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By Sue Schneider     July 01, 2005

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes pose on arrivals at the premiere of War of the Worlds copyright Sue Schneider
© 2005 Sue Schneide
Monday, June 27th Paramount Pictures held a fan screening for WAR OF THE WORLDS at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. This is what Tom Cruise wanted for his fans. The big premiere was held in New York with all the stars.

Tom arrived around 6:00 p.m. on a motorcycle with his love Katie Holmes. As the fans screamed Tom rode once down the carpet and then circled around the fans that were barricaded in the middle of the closed Hollywood Boulevard to the fans that lined the street on the other side and then continued back at a slower speed back down the red carpet so that this time the photographers could get a shot. Stopping every few feet. Stopping in front of where I was they got off the bike and kissed and then walked to the front of the photographer line and posed and kissed again. Then Tom and Katie walked over to the fans on the opposite side of the street to sign autographs and pose until they finally got to the fans that were in the middle of street. After waiting almost an hour and a half for Tom and Katie to come back...they finally did.

Love was in the air and that they definitely are. Strolling down the carpet arm in arm, never letting go of each other.

While waiting for Tom to come back some of the other guests arrived: Gene Barry and Ann Robinson, who were the stars of the l953 film THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, Anthony Hopkins and his family, Adrien Brody, Virginia Madsen with her son and Antonio Sabato Jr., Michael Clark Duncan, David Hasselhoff, Ice Cube, Will Smith, Sherry Lansing (former Paramount head honcho) with her husband director William Friedkin , Erika Christensen and others.

But really this was about the fans as Tom got up on a stage and thanked everyone for their support and hoped everyone would enjoy the film

WAR OF THE WORLDS was released worldwide on June 29th and already is a big success at the box-office.


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