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DougRed4 11/24/2011 11:50:15 AM

scytheofluna, I completely disagree.  Doing things for film/TV is different than the written/drawn medium.  Like InnerSanctum said, I just want to see great stories done with characters that we all love.  We hear this complaint from some every time movies like the X-Men come out, and I think people just need to realize that sometimes it's not an exact adaptation.

Gotta agree with the others, Joe.  It's awesome for you to come here and interact with us, especially when others disagree with you.  Everybody's entitled to their opinion, and your reviews are always enjoyable to read and well thought out, even when we don't agree.   :)

calhob 11/24/2011 4:46:09 PM

The fact that so much discussion and 'arguements' revolve around this show prove how good it is. 

I LOVE that it is on TV and not exactly like the comics, but still use themes and moments from the comics.

Can't wait for this Sunday night!

fatpantz 11/24/2011 7:03:32 PM

Joe, I don't think Rick is "over it" quite so easily.  i think it is boiling inside and going to bubble into an epic showdown between him and Shane.  I think he could see the logic behind Shane and Lori hooking up and for the sake of her, he acted cool....but he is still an alpha male and I think he is going to go crazy on Shane's ass.

I may not have agreed with Dale's first two decisions, but I saw nothing wrong with him turning into johnny super-jealous when he saw that Shane banged his fantasy girl.  As with Rick, he is still a man, and he tried to go crazy on Shane's ass in a sad, pathetic old man kind of way....unfortunately he is far from alpha and Shane just laughed at him.

I personally enjoyed the episode quite a bit, i have no problem with a zombie being in the store.  It may have not been the best episode of the series, but it was definitely far from the worst.

scytheofluna 11/25/2011 5:18:12 AM

 Innersanctum the changes to LOTR didn't affect the plot in any meaningful way.  Anyone who was supposed to die died.  The Hobbit bridge film idea was dropped, so that example doesn't wash either.  If Frodo had stopped along the way to mordor to train with warrior monks & they'd added in a scene at the end where the Hobbits battled Sauron in a big sword fight with wire fu, then we'd have a departure along the lines of the clusterfrak that is the Walking dead.

Who gives a sh!t about a love triangle?  What a cliche.  The real story with Rick, Carl & Shane would have been far more compelling.  Your defense of this show is that it's entertaining, & I'm not arguing that point necessarily, (if you don't really care about the source material) but given that it has almost no resemblance to the books it should be called something else.  Why bother trying to tie it to the comics at all if it's going to be this radical of a departure?  If Rick & Lori & Shane were Steve & Jenny & Ted I wouldn't care if Ted isn't twice dead yet because he wouldn't be Shane.  It wouldn't matter that hillbilly Darryl (don't need to change his name do I?) is eating up screen time.  Change Andrea's name & I'll stop expecting her to be amazing.  It might be entertaining, but it is not the Walking Dead.  I really don't know anybody who isprevious than a casual fan of the books who wouldn't have preferred to see this done correctly.


& sorry, but you are nuts if you don't want to see Michonne, Tyrese, the Governor, 


And you "could'NT" care less.  To say you "could care less" implies you care a little.  I'm pretty sure that wasn't what you meant.

scytheofluna 11/25/2011 5:48:11 AM


If I'm going to see characters that I "love", I'd like to see them portrayed in a way that is consistent with what I "loved" about them in the books.  As for the story, not one single thing they've done to the narrative has improved upon the books at all.  The resemblance is passing at best, and depending on the episode, is virtually non existent. 

Look, you guys are casual fans.  I'm not trying to insult you, but there's no way around it.  You may like the comic book series, but you're obviously not very invested in it or the characters or these changes would bother you.  Seeing Andrea not act like Andrea is irritating.  Overall the changes don't "keep me guessing", they completely pull me out of the experience and have me going "WTF, why in the world would they change that?!!!", and then I finish the episode annoyed and frustrated instead of pumped for next week.

Your example of the X Men movies proves my point in crystal clarity.  You're happy with a store brand version of the Walking Dead, and I wanted the real thing.  There's nothing wrong with being a casual fan, but don't pretend that you "love these characters", and then basically illustrate that you're fine with seeing them shortchanged and mishandled in this way.  You like Rick Grimes, you just don't care if any of the things that are supposed to happen to him actually do, as long as you're entertained.

You guys are looking for an entertaining zombie show, and this obviously delivers for you.  I on the other hand was looking for a faithful adaptation of one of the most compelling, story driven comic books in recent history.  This ain't it. 

