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Waltz to Hunt GREEN HORNET


By Rob M. Worley     September 15, 2009
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Comics2Film: Chrisoph Waltz in GREEN HORNET
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'Basterds' villain Christoph Waltz to hunt 'Green Hornet'. Plus: Mendes gives update on 'Preacher' feature. 'Solomon Kane' photo, review and trailer. 'Transformers 3' talk and more! Raising its shot glass to the big 'Road House' in the sky, it's your Comics2Film 9.9.15!



SUPERMAN/BATMAN Sweeps on Facebook

Warner Premiere is inviting fans to link up with the Facebook app for 'Superman/Batman: Public Enemies'. Fans can collect virtual cards and enter to win prizes in a sweepstakes.

Some details:

  • The first time you enter, you will receive one sweepstakes entry and three randomly selected Virtual Collector Cards.
  • Each day get additional entries and cards by finding entry codes on the Superman/Batman Public Enemies website, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace fan pages.
  • Enter them into the application, and when you complete a full row, you will gain access to exclusive content, such as videos, wallpapers, and a chance to win a Playstation 3, 40' HDTV, the movie on Blu-ray, the graphic novel, two DC Direct Maquettes, and much more!
  • Invite your friends to participate and trade cards with them too




Bay, Spielberg and Kruger to hold TRANSFORMERS 3 Confab

MichaelBay.com reports that Michael Bay "will be meeting later this week with Steven Spielberg, and Ehren Kruger to discuss ideas for 'Transformers 3'. By the end of the week he should have an idea if Transformers 3 will hit your local cineplex in the summer of 2011 or 2012."

Thanks to Matador for the submission.



Fassbender talks JONAH HEX Villain

Actor Michael Fassbender (who played the Brit actor-turned-spy in 'Inglorious Basterds') recently chatted with MTV Splash Page about his role in the upcoming 'Jonah Hex' movie.

The actor said he was attracted to the part because of the chance to work with Josh Brolin and John Malkovich, although he's never read an issue of the comics on which the movie is based. Instead he found inspiration from a version of another comic character.

"I don’t even know [if my character was in the comics]; Jimmy said that there was a character like that in there," Fassbender told MTV. "I took my inspirations from other areas. Once I put on my costume, I have a bowler hat and [added] some elements of 1970's Riddler."

He confirmed that he's referring to Frank Gorshin's indelible performance from the 1960s-era 'Batman' TV show.

"[Director Jimmy Hayward] just let me run with all those elements, and hopefully the character has enough dimensions in him. I know he’s a pretty sadistic character. He’s the kind of guy where this environment just suits him perfectly. It’s a wild west, and he gets to run amok,” Fassbender said.



Did Bay diss Megan Fox Himself?

If you read yesterday's C2F report you know that a rather nasty screed against actress Megan Fox appeared briefly on 'Transformers' director Michael Bay's website. The letter, attributed to three anonymous crew members who worked on both movies, was later removed from the site and replaced with a retraction from Bay himself, saying he doesn't condone such things.

Well, New York Magazine has taken a look at the situation and speculates that Bay wrote the screed himself. There are some good arguments to support that theory.

MichaelBay.com appears to be mostly a two-person show, with webmaster Nelson doing most of the heavy lifting and Bay himself chiming in on occasion. So it seems unlikely that such a vicious letter could be posted without Bay's knowledge. It also seems unlikely that Nelson would fail to recognize the viciousness of the attack letter and then post it without checking with the boss first.

The magazine points out that the language of the letter seems similar to the language used in other examples of Bay's writing. However, they can only underscore one specific point of similarity, that being the use of the phrase "'A' game", which is apparently a favorite of the director.

New York Mag's assessment is hardly conclusive, but entirely within the realm of possibility.

What do you think, Maniacs? Was Bay stung enough by Fox's comments that he wrote a hit piece himself? Or do you believe in the three amigos? Post your comments below...

