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What We Want

What games deserve to be reincarnated?

By Troy Roberts and James Stevenson     October 10, 2003

Hey fellow gamers and welcome to another weekly edition of Gamers' Thumb. This week, Troy and James will give their opinions on game sequels basically, popular games that haven't had a sequel in some time and are very deserving of one (or maybe a third or fourth).

"A couple of games that immediately come to my mind are the WING COMMANDER and DIABLO. WING COMMANDER, developed by the EA Studio, Origin, was released way back in the early 90s to a roaring success, resulting in multiple sequels. Around the release of WING COMMANDER III, the game had taken more of a movie approach and was one of the first games to offer great looking FMV throughout the game. WING COMMANDER PROPHECY (or WING COMMANDER V) varied from the approach of III and IV and concentrated more on gameplay than FMV sequences. But that was really the last we heard from the series, other than the recent release of PROPHECY for the Game Boy Advance. And DIABLO is just begging for another sequel, and so are its fans. DIABLO was one of the most addictive games I had ever played at its release, and DIABLO II was almost as good. But with the recent resignations of major players at Blizzard, will DIABLO III ever see the light of day? I certainly hope so." Troy

"I suppose that there are a few games/series I would really like to see sequels to. I guess the first and foremost would be the TECMO SUPER BOWL series. I fondly remember being younger, and trying to play an entire season over a Thanksgiving weekend with my uncles. Bo Jackson was just unstoppable. I would love to see an update to the game - cel shade it, put it from the side view, no more than 8-10 plays. Track every known statistic possible (from amount of shoes gone through, to grass stains, to whatever else they can think of). I really would dig the chance to get a football game that only takes 20 minutes to play and is still a lot of fun - while somewhat realistic. Maybe a Game Boy Advance version? Are you listening Tecmo? If there was one other set of games I really enjoyed back on the NES, it would be G.I. JOE. The original games (I believe there was more than one) had multiple characters to choose from and was a lot of fun. I doubt we'll ever see a game that will give us a chance to play as Snake Eyes, but I can dream." James


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JAK II for the Playstation 2 is our game of the week. For more information on that game, check out James' review. Other notable games coming out this week include KIRBY AIR RIDE for the GameCube, MTV'S CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH for the Xbox, Playstation 2 and PC, and MAX PAYNE 2 for the PC.

Gamers' Thumb is our weekly Video Game column.

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