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axia777 11/24/2011 7:50:39 AM

Well, I guess I am glad I have never read the original comics because I am really enjoying the show.  If I did read them I might just be as pissed off as a lot of the posters here on this thread.  I will read them after the show is done.  Too bad the Walking Dead did not get the Game of Thrones treatment.

JoeArtistWriter 11/24/2011 8:52:17 AM

hanso, I see what you're getting at now. Yeah, my undersatnding of the "morning after" pill is the same as yours. Maybe Lori out of desperation took as many as she took thinking it might solve her pregnancy problem. The point was made moot after she threw them up seconds later though.

calhob, thanks for the knid words. I do get what the writers are trying to do with the Sophia story, I just think it hasn't had the effect they were hoping for. 6 weeks in audience time is a lot for nothing to happen. I'm obviously not alone in that thinking. And by the way, I do have a vague recollection of what Sophia looked like, but I wouldn't guarantee I'd spot her in a group of 12 seventh grade girls.

samson, I agree with your take on Rick's rationale, it just seemed that he got over it way too quick. I've suspected much lesser things and later learned they were true and didn't handle them that well. Maybe the world gone to hell gives Rick a much different perspective, but it stilll seemed like a shockingly brief amount of time to be cool with it. I do like your Merle/Sophia theory.

TheMovieGuy, I learned long ago to copy every response I post here. Not sure why, but sometimes this site eats posts. The way I understood the Dale chartacter is he should have had a plan. He's had plans in the past - plans he's kept to himself and were pretty clever. Like the fact he had that Winnebago up and running but pretended he was still working on it so the convoy wouldn't leave without Sophia. That's a wise old man, and that's what Dale is/was. He showed no tact or strategy confronting Hershel. That seemes out of character. His "plan" regarding Lori was hamfisted. Again, no tact, and that hasn't been him. He's been tactful in the past. The Shane move may have been the most forgivable because the heart is involved, but it was also his dumbest move strategically speaking. He's made a lethal enemy. Clearly the writers were setting that up, but I would have preferred them to keep Dale as a more clever, less reactionary character. We've never seen him like that before, and it rang as false to me. Thanks for your kind words too.

That said, I'm still loving this show. I may also wind up giving an A to a show half of you think is a C. That's all part of this forum. Looking forward to better shows in the future, and I'm hopeful that will happen.



JoeArtistWriter 11/24/2011 9:14:20 AM

HotDogs, I didn't miss that. It was clear there's a major confrontation coming. I just thought Dale didn't handle things the way they've represented Dale. Seemed way out of character to me.

scytheofluna, I do read the books and love them. It's true the books are better than the show, but the show has been excellent. Thiis last episode didn't work for me, but it was really the first one I was disapppointed in. Even when it's not great it's still better than 95% of what's on TV.

hfc7036, I feel like a broken record here but I love this show, just didn't love this episode. I agree with you the character development and dialogue has been great EXCEPT for this week's treatment of Dale. That seemed like a different human being to me, and a dumber one at that. I can't write my reasons agin, but they are spattered over previous comments. You say Dale's a dimwit. That's mu point. He isn't, and hasn't been in the previous 11 episodes. This week didn't feel like the moves Dale would make.

InnerSanctum, I only found out about the Darabount firing and the budget cuts after the first show of this season aired. I think both have shown. Not enoiugh to ruin the show, but enough to go from amazing to good. I love the comic but also love the fact that Shane's still around here - and may be forever. Daryll is a great character.

DaForce, I wonder who would have the balls as well as the financial freedom to try to get out of their contract. My guess might be Norman Reedus. Hope I'm wrong, but it's a chance. Though now that I'm thinking about it, the actors who play Dale, Andrea and Carol were in Darabount's movie, "The Mist," and might feel a loyalty to him. Maybe that's why the writers suddenly made Dale so reckless - they're setting him up for a kill. Just spitballing here.

JonnyRotten, I think I'll be proven right with that prophecy. I hope it's not Darryl either, but I understand the fact that you will forever hold a grudge my way. 

InnerSanctum 11/24/2011 9:14:39 AM

 I get your point about Dale, but we have to understand that Hershel has a barn full of flesh eating zombies.  A little debat on the subject would be warranted.  Respect a guy who is putting everyone's life at risk?  