Julian Sands to play Jor-El in SMALLVILLE Season

Over at EW.com, Michael Ausiello reports that actor Julian Sands will play Jor-El on this season of 'Smallville'.

Apparently it will be revealed that a young version of Clark's Kryptonian father arrived on Earth with Zod in a November episode called "Kandor".

Terrence Stamp previously played Jor-El, who only appeared as a disembodied voice to our young Clark.

'Smallville' season 9 debuts in two weeks.



Sam Mendes updates on PREACHER

Empire Online talked to director Sam Mendes about the planned adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's comic series 'Preacher'.

"It's getting closer," Mendes told the magazine. "I've seen a script and it's very good. We're a little further down the road than when I last spoke to you."

Mendes, who previously adapted the graphic novel 'Road to Perdition' into a feature film, says he loves the medium and adds that, "'Preacher' is absolutely brilliant. I certainly feel it's a movie.

"It's funny, it's violent as hell, it's extremely blasphemous and profane, but it has an amazingly skilful tone," the director continued. "I met Garth Ennis and I'm just a huge fan of it."

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



James Purefoy as SOLOMON KANE


Buzz is building for the pulp fantasy film 'Solomon Kane' as it unspools for audiences in Toronto this week.

The film enjoys its World Premiere tomorrow night as part of the Toronto International Film Festival's Midnight Madness line-up. If you're in town for the festival, head over to the Ryerson Theater for a look (and then send us your impressions of the film).

Davis Films have provided a new photo of James Purefoy as Robert E. Howard's title character.

Meanwhile, FearNET got an early look at the film and posts a mostly positive review stating, "'Solomon Kane' is a well-shot, competently realized, and surprisingly entertaining mash-up of 16th century 'wizards and warriors' and devil-may-care monster mayhem."

They've also posted a good quality, English language version of the trailer that's been making the rounds.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



LUCKY LUKE Clips And More

Fans can check out a myriad of trailers from the French-language comic adaptation 'Lucky Luke' on the movie's official website and on YouTube.

Each trailer focuses on characters from the film, like Calamity Jane and Billy the Kid. The asks us to consider the question, what would Lucky Luke be without his faithful horse, Jolly Jumper...

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Christoph Waltz is GREEN HORNET Baddie

Actor Christoph Waltz, who is currently burning up the big screen as the sinister Nazi villain of 'Inglorious Basterds', has been tapped to star as Mr. X in 'The Green Hornet', according to Variety.

The trade report saysWaltz will play Chudnofsky, a Los Angeles crime boss who tries to unite the city's various gangs in order to form a supermafia.

Nicolas Cage had previously been announced in the role, which was referred to as "Mr. X".

The film is currently lensing at locations in Los Angeles with actors Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Cameron Diaz and director Michel Gondry. Rogen and collaborator Evan Goldberg wrote the script.

'Green Hornet' is due in theaters December 17th.

What do you think, Maniacs? Waltz was pretty terrific in Basterds. Does this make you feel any better about Green Hornet? Post your comments below...


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Wiseguy 9/15/2009 7:51:24 AM

Just make sure to write Fox out of Transformers 3. Just have a passing mention of how after the bike shop fired her she became a prostitute and got addicted to heroin and is now dying of AIDS. Then have Megatron step on her and put her out of her misery. I'd pay just for that alone, double

Everybody uses the phrase A game. That don't mean shit. Anyway, if Bay wrote it he wouldn't need to hide from it, he has more clout than Fox anyway. Hate him or not his resume is impressive

hanso 9/15/2009 7:54:33 AM

The Green Hornet will be awesome or it will be Shirley Manson.  There will be no in between.

pilgram 9/15/2009 8:10:07 AM

I cannot wait to catch Kane. Looks Great. Good for Bay if he did post the open letter. She acts like a brat and I'm tired of it. Jesse Jane is a better actress.