You guys will probably enjoy World War Z when it comes out too.  It's going to have almost nothing to do with the book it's supposed to be based on either, but people will probably shoot zombies, so you're all set.

The bottom line is that if they'd changed a few scenarios around a little, changed the name of the show, and changed the characters names, you guys wouldn't like it any less, since obviously it's tertiary connection to a comic book series doesn't matter to you or have any effect on your enjoyment.  For many hardcore fans of the comics, it's a huge disappointment.  Hell, if they'd just called it something else, and used other names for the characters, I WOULD PROBABLY ENJOY IT MORE, because I wouldn't keep waiting for the awesome stuff from the books to happen.

Why bother ever adapting anything into a film if it's going to be handled this way?  Why not just come up with an original idea? (or in this case at least some original scenarios, since after all this entire genre has been riding on George Romero's wake for 40 years)

scytheofluna 11/25/2011 5:59:34 AM

And Doug, WHY is doing things for TV necessarily different from a written/drawn format? It doesn't have to be that way.

HBO is doing a fine job with Game of Thrones, and given that the content is far meatier and multilayered than what we're talking about here, that says something.  Obviously small ommisions are necessary here and there, as was the case with Jackson's Rings flms otherwise each episode (or movie in LOTRs) case would be five times as long.  Those kinds of changes, I can live with, but radical, uneccesary departures from the story are completely uncalled for. 

The "elseworlds" or "parallel universe" defense is a little more acceptable with films based on superhero comics since those have been around for decades and have seen dozens of interpretations and iterations, but this comic book series is practically a television script in terms of it's format to begin with.  I've got six of the seven harcover volumes and each of those volumes should have been a season of the show.  Each of those volumes is broken up into 12 issues.  Sounds just about perfect for a 12 episode season huh?  Hell, I wouldn't have minded an extra character or two thrown into the mix to add an extra zombie death or so ever week, so long as the characters I'm attached to were handled well.  They were not, and the extra characters are upstaging the people I'm invested in, instead of becoming zombie food.

The book is always better than the movie because the director of the movie is usually a complete putz or an arrogant asshat who thinks he can "improve" everything with his superior "creative vision".  That's what's happened here, and my favorite comic book series will have to wait to have it's due on screen.  Maybe after people finally tire of this, they'll crank out some big screen adaptations over a few years.  I can only hope.

Until then, enjoy what I will henceforth refer to as "The Pedestrian Deceased" (loosely based on some comic book the writers casually leafed through, during a production meeting ten minutes before filming)

Wiseguy 11/25/2011 7:04:52 AM

I like this show a lot. I agree with Joe to different degrees on his comments about Dale. I was already borderline on him but now I'm starting to dislike him a lot. He came across as a nosybody, jealous that Shane tapped that ass and perhaps a little too eager to show others how smart he is. He could and should have showed a little more understanding to Hershel's belief even if not genuine

And I hate how easily Rick accepted being made a cuckold. How long before he was reunited with wife and kid after the zombie breakout, a month? come on man, I'd expect my wife to grieve for me a little longer before banging my partner and best friend. Whore


Wiseguy 11/25/2011 7:07:32 AM

Let me add that although I like the show a lot I agree with scythe here. I never read nor do I intend on reading the source material but scythe's points are no different than those of of us who hate the X-Men films for straying so far from the source. Even if we enjoy some of the films they still leave a bit bitter so I understand him feeling the same about this.

Wiseguy 11/25/2011 7:09:03 AM

Oh yeah, a belated happy Thanksgiving to all.

scytheofluna 11/25/2011 7:24:05 AM

LOL... Wise, Ideally, you're right, but stress makes people do crazy things, and life and death situations can bring people together.  As far as she knew Rick was dead, and as far as Lori was concerned she and Carl would've been dead without Shane's help.  And even though we know Shane had feelings for her long before this, the affair to her just dulled the pain and trauma, and made her forget it all for ten minutes (or longer depending on Shane's manly prowess).  As for Rick's reaction to the whole thing, again, zombie apocalypse, he was probably just grateful that they were alive, and the inner turmoil over his buddy banging his old lady was best left on the back burner for now.

I've never been chased by zombies, or seen people eaten alive in front of me, or lost my spouse during an apocalypse, so it's hard for me to judge Lori too much, but under normal circumstances it'd be pretty messed up.  Hence the way this entire situation was handled in the comics being much more interesting...

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