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THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Trailer

From Comic Con 2014

By Robert T. Trate     July 25, 2014
Source: AMC

Season 5 returns October 12th, 2014
AMC has released the Season 5 trailer for The Walking Dead. SPOILERS, they get out of the train car! Enjoy this look at Season 5. AMC also announced the premiere date for season 5. Check out the press release below. 

Press Release: AMC announced today from Comic Con International in San Diego, CA the premiere of “The Walking Dead” season five on Sunday, October 12 at 9pm ET/PT.  As in previous seasons, the series’ fifth season of 16 episodes will air in two-parts with the first eight hours kicking off October 12 and the final eight episodes returning February 2015.  Following “The Walking Dead” will be the season premieres of AMC’s unscripted series “Talking Dead,” hosted by Chris Hardwick (Nerdist), at 10pm ET/PT and “Comic Book Men” at midnight ET/PT.  Internationally, “The Walking Dead’ will return to audiences in 125+ FOX International Channels (FIC) markets within 24 hours of the U.S. broadcast, as part of FIC continued commitment to broadcast the series near date-and-date globally.
“From the opening tease in the premiere onward, season 5 is without question the most ambitious and satisfying season this amazing team has ever crafted” said Charlie Collier, AMC president. “In the zombie apocalypse, event television is alive and well, and I am proud to acknowledge that this uniquely talented writing staff, production team and cast have once again raised the bar (and the crossbow).”
The season premieres of “The Walking Dead,” “Talking Dead” and “Comic Book Men” will coincide with AMC’s Zombie Apocalypse Week, from Monday, October 6 through Sunday, October 12, as well as the network’s annual blockbuster marathon of thriller and horror films, AMC Fearfest.  Celebrating its 18thyear, AMC Fearfest will feature themed programming and more than 70 films, running from Friday, October 17 through Friday, October 31.

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redhairs99 7/25/2014 2:16:02 PM

 Guess this means Beth wasn't cooking on the grill...

Damn it!

VioLatorr 7/25/2014 2:29:27 PM

 Gee... spoilers galore. Well I guess we could smash every theory we conjured up on here. haha

raynardmuldrake 7/25/2014 4:26:54 PM

Beth LIVES!!!

Newdude718 7/25/2014 7:51:14 PM

 Jaw dropped fucking WOW! 

Im pretty sure rick got a call of duty perk for killing that many people at once. 

redslayer 7/25/2014 8:24:23 PM

That was Epic!

Can't wait for October

Shogunn2517 7/26/2014 1:12:16 AM

 Where's Carol?

xJokersxWildx 7/26/2014 12:21:15 PM

Carol's in there. This looks amazing. Plus it's only the first 4 episodes in the trailer.

So much instore. Rick looks bad ass rocking the AK. Get ready for some killer TV in Oct.

blankczech 7/26/2014 5:46:33 PM

Enjoying the behavior study of post apocalyptic humans but tired / bored with the graphic slaughter of slow, incredibly dumb, zombies (it's like watching some one shoot fish in a barrel...big deal you killed a zombie...who over the age of 5 hasn't).

I'll watch the series when it returns, but I can certainly wait for October, summer is my favorite season.

domino2008 7/27/2014 6:48:49 PM

This season looks off the hook . Did You notice a new look on the zombies ? Their skin is rolling off their bones and the scene with the water hose the skin is seems to be falling off their bones like over cooked chicken . I know they film in Kentucky , aand must get a good tax break , but it would be nice to move to a new location where its snows . Seeing a zombie jump out of a snow drift would be scary or slipping on ice .Since Breaking Bad is over , they can move more money into the show maybe.Looks to be a good season .

redhairs99 7/28/2014 7:24:53 AM

 Domino, they film the series in Georgia.

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