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We Want You!

The top ten licenses we want to see as action figures, now!

By Carlos Mejia     January 29, 2007

Adult Swim
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From comic books, cartoons, TV shows, films, and rock stars—nearly everything has been made into an action figure. But what about the licenses that have yet been given their justice and made into an action figure? This at week, we take a look at the top ten licenses (TV show, movie, rock star, comic book, etc) that should be made into action figures, whether it be a full line, one figure, or even just a bust or statue. If you don’t approve of the list below, then sound off and tell us what you’re dying to see join your collection. 

10. Adult Swim

Before Palisades toys went under, we were given a small taste of Adult Swim action figures. They gave us two packs, a mega Meatwad, and a few exclusives, but we want more! Imagine if the Adult Swim license could be fleshed out where toy lines were devoted entirely to individual shows? A Robot Chicken toy launch, Venture Brothers, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Boondocks, the list could go on and on and each line would be unique and as colorful as the series. 

Conan Still

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan the Barbarian

This is no way a slap in the face to McFarlane’s Conan toy line from a few years ago. They were great looking figures, but when you think of Conan, you’re probably more inclined to think of big Arnold wielding his sword in Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer. Those two films (mostly the first one) took the Conan character into pop culture and there’s no denying that the films created a strong following in the character. Part of me wants to see Arnold as Cimmerian as an action figure, but the other part hopes for a Grace Jones figure from Destroyer get made as well. 

8. John Carpenter’s They Live

Out of all of the classic films from John Carpenter, this is the only one yet to be made into action figures. This film is a cult classic and if you haven’t seen it, I advised that you do! Roddy Piper stars in this film along with Keith David and action figures of both of these stars would be ideal. Action figures of the aliens would be a must and they could come with OBEY billboards as an accessory. Piper and David could come in battle-damaged variants and sunglasses, along with variant alien figures that come in fully black and white. A man can dream can’t he? 

Pulp Fiction Movie Still

7. Pulp Fiction

Already two of Quentin Tarantino’s films have been made into toys. NECA gave fans two Kill Bill series, and Sideshow Collectibles and Mezco have gotten their hands dirty with Reservoir Dogs but where is the love for Pulp Fiction? NECA did give fans a tease with the three-inch Pulp Fiction Geoms figures, but I’m not a mini figure man, and I would like my Jules and Vince to be at least 7-inches tall with great sculpting and detail. The great thing about a possible Pulp Fiction toy line is that there are about a dozen main characters in the film, meaning that the series could last for at least 3 waves. 

6. Aerosmith & The Rolling Stones

I way I see it Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, Freddy Mercury from Queen, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS, The Notorious B.I.G, Public Enemy and Run DMC have all had a major impact on the music industry and have all been made into action figures. Even current acts like My Chemical Romance, Gwen Stefani, The Gorillaz and Green Day have had action figures made. Then why hasn’t anyone given two of rock n’ rolls greatest bands that same justice? The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith have been making music since before I was born and their history speaks for itself. I’m just waiting to see them both become immortalized in the toy world. 

Back to the Future Movie Still

5. Back to the Future

I may get some harsh words for putting BTTF so high up on the list, but so be it. There is no denying the popularity of the trilogy. I can easily see NECA making a BTTF series much like how they did V For Vendetta. Now there have been a few die cast replicas for the car, but I’m not talking about the car. I can easily see a Dr. Emit Brown and Marty McFly figures on my shelf along with the rest of my movie figures. Also die hard fans of BTTF have been clamoring for figures for years. If the BTTF license would ever get picked up there’s possibilities for a few waves including the various Biffs in the film and so on. I don’t care what anyone says, Back to the Future should be made into action figures! 

4. Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin

I always found it odd that with the unlimited amounts of Batman action figures that DC Direct gives us, that there has never been an action figure of Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin. There must be some legal reason why it’s never happened, but despite it’s campy nature the show is memorable and we will always think of West and Ward as the original Batman and Robin. If they ever made it as action figures, it would be great to see the villains make it as well (a Burgess Meredith as the Penguin? Hell yes please!) There may be some light at the end of the tunnel for this story, as DCD will release a 13-inch Linda Carter as Wonder Woman statue, so maybe that’s a sign of things to come. 

Superman Movie Still

3. Superman The Movie / Superman II

This is in the same vein of the Adam West and Burt Ward situation. With so many Superman figures already made, including a Brandon Routh figure as Superman and a Tom Welling as Clark Kent from Smallville action figure, just where in the world is the Christopher Reeve as Superman action figure? Not only would a Chris Reeve Superman figure would be great, but also there’s not a single Superman fan out there that would not want a General Zod action figure. Terrance Stamp made the Zod character the coolest bad guy ever before bad guys were meant to be cool. It’s actually very surprising to me that there are no action figures based on any of the original Superman films, it just feels like this should have happened already. 

2. Indiana Jones

The whip, the hat, the jacket, this may be the Holy Grail for toy collectors. When Raiders of the Lost Ark was released in 1981, Kenner released a toy line that was 10 characters deep and even had a few play sets, but the figures were mediocre at best! They lacked detail and quite frankly they lacked quality. Then in 1999 Toys McCoy a Japanese toy company produced one of the greatest 12-inch action figures that no one has ever seen. They made a 12-inch doll of Indy that is harder to find than the Ark of the Covenant itself because only 3,000 copies were made. The doll is amazing, but if you want to own this rare figure now, you’ll have to cough up hundreds of dollars to own it. So everything that’s action figure related for Indy is either hard to find, or probably in a museum somewhere (sorry for the obvious pun), but how hard would it be to make an Indiana Jones action figure? Whether it’d be your basic 7-inch figure, or a 12-inch figure—as long as it is mass-produced it would a tremendous seller. The beauty of the Indiana Jones character is that other characters would not be in high demand. Sure a Short Round figure would be cute, but all we really want is Dr. Jones in the flesh…err, plastic. Also with the prospects of a new film being released, it would be a great time for someone, I don’t care who, to get their hands on this license and make us an Indy figure.  


1. Watchmen

One of the greatest comic books of all time does not have an action figure line and it’s a crying shame. In 2000 DC Direct showed the world prototypes of Watchmen action figures and after that nothing was ever released. Since then, there have been many reasons to why the figures were pulled, but DC has said publicly that they will not make the figures without Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons participating. Whatever the hell the reason is to why there are no Watchmen figures it puzzles me more than anything else on this list to why nothing has been done to make these figures for sale. We’ve seen the prototypes and clearly there’s a demand for these figures. There’s enough material to pull from to make multiple waves, including Rorschach in his various masks, even “Tales of the Black Freighter” figures would be fun. I’m not going to hold my breath for these figures to be released, but I feel that fans of Watchmen wouldn’t mind grabbing a hold of a few figures from the comic book.


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