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Warehouse 13: The Ones You Love Review

Mania Grade: B+

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  • Episode: The Ones You Love
  • Starring: Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, Saul Rubinek, Allison Scagliotti, Aaron Ashmore
  • Written By: Nell Scovell
  • Directed By: Howie Deutch
  • Network: SyFy
  • Series:

Warehouse 13: The Ones You Love Review

The truth burns

By Chuck Francisco     October 01, 2012
Source: Mania.com

The hits just keep on coming, as the saying goes. Season four's ninth episode blows the hypothetical top off this can of mystery flavored Pringles. The deliciously menacing version of Brother Adrian that we've been treated to this season, has in actuality been Artie this whole time. He's been pulling a Tyler Durden on everyone, with his evil personality accomplishing tasks (like mailing artifacts out into the world) without he himself knowing. It's brilliant in hindsight; he becomes the evil that he's unleashed. Upon his own realization of the truth, we're treated to flashbacks confirming that none of the other characters actually see Adrian. Artie's only conversations with him occur when none of the warehouse crew are around. Saul Rubinek deserves a slow clap that crescendos into a standing ovation for the scene in the bronzing room. His confusion, his agony, his realization; they're all magnificently expressed. I felt absolutely terrible for him in the moment when he pulls Harriet Tubman's Thimble from his pocket, hardening suspicion into brutal fact. 

Of course if he is ever freed of the affects of the Astrolabe, the weight of Leena's murder may likely drive him to suicide, supposing he isn't bronzed for his crimes (or if he doesn't choose to bronze himself). This is all supposing that this current timeline isn't undone, but with the loss of hope from Pandora's box being the other option, I'm unsure how that could be the preferable choice. This bombshell development further develops Artie's vision of Claudia stabbing him with the artifact dagger. It now seems unavoidable, though she probably won't have any choice; it may be the only way to stop him (and possibly save him).

The artifact hunting adventures of the episode come curtesy of the Brother Adrian personality in Artie. He's mailed artifacts to Pete, Myka, and Claudia's family members. These selected items are doozies and quite deadly. I hate to downplay these portions of the episode (because they're honestly very awesome), they just seem to pale in comparison to the segments related to the seasonal arc. Pete's adventure was the most interesting of the three. A leather box covered with the tattoo of the first ever suicide bomber, is mailed to his ex-wife Amanda (played by the lovely Jeri Ryan). Touching the box transfers the tattoo onto the skin of the victim, which causes dangerously high temperatures and radiation. This is all leading up to their ultimate fate: to explode. Pete accidentally takes the tattoo on himself while trying to comfort Amanda. Seeing no way out, he has Amanda lock him in an explosives bunker to contain the inevitable explosion. This finality lets us see some true emotion slip through the normally all encompassing armor of comedy, which Eddie McClintock weaves expertly. His noble moment with Amanda pales slightly to his desperate Farnesworth call to Myka. It's a good thing for Pete that they make a great team and puzzle out the solution in the nick of time. 

While all of this is taking place, Mrs. F and Jinks head to the Vatican, in an attempt to speak with the Brotherhood to try to end hostilities. Brilliantly, alter ego Artie had sent them a painting framed by Rembrandt's master framer, which locks people into the canvas. The two work to free all of the members of the brotherhood, including the true Brother Adrian. I got a great laugh out of the scene where each member of the order, upon being released, tries to zealously stab the duo, only to be zapped by Steve. These revelations set our pieces on the board, with the entire warehouse team arranged against the best agent to have ever lived, gone mad. The only wild card now is H.G., who should still be on the lam with the pilfered Astrolabe. As with many great shows, I'm on the hook again, and can't wait to see what happens next.

Coolest Artifact - D.B. Cooper's Rip Cord - The final fate of plane hijacking thief D.B. Cooper is one of the great mysteries. This is a super cool reference.

Lamest Artifact - Pliney the Elder's Scroll - it encases the victim in amber. Kinda weaksauce.  


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