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Warburton Talks Tick

By Rob M. Worley     December 20, 2001

PrevueMagazine recently sat down with the big, blue bug of justice himself,Patrick Warburton better know to fans of fine TV shows as The Tick.

Warburtoncontinues to express enjoyment about bringing Ben Edlund's comic book characterto life. "It's really fun. It's so full of possibilities. It can go somany places," Warburton said. "I love doing the show, it's veryclever, so full of double entendres."

As one mightimaging, having one's entire body covered in latex for an entire workday isfairly difficult. "It can be pretty demanding physically. It sucks yourenergy," the actor told Prevue. "I have to drink a lot of vodkabasically, (laughing) actually H2O or Gatorade because it's a long day ofsweating. It's kind of hard to sit in that thing and pick up a newspaper andread, because the suit is very restrictive."

Warburton alsosaid he enjoys the interaction with his co-stars. "We definitely goof oneach other a lot. Liz Vassey, who plays Captain Liberty, and David are reallygood friends. They're very close and they like to sing with each other a lot.They love to sing show tunes," Warburton explained. "Nestor and I liketo get on Liz's case and tell her that we're really concerned that she'sturning our friend gay. That's some of the silliness that goes on."

Warburton seesbig things in store for viewer, should The Tick catch on. "Iknow we've only scratched the surface with these nine episodes. You give us100 episodes and I can guarantee you we will give you the most truly creativeshow ever, because we have no boundaries," he said. "We just startedrealizing, after episode seven or eight, all the ideas that come to mind and wewant that opportunity."

The star alsotold Prevue that he hopes to direct an some episodes of the show, shouldit get picked up for additional seasons. For more comments check out thecomplete interview at PrevueMagazine.


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