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hfc7036 2/13/2013 3:25:55 PM

 I swear to the maker, someone will get strangled if Rick wakes up in that hospital from season one and it was all a dream.  I don't know if that's what it is, but it just occurred to me that that is where this whole mess started.  Think about it.  Rick dies on the surgery table, and over the course of a few seconds to revive him, he imagines himself as The Walking Dead.  I know...  What a horrible thought, right?  DAMN.  Now I'm scared.  lol.  Throw this out.  I know the producers can come up with something better than that.

millean 2/15/2013 11:18:29 AM

Just got a chance to watch this last night.  Not my favorite episode by any means, but I'm glad the show is back.

Glen is my favorite character in the show.  He has really evolved since the beginning.  I'd have him as my leader over Rick any day.  Glen would be the President, Rick the head of the military...  :)

And why does Maggie seem so mad at Glen?  I get that she was scared shirtless (that may be my favorite pun ever) while at Woodbury, and may not want to be all super cozy with any man at the moment.  However, Maggie ended up taking really only mental abuse, Glen got both the physical and mental third degree.  Seems to me that this would bring them closer together, instead of causing a rift.

(Don't get me wrong, not trying to downplay what Maggie went through, but Glen had it tougher in my opinion.)

scytheofluna 2/15/2013 1:24:35 PM

At this point, I've given up on getting what I want out of this show.  It's a fun ride, and it's moderately entertaining, but since none of the characters resemble their print counterparts in anything other than a tertiary fashion, I'm just trying to look at this as an alternate universe where nobody behaves as they should except Carl and Michonne.  Maybe if they hadn't given Darryl Dixon the show's entire charisma alotment, the characterizations would be more even.

The Governor is such a dud though.  The whole fake charm routine, is so lame.  None of the insanity or menace you get from him in the comics and novels is successfully carried over into the show.

Good episode.  Good show.  Still utterly inferior to the source material.

scytheofluna 2/15/2013 1:30:39 PM

I was happy to see Rick's phantom phone calls make the cut, and Maggie and Glen are solid as always.  I will never understood why the show's writers opted to take Andrea and change her from one of Rick's most trusted allies, and a sharp shooting goddess, and change her into the Governor's irritating lap dog.  Why? 

And seriously, how is the Governor walking around with no Fu Manchu mustache?  What's that about?

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