All the secrets dumped on him and Glenn would obviously tear the group apart.  I think he was smart to confront both head on.  He cold have just gone to the group and said "Hey, that guy we like.  The one who saved Carl.  Well, he is a nut job who has a small herd of walkers just waiting to break out and eat all of us."  

As far as Lori, if that secret continued to be hidden from Rick...the group would be in some major trouble.  Who would lead them?  Unfortunately, he learned about it in a more dramatic fashion.  But, with the world gone to hell, his son almost dying, a young girl missing, almost being eaten a dozen times by walkers and everyone dumping the responsiblity on him...it makes sense to me that he would take something he already suspected in a rational manner.  I'm quite sure this is not the end of it.  

Third, it is obvious that Dale is very protective over Andrea.  I don't think in a romantic way, but in a very parental manner.  He was mad.  And, reacted like anyone who is being protective over someone he cared about.  I think he immediately sensed something was up between the two when they returned.  Plus, Andrea is unstable and Shane is obviously not the best role model for her right now.  The confrontation set something up.  Shane is losing it and his threat validate Dale's suspicions.  How he handles it from here...well, that should be interesting.  


JoeArtistWriter 11/24/2011 9:18:36 AM

axia777, last season I'd have said the show was just as good as the comics. This season I'd say the comics are great, the show is very good and can be great. I'm happy they don't stick to the books as gospel. I like the surprises they're throwing at me.

Great comments from everyone. Glad to see we're all passionate about this show. Again, for the record I love this show, just wasn't crazy about the last episode. I'm expecting big things from this Sunday's installment. Please keep the comments flowing and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all.

scytheofluna 11/24/2011 9:31:23 AM

The notion that the show should evolve on its own is ludicrous.  Is the show called The Walking Dead?  If they aren't going to adhere to the source material then WTF was the point in using any of the characters or situations from the book at all.  AMC conned me into watching this & then totally ruined it.  Had they created something original, rather than bastardizing the comics I'd have no expectations for them to fall short of.  Anybody who can say "forget the comics" needs to try retreading them.  They're superior in every way imaginable.  I can only hope that the hype for this malformed series dies off & someone who will take the material seriously can try again in a few years. (HBO maybe?). If Game of Thrones we're to "evolve on its own" seperate from the books, heads would roll.  The Walking Dead shouldn't be any different.  F*ck Darryl, & f*ck keeping Shane alive.  I'm not interested in "guessing".  I wanted to watch a faithful television adaptation of my favorite comic.  I don't want surprises any more than I do in the upcoming Hobbit adaptation, or Dune adaptation or anything else that's based on existing print material.  I'm glad you like the redneck & "dodged death Shane".  I don't.  These stupid writing decisions have ruined the show.


Attention film/TV industry: stop taking great properties & "adapting them"  by totally disregarding the source material.  Come up with your own damned ideas instead..

scytheofluna 11/24/2011 9:47:30 AM

 DaForce.  Rick went back to the original campsite because he's a good man & despite what Shane had done Rick couldn't leave him like that.


BRW, I think the statute of limitations has run out as far as spoilers for the first couple of years worth of comics go.  The series is almost 9 years old now.  Quit cheating yourself & read the books.

scytheofluna 11/24/2011 9:50:06 AM

 BTW... Really need to pull out the laptop & quit posting from iPod.

InnerSanctum 11/24/2011 10:10:45 AM

 Not to quibble, but they even made changes to the LORTR and I'm sure they will the Hobbit.  They are, after all, including a whole film linking the series that was not even a book.  

I loved the comic.  I really like this series.  As much as I liked the comic, it sometimes took liberties that can only work in that medium.  I want a character driven show and this is how you do it on TV.  

I'm sorry you hate Daryl, but he is, by far one of my favorites.  And, Shane being alive...has added a whole new dimension to the love triangle.  

Much like people complain about the superhero movies not being "loyal to the source material"...I could care less.  They pull scenes right out of the Walking Dead comic.  I just want to see a really good story featuring characters I really care about.  

I'd say, scytheofluna, we have to agree to disagree on this point.  I mean, no one makes us see these films, or watch these TV series.  We are talking comic books, not the Bible (or, whatever book is held in high reguard centering around one's religion.)  Even that has been adapted for film's sake.  

HotDogs 11/24/2011 11:27:54 AM

I think Shane will die next.  He has trained his successor.  She, Andrea or whatever her name is, can now hit moving targets and seems to have a new attitude like a 'little' Shane. 

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