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WAR OF THE WORLDS delayed by Sept. 11

Pendragon Pictures delays Wells remake

By Christopher Allan Smith     February 20, 2002

Something to expect in the upcoming CHROME
© Pendragon Pictures

In a press release talking about the production of its upcoming science fiction film CHROME, Pendragon Pictures fleshed out some of the reasons why it is delaying the remake of H.G. Well's WAR OF THE WORLDS. The studio has decided to do CHROME, the tale of robot slaves in the year 2131 instead.

"It was a difficult transition from the WAR OF THE WORLDS project," said CHROME director Timothy Hines in the release. "When the tragedy of September 11th occurred, we had little time to rebound. I felt from the beginning that we were going into CHROME spread too thin. And I didn't want to do a picture like that. So twice we extended the pre-production time by several weeks until I was satisfied that we were doing this picture right."

"September 11th destroyed any possibility of an updated version of WAR OF THE WORLDS," said Hines, who was to direct WORLDS as well. "At first, I felt we shouldn't do it at all. Then I realized that would be giving in, letting the terrorists win. So we went back to the source. I'm very happy that we are going in this direction with WAR OF THE WORLDS and we have nothing but support from the world."

As of now, the studio plans on releasing WORLDS, set in the original time period of Wells' book, in 2005. CHROME will hit screens in 2003.

Here's the first art released for CHROME.


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