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Roqueja 9/5/2012 6:27:45 AM

I plan on renting this just for the extras.  The Ink is Alive sounds like it will touch on the points that we discuss on any Walking Dead thread on here.  Nothing like getting it from the horses mouth.  From other interviews, I get the feeling that Kirkman has alot of input in the way the show plays out.  Nothing concrete on that, but this may prove enlightening on the validity.

Still a huge fan of both the comics and the tv adaptation, and happy as hell that it gets 16 episodes this time around.  The differences between the two will be even more interesting with the prison storyline. 


tjanson 9/5/2012 9:01:49 AM

Someone mentioned Stan Lee being listed as Executive Producer of the Marvel Films...I think there is a HUGE difference between that and Kirkman's role.  Lee's listing as Exec Producer is mostly just a title out of respect for his creation of the characters.  Those various studios like Universal, Fox, and Sony have film rights to Marvel's characters and can pretty much do what they want.  Stan didn't OWN the characters per se...I think Kirkman DOES own The Walking Dead and thus has far more input into what happens.

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