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scytheofluna 11/25/2011 7:27:04 AM

And Wiseguy, if you like this show even a little bit, then at some point YOU HAVE TO READ THE BOOKS.  Wait a few years, since you're uninitiated, I don't want them to ruin the show for you the way they have for me, but they're friggin' incredible.  Best ongoing series I've read in years, hands down, and other than Max Brooks' World War Z, the best zombie material since Night of the Living Dead.

InnerSanctum 11/25/2011 9:52:42 AM

scytheofluna:  Do I want to see those characters you mentioned.  Sure, but not in the "over the top" comic book fashion.  Their characters work in the graphic medium, but I think they would be ridiculous when transferred to TV.  

I'm not throwing down "who is the bigger fan".  I loved the comics.  I truly like the show.  I can seperate the two and I don't need a "faithful" page by page adaptation.  They pull scenes straight from the books.  I like those moments.  And, those moments are enough.  It IS The Walking Dead to me.  

InnerSanctum 11/25/2011 10:13:59 AM

 scytheofluna:  There really is no reason to toss veiled insults because others disagree with you.  I get your passion.  I just don't feel it.  I'm a huge James Bond fan, but I can accept we will never get a "faithful" adaptation from Fleming's books.  I don't lose sleep over it.  I just enjoy what direction they have gone with the character.  Same with Sherlock Holmes, X-Men, Superman, insert your fave here, etc.  

You might have missed my post where I mentioned they fired Darabont (who also gave closure to The Mist film that wasn't included in the book...for good or bad.)  They also slashed the budget.  ~ COMIC SPOILER~  So, an epic story with the Governor, as presented in the comics, would, I'm afraid, come across cheesy (having him sliced, diced and resurrected was a silly moment in the books, IMO.)  I also didn't care for the way the prison story ended.  I gave my reason. 

BTW, I didn't know they tossed the bridging movie from the Hobbit to the LOTR.  Good.  

I'm sure many here would say they like The Walking Dead because it is character driven.  Not because they are shooting zombies in the head.  Otherwise, you would have post after post about "zombie kills" and not concerns about how Rick reacted to Lori's revelation.  

As far as World War Z...yes, I believe they will have to make some changes since they decided to go with a movie instead of a mini series.  But, I'm not writing it off just because it may only contain a few stories and not the entire chapter on economic/social reconstruction.  

All that said...I'm happy we are able to have a discussion about a series that people are obviously very passionate about.  With, or without "the zombie kill of the week".  Cheers. 

DaForce1 11/26/2011 12:00:15 AM

 Kirkman (who is Exec. Prod. on the show), Gale Anne Hurd, and Darabount have all said that Michonne and the Governor are going to be on the show. I've been a fan of the comic since year one, but (again) I love the change-up of a few items. All the key characters are still there. All the major stories from the books are still playing out on screen as they did in the books, with one exception being Shane's character. And Kirkman himself has said he wished he used Shane's character in the comic like he did in the show. Kirkman said it was a missed opportunity. 

And one character doesn't change an entire timeline (ala JJ Abrahm's version of Star Trek which just ignores ANY Trek history that came before it), it just moves some pieces around. Hell, a couple of extra characters doesn't change the timeline either. What happens in the book, will happen in the tv show. If you can't wait for it or tolerate it, why torture yourself by watching it every week? Every tv has an off button and a way to change the channel. Because like it or not, it's here to stay until the ratings go down...and that's not happening anytime soon.

jewellry 11/26/2011 3:23:25 AM

I just enjoy what direction they have gone with the character. Same with Sherlock Holmes, X-Men, Superman, insert your fave here, etc.

InnerSanctum 11/27/2011 2:39:28 PM

 Based on what I've read online about tonights episode, I think a few posters might be a bit upset.  It is what I guessed all along.  It also strays from the comic.  

InnerSanctum 11/27/2011 3:54:28 PM












Sophia will not be making the journey to the prison.  She is a zombie locked away in Hershel's barn.  

DougRed4 11/28/2011 9:43:19 AM

Well said, InnerSanctum!

And Scythe, one of those people that casually glanced at the books is Robert Kirkman, who is one of the main showrunners.  He was just on the Talking Dead hour long special last night and it is clear he - like many of us - is really enjoying taking some of the characters in a different direction from the book.  That doesn't make any of us (including him) any less of a fan, it just means we appreciate it in a different way.

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