Wiseguy 9/15/2009 8:32:06 AM

WTF is going on with Solomon Kane? No American distributor yet? I want to see it in a theater not dvd

The Green Hornet will be several rungs below Shirley Manson. We know Rogen and Diaz suck, we know they have bad stunt drivers. I don't understand the optimism behind Gondry directing, he hasn't made anything that really impressed me. Eternal Sunshine was ok at best and Be Kind Rewind was only mildly amusing. Yeah, this is going to be shit

I thought Preacher was being developed for HBO. I wish they'd make up their mind.

Fassbender, lol. He would've had a rough time in school in the States. Is it something wrong with saying that you're doing a movie because you need a paycheck and money to live and pay bills. It's always I wanted to work with such and such, bullshit. Brolin and Malkovich are fine actors but they're not "legendary, have to work with them any chance I get" caliber, IMO

Darkknight2280 9/15/2009 9:21:51 AM

Come on guys Green Hornet could be really FUN! :)

Waltz was awesoem in 'Basterds' Maybe he cane save the collective asses of this movie.. but prolly not.

silversurfer 9/15/2009 9:25:27 AM

I think the whole thing could've been Bay...it would seem appropriate to make a little buzz about it, although negative, it's still a bit of a buzz...and people will talk about it, and when the movie comes out, there'll be a bigger attraction to it....which could mean that the 3rd installment will blow harder than this one did...look at what happned with SM and Kirsten Dunst...it worked.

Wiseguy, I do like where your head is though...if she didn't make it through the 3rd installment, I don't think it would be a bad thing....people may cheer and they may sell even more tickets...just so people could see it....

Preacher is going to fail because we've been waiting too long for it to get developed...and you have to be honest: Marvel is a part of Disney....who's a character in their universe that could mirror Preacher? As good as Preacher is, if The Mouse can develop one and produces a version quicker...then it's going to kill this one....

Green Hornet....simply not interested. The only thing Green that matters now is Green Lantern....and hopefully they don't screw that one up.....

Matador 9/15/2009 10:39:56 AM

Well don't care much for Fox's new movie I didn't realize she was in the Unborn when I watched it she looked like any other chick with issues. But I will Google the nude scene that she will show her tata's.

Still I'm all for her getting stepped on in T3 but preferably by Grimlock.

Well the only dude in the same area speaking as fucked up as Preacher would be Punisher but after Warzone I don't think they would give it another go. I did like Warzone myself but not to many did.

Green Hornet we all know it can't be taken seriously so I'm expecting it to be like Pinapple Express hilarious.

Green Lantern I can already see a huge room for error. They can't even get Superman right what makes them think they can get GL great. How long did they take to make a good Batman film years and we got shark spray repellent to prove it.

Marvel one shot one kill Ironman nuff said but all came down to the director and he wanted it badly to make it work too.  So in the meantime DC eat it and bathe in the Marvel flow glow.


hanso 9/15/2009 11:10:35 AM

Batman 1966 don't count cause that was based the TV show.  First time they went after Batman they got it right with Burton's Batman.  Don't hate on the film cause Nolan's films are better, Batman 1989 was awesome and still holds up 20 years later.

They also got Superman pretty much the first time they did it with Reeves.


krathwardroid 9/15/2009 11:17:30 AM

Wait a second. Didn't Tom Welling already play a younger version of Jor-El visiting Earth in a flashback episode of Smallville? And he didn't even use a British accent. Now they finally want to cast a British actor as a younger Jor-El? What made them finally realize that this was a good idea? 

Matador 9/15/2009 12:06:07 PM

Hanso - oops you got me! Yeah I I pledge a moment of insanity there. You are 100% correct Hanso I still do love Batman 1 & 2 from Burton and Superman 1 & 2 Directors Cut  form Donner. And your right they did get those movies from 1st times a charm. I was just being a big hater on D.C for all the bad dicisions they've been making.  And I'm not afraid to get called out on my own Bullshit so there so there my conscience is right in the world.

Krathwardroid - they probably have more money to squander on an actor to play that role unlike before play with waht you have. But your right; don't make no sense.

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