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Is WANTED the comic wanted by Universal?

Rumors surface about studio deal

By Patrick Sauriol     March 01, 2004
Source: Newsarama, The Times Online

First reported by The Times Online and then picked up by Newsarama is the report that Mark Millar's comic book mini-series WANTED is close to being acquired by Universal Pictures, with rap star Eminem (a.k.a. Marshall Mathers) supposedly interested in playing the lead.

Whether it was intentionally planned or not, WANTED's protagnonist was drawn by artist J.G. Jones to look suspiciously like Eminem.

Millar, writer of Marvel Comics' THE ULIMATES, was quoted by the Times as saying "I'm really excited about the possibility of Marshall playing the lead role, and Universal have already been in talks with his people, and also lined up one of the top five producers in Hollywood."

WANTED follows the realization of Wesley Gibson, a young man who is stuck in a dead end job and knows his best friend is sleeping with his girlfriend. Then one day a mysterious woman that calls herself The Fox shows up and tells Wesley that he is really the son of the world's greatest supervillain, The Killer. In the wake of the assassination of The Killer, Wesley has inherited his father's money, title and reputation and is now being brought into the secret world of supervillains.

The first two issues of WANTED have been hot sellers and are sold out in most comic stores. Millar also told the Times that the movie's producers may talk with Beyonce Knowles about playing The Fox. The writer also suggested Tommy Lee Jones as Wesley's supervillain dad.

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