune played out....you would think, THINK, that people would be more open minded, but much like thinking people in NJ might actually be nice on the roads one day, it is a pipe dream...and have you seen Seth Rogen lately? He has lost mad LBs...I am excited for the Green Hornet,,,,looks like it's going to be a fun ride, esp, after being on my favortie show of all time, Mythbusters.

LocoLobo73 12/23/2010 6:42:21 AM

WISE here is the article its on the DEC 21 COMIC REEL ON CBR here is the article in question ...


As our pals at Spinoff Online reported, actor Bryan Cranston believes the second season of the show will air with his own programme, "Breaking Bad" in July. "I believe they’re going to put 'Walking Dead' in July as well. I think it’s just a sensible thing — they want to attract as many eyeballs as possible, away from the heavy competition of the September, November, January start," says the actor. It this is true, production would have to commence right after the New Year. Anyone in Atlanta seeing zombies? Meanwhile, the AMC official blog has a video of the cast and crew discussing season 2:


ReleaseTheseFeces 12/23/2010 3:48:48 PM

@LocoLobo73  Thanks for the info. Let's hope we get more Walking Dead sooner than later...

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