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karas1 8/8/2012 7:31:04 AM

Congrats Chuck for spelling everybody's name correctly this time.  Except yours.  LOL

Does it seem like the Warehouse seems to collect humans with special powers in the same way it collects artifacts?  Pete gets vibes, Leena senses auras and Jinks is a human lie detector.  Every time Artie comes across such a person he recruits them as agents, just like he did with Pete and Jinks.  I can't think this is a coincidence.

It was a nice little episode which concentrated on character development rather than earthshaking plot arc developments which was nice.  I agree that everybody seems to be having a blast.

The product placement thing is kind of jarring.  Last season Myka seemd to have an obsession with Twizlers, eating them and talking about how much she loves them in several episodes.  It's completely in character for Pete to enjoy playing with his car's navigation system.  He plays with artifacts and pretty much anything he touches.  But that particurlar scