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evilbeagle 11/23/2011 8:13:57 AM

I liked this episode quite a bit, but I agree about the asshead moves.  My wife and I were having the same discussion during the show.  The asshead move with Shane seemed very unneccesary unless of coarse he was hoping to tap her ass first. 

There were some emotional things that moved forward, but I too am tired of the "search".  Maybe I've become a grown up member of the ADHD population, but either find her dead or alive and be done with it.  Next!

Either way, the acting on this show is of the highest quality, and we watched this episode a day after seeing the new comedy-Breaking Dawn.  The Walking Dead, from a production values, acting, script, etc standpoint, makes Breaking Dawn look like a high school production.  Good work team!

evilbeagle 11/23/2011 8:15:25 AM

'course'  I hate obvious spelling errors.  I'm sure there are more in there...

Roqueja 11/23/2011 8:39:04 AM

I may be in the minority on this one, but I kinda liked the shift in Dale's character.  With everything that's going on around him, he has adopted a "take no crap" attitude by stepping up and letting the people who seem so smug with their "carefully hidden secrets" know that they are not as smart as they think they are.  It deflates their arrogance, and he is starting to enjoy doing that.  It comes across to me as "We are all in it knee deep so don't think that you are special or pulling the wool over anybody's eyes."  A reality check if you will.  The spot that they are in would harden anyone, and this seems to be the way that they are showing it for Dale.

I do agree that Rick got over his wife's infidelity without so much as a sideways glance a little hard to beleive.  Seemed a little too convieniant, as though the writers couldn't put the right words into his mouth. 

Glad to see the review up, had me worried for a day there.  Good review, even though we may be a bit at odds over Dale.

JonnyRotten 11/23/2011 8:42:24 AM

Wrong again Joe ... a grade of C I do not agree with, this was by far the best episode so far. Yes, Dales character was a bit odd this week and to approach Shane and Hershal  like that was stupid (esp Shane ... man that guy will kill you?). But otherwise great episode, Andrea's "transformation" was great, she is living up to her "comic book character".

Rick's reaction, not bad, what can he do, he seems to rationalise and move on, guess we'll see.  The Walker in the store, they've been in this store before, actually you may have a point Joe, Walkers don't just appear and don't open doors.  

I keep reading about how the show doesn't follow the comics, so I finally read a few of the graphic novels and come to the conclusion that in order to be PG the show had to be tamer. This comic series is messed up, lots more killing and a ton of sex, good reading but not television material.    



rogue188 11/23/2011 9:15:41 AM

I disagree with Asshead move three. That is very much a man characterization of getting pissed when someone bangs the girl you like. Perhaps a younger man move, but it is the zombie apocalapse after all, and hotties are hard to come by, especially for a middle-aged man who was married for decades. I will allow that reation and say it was spot on writing.

The rest I agree with. This Sophia storyline needs to end and get these folks back on the road. The comic did not keep them on the farm nearly this long, and it has become a long, drawn out ordeal. I am trying to look at this season much like the two last Harry Potter films (Deathly Hallows). The first set up all of the characterization and storyline, and the last film was all ass-kickery. My hope is I am correct.

millean 11/23/2011 9:23:12 AM

Hmmmm.  I see a lot of Joe's points, but this was one of my favorite episodes so far.  Dale did seem to be out of character the entire episode, but I was more disappointed in Glenn.  Did Dale use the Jedi mind trick to get him to so easily divuldge his secrets?  That was just too easy.  As far as Dale confronting everybody, it seemed to me like brand new writers started handling his character this week.  I'm all for him showing a bit more backbone, but he went way overboard.

As far as Sophia, good grief!  Does anyone care about her anymore?  I kind of hope she is in the barn.  Actually, after thinking about that a second, that would be pretty cool, but we know that ain't happening.

Maggie is coming off more and more as a crazy woman (though using the terms both crazy and woman may be a bit redundant, I suppose).

Andrea is finally starting to come around.  Though jumping Shane's bones like that was a bit crazy... but saying that she is a crazy woman may be a bit redundant, I suppose.  :)

Finally, I am hoping beyond hope that is all of the baby daddy drama we have between Lori, Rick & Shane.  Rick knowing about the affair does make him seem like he is more observant than we give him credit for.  However, I think we all know there will be a lot more to this story.


hanso 11/23/2011 9:36:09 AM

"thanks-for-hardening-my heart-and focusing-my-will-against-these-creatures hand job"  Lol.  Good stuff as always Joe.  

A bit of semi related news:

1.  AMC is going to rerun all the episodes of Mad Men every Sunday starting this Sunday.  They did something similar last year with Breaking Bad.  If you haven't seen Mad Man (excellent show) and are interested, this is your chance.  It's also on Netflix instant streaming.

2.  AMC is also doing a Walking Dead Season 2 marathon on Sunday.

That is all.  Joe and you all crazy Maniacs, have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Hanso out.

RedHood2010 11/23/2011 9:42:35 AM

I agree with the C.  My boys and I weren't too thrilled with this one.  I didn't care for the breaking of the chickens legs and it is sad THAT was the most horrific moment of this episode.

I agree will all THREE A$$head moves.  We don't the mental state of our hosts?  Hello, keeping walkers in a barn and to threaten a guy you believe would shoot his best friend without concern.  Shanes comeback was sweet and I would suspect made Dale piss himself when Shane walked away. lol

Sophia...sorry, unless someone else has saved her, she is done and we need to move on.  I love your line about a line-up Joe.  Classic.

RedHood2010 11/23/2011 9:44:14 AM

Oh of course, thanks Hanso.

Enjoy your Turkey day tomorrow gang!  And for those who don't celebrate and will be working, sorry.

jedibanner 11/23/2011 10:24:09 AM

See!!! Finally I'm not the only one seeing it...qho cares about Sophia right now...she's alive...she's dead....what is it, 9 episodes to search for a girl??? COME ON!!!!

As for the assheads moved, I view it as it's in his character of Dale to view and support the group's well being and he did what he knows Rick would support (in the comic, the relationship is developmed way more then in the TV show). Maybe that's what this was, maybe not done the best way but I view it as it was bold and good for him to approach (just because one person is the ''boss'' doesn't stop anyone else from being proactive, especially with the fact of having zombies in a barn and still ''hoping in jebus'' to save them).

It's the mid-season finale this weekend and i hope, hope we can all move on to better things because it's getting boring...really boring.

And this whole thing with the ''shtumping'' in the car, this has nothing to do with the comic so, not really liking it...SPOILERS: .....


Shane should die like he does in the book ASAP.

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