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  • TV Series: The Walking Dead
  • Episode: Trigger Finger
  • Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Norman Reedus,
  • Written By: David Johnson
  • Directed By: Bill Gierhart
  • Network: AMC
  • Series: Walking Dead

Walking Dead: Trigger Finger Review

Good, not Great

By Joe Oesterle     February 20, 2012


At the risk of receiving numerous comments telling me I’m an idiot, or words to that effect, I didn’t love this last effort by The Walking Dead team. Sure, there were some taut scenes, and nice acting as always, but aside from a handful of zombies and a gunfight, this episode felt a little more soap opera-y than I prefer. By the way, let’s keep in mind that I wrote I didn’t “love” it. Even with the flaws, there was still enough to like.
   What I didn’t like:
    I wasn’t too sure why Lori went out on her own (and at night and unarmed) last episode to bring back Rick, Glen and Hershel. Lori’s nagging may be an efficient weapon against her husband, but so far, walkers seem impervious to constant ball-busting haranguing. Looking back now. Lori’s decision to grab a car and race after Rick only really served to show that Shane is willing to lie to get what he wants – or protect what he believes is his. But regardless of Shane’s motives, a pregnant woman with a 9-year old son going running after her husband, an armed veteran police officer, and another armed partner (Glen) did not seem real to me, and the only reason to do it is to set up the plotline of Shane becoming more and more dangerously possessive. I am enjoying the potentially deadly and ever-widening rift between ex- besties, Rck and Shane, but I’d prefer if it’s all handled in a more believable manner.
   As tense and authentic as the gunfight between our heroes and the Philly gang was, I was once again taken out of the moment, when in the midst of Rick and Hershel’s arguing with each other, they both decided the best thing to do was to perform a leg amputation in the middle of the night, while surrounded by dozens of hungry zombies, and possibly another angry, gun-toting Flyers fan or two. I don’t know how long it takes to cut through bone with a knife and a hatchet (which was still in the car when the decision was made to carry out this midnight surgical procedure) but I know Hershel does, and if that amount of time is any longer than it takes to jump in a car and throw it in drive, it would have been the safer and humane thing to just put a slug in ol’ Randal’s skull and hope the boys from Philly don’t hold grudges. (Spoiler alert, I was born there, so I have a sneaking suspicion they just might enjoy having a bona fide reason to kill someone other than Eagles head coach Andy Reid.)
   Another thing I don’t like is Darryl has been pushed into the background for the last couple episodes, and that character is capable of single-handedly making a good show great. I enjoyed the rage he displayedagainst Carol, and will assume he feels (and justifiably so) that he and Sophia shared a common pain or two. Darryl clearly has issues with his upbringing, and as we’ve pointed out in this forum before, we’re not exactly positive what kind of abuse Sophia suffered at the hands of her late father, and it has been hinted at that it was possibly worse than beatings, but whatever it was, Carol, her mother, sat in silence and allowed it to happen. Darryl has taken the reveal of Sophia being just another walker in the barn particularly hard. First, he is enraged he put his own life on the line looking for her. Couple that with him feeling Carol had never done enough to protect her own child, and you have one justifiably pissed off, mommy-issued hillbilly.
   The Dale and Andrea relationship here in the television version is much different than the one they share in the comic book – and while their bond in the graphic novel never seemed far-fetched to me, this one, the one with Dale convoluting things, is just as valid – if not more so.
   As Lori whispered into Rick’s ear, like some Shakespearian queen, about upcoming battles with a former trusted ally, Rick would be wise to heed her advice. If Shane is incapable of luring Lori back to his bed, he will become hell-bent on proving he’s the only alpha dog worth listening to, and his bark is just as bad as his bite. Shane scared Lori during their little talk-to-talk. He’s now aware that Rick has knowledge of their affair, and Rick, to his credit, has so far handled whatever feelings of betrayal or infidelity he may be carrying. The problem is Rick has likely been cracking ever since he shot what used to be Sophia point black in the face and realized it was his actions once again that placed his family and his group in danger once again.
   My suspicions are much of this episode was so much fodder for upcoming great episodes that I’m willing to forgive and forget. The inevitable Rick vs Shane showdown has been on slow boil for a while now, and it appears that pot is about to bubble over very soon.
   I sincerely trust there are more great stories coming down the road in the second half of Season Two, and while I felt this episode may have set some interesting things in motion, I just didn’t think this episode was a winner on its own. Now I can look forward to the name-calling in the boxes below. See you there.
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Hobbs 2/20/2012 8:43:00 AM

What is the point of T-dog other than being the token black guy?  Is he this useless in the comics as well?  Make the guy a doctor, a mechanic, have him know botany, anything! 

Wiseguy 2/20/2012 8:53:28 AM

I think your points about Darryl are on point but I think what makes him madder than everything is that the whole search made him care and develop feelings and ain't nothing a man fears more than being vulnerable because of that.

I like the way Rick is growing after shooting Sophia. He didn't have second thoughts on last week shootings. I think season 1 Rick would still be trying to talk it out.

I hate Lori, I understand her motivation but damn it if Shane hasn't saved her and her son and kept them safe for the longest. She just may as well have told Rick that he needs to kill Shane and although we all see it may be going down that road I can't help but feel she's a bit of an ingrate. Her son would for sure be dead and maybe her too if not for Shane

Dale is just a little bitch in my eyes.

Btw nice to have you back Joe

JoeArtistWriter 2/20/2012 8:54:37 AM

Good point, Hobbs. Many people, including myself, have brought that point up, and to be honest, I 've completely forgotten about him now. He's basically wallpaper at this stage.

JoeArtistWriter 2/20/2012 8:56:08 AM

Excellent points Wise. You're right, Rick has turned a corner, and yes, Lori absolutely tried the jedi mind trick on Rick. Great to be back.


JoeArtistWriter 2/20/2012 8:57:21 AM

Wise, also loved your added insight into Darryl. He doesn't like feeling vulnerable, and he now resents Carol for that as well as the reasons I listed.

professor00 2/20/2012 9:08:03 AM

 @Hobbs. T-Dog was created for the T.V. show. He has never existed in the comics. There are far better African-American characters in the book that do not serve as "token". T-Dog is pretty useless. I just don't understand why they don't use a better character from the books.

professor00 2/20/2012 9:10:19 AM

 Oh. and I absolutely hate what they've done to Dale and the whole Dale/Andrea thing. The book version is much better. Don't get me wrong: the actor is great, the T.V. version of Dale...not so much.

millean 2/20/2012 10:13:19 AM

I don't know, I kind of like Dale.  He appears to be the only one who realizes what is going on and not afraid to call it like it is.  (Everyone else is keeping their mouth shut to not cause a confrontation, but that will only make things worse in the end.)

Also, if and when Andrea realizes what a loose cannon Shane really is, she'll have to admit that Dale was right, and I could see that as a big step in their bonding process.

Shane has made some tough decisions for the betterment of himself, not necessarily the group (though both have been mutually beneficial to thus point.)  However, I think he wants Rick out of the way and that is about to come to a head.  Seems to me like he is trying to establish his own dictatorship...

Lori should never have left, but I don't blame her for talking to Rick about Shane.  Shane did protect them while Rick was in the hospital (and presumed dead), but Rick does have at least a 10 year pre-apolycptic marriage with a son to factor in.  The biggest issue I have with Lori is that she should just try and express her concerns, and quit trying to be manipulative.

Good thing Maggie is hot, because she is starting to be a bit of a burden to both Glen and Hershel.

What's the over/under on when Darryl and Carol start to get it on?  I say 3 episodes.  :)

Overall, the show was OK.  Seen better, seen worse.

jedibanner 2/20/2012 1:02:36 PM

Oh man, I loved, loved this episode. Actions, zombies, sure Glen became a whiny bi!@# but still, really liked this episodes.

And for once, the drama reflected the action that happened, the story was more consistant and cohesive to all the characters.

Really liked this one...Even though the story doesn't reflect the comics, this episode for me was one of the best in all of season 2.

I always imagine someone being the agent of the actor who is playing T-Dog:

- Hey it's me, your agent

- yes?

- I got this part for you for a really cool new tv series

- Really? that's awsome man I really can't...

- Wait, there is a catch..

- What is it?

- You just stand there...in the back scene...you may speak a few words but...for the first 2 seasons...you are just there doing nothing...

- Oh....ok....why me?

- Well...you are black so....


That's just my interpretation as a joke to show how non-important this character has become. Kind of sad when it would've been so easy to use the comic characters....almost as if they didn't want Tyrese to be such a strong character on TV.

JoeArtistWriter 2/20/2012 1:31:30 PM

professor, I don't mind the Andrea/Dale relationship at all. Makes sense to me that Andra would be attracted to a virile strong man than a balding old guy in a Winnebago. Also makes sense that Dale would want Andrea.

millean, I was sensing some kind of heat between Carol and Daryl too, but I don't think it'll happen. I'll take the over.

jedi, I don't think there's any reason we won't see Tyrese in the future, but yeah, they have really invented a noncharacter in TDog for whatever reason.

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