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Warehouse 13: Endless Monsters Review

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  • Episode: Endless Monsters
  • Starring: Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, Saul Rubinek, Allison Scagliotti, Aaron Ashmore
  • Written By: Bob Goodman
  • Directed By: Michael McMurray
  • Network: SyFy
  • Series:

Warehouse 13: Endless Monsters Review

A pill for what ails ya

By Chuck Francisco     September 12, 2012
Source: Mania.com

I have to come right out and say it: I love every moment Faran Tahir is on screen. His portrayal of Regent Kosan lends each scene a subtle nobility that's strengthened by each interaction with Pete. A character in his position, such as Mrs. Frederick, would normally react to the warehouse agent's comedic rebuttals with serious rebuffs, in an effort to show just how no nonsense the situation is. Kosan never needs to do that. It demonstrates that he may be wiser that his contemporaries, at least in the way he understands the important aspects Pete brings to the equation, as well as how best to work with him. I think I've said it before but it bears repeating: give us more Faran Tahir!

Diving into the ongoing arc head first, we're confronted with resolutions and revelations (which is not a soap opera spoof of D&D). Steve and Claudia leverage Artie into allowing them to help, albeit blindly. Not surprisingly, Claudia is able to track Brother Adrian's cell phone, leading the trio to an abandoned manor and the bad man himself. We finally find out how Adrian has been stealing artifacts; he's in possession of the Threshold of Limentinus (handily, the god of thresholds), which allows the user to create an opening wherever it's placed. Even more importantly, he's now in possession of Harriet Tubman's Thimble, which allows the user to assume the appearance of anyone they want. This adds some complexity to the vision Artie has been having of Claudia stabbing him with a dagger artifact; it could very well be Brother Adrian using the Thimble.

Meanwhile Pete and Myka are hunting an artifact which is making people taller (yay!), but has the adverse side effect of pulling them apart at the seams (boo!). This draws the attention of pharmaceutical employee Deb Stanley; her company makes a drug which is initially suspected as being involved somehow with an artifact. Pete immediately falls into bed with her, while she nearly as quickly falls for the allure of artifacts. Initially she tells her boss about it, causing a potential mess since he involves a senator. Pete's vibes come into play (along with some sagely coaching from Kosan), which tell him that deep down, Deb is a good person. She ends the episode as a newly recruited warehouse agent. It'll be interesting to see if she's assigned to 13, which currently has an abundance of agents, or else ware with semi-frequent guest appearances. It's also possible she's been introduced for the sole purpose of being killed later, after a long campaign of "next week, a warehouse agent will die" commercials (though I may be unfairly casting aspersions on the writing staff).

After each appearance of him, I'm struck by the potential duality of brother Adrian. Clearly he has an ingrained zealotry for protecting the Astrolabe, which is based around keeping it's evil from the world. But it's only this one specific evil which he's worried about. Meanwhile, to accomplish his ends, he's willing to unleash countless others. At the same time, he again attempts to reason with Artie when the chips are down (granted, he is trying to leverage him with the lives of those he loves), but the desire for his cause to be understood is there. 

And wow! What a bombshell closing minute of television! Bob Goodman would have been right at home in the era of movie serials, leaving us on the precipice of danger, desiring just a little more. Of course it would be H.G. who'd recognize the tell tale signs of someone else's future knowledge, gleaned through time travel. As someone with genius level intelligence and intimate knowledge of time travel, it wouldn't take her much to do the math. Will she have more information on the mysterious "evil" that Artie's unleashed? And on what side will she fall? This is some must watch television right here.

And Steve's Tesla(?) rifle? It's bad ass! I want more information on it.

Coolest Artifact: Harriet Tubman's Thimble - changing your appearance is a powerful ability, and it's likely to play a huge role in future episodes.

Lamest Artifact: Gold Spike that completed the transcontinental railroad - it certainly served it's purpose, but was overall underwhelming. 


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redhairs99 9/12/2012 3:21:49 PM

 I may be wrong but it sounded like Kosan recruited Deb to be a Regent, not a warehouse agent.

CyanideRush 9/12/2012 3:44:07 PM

 Really Redhairs? 

I didn't get that vibe, but it's a fascinating thought. I'llhave to keep an eye out for that when I watch it again.


karas1 9/13/2012 4:52:48 AM

He definitely said regent.  Though she would make a fine agent.

redhairs99 9/13/2012 8:16:27 AM

He did say that she has the qualities they look for in regents or something to that affect, so that's why I assumed she was being recruited as a regent.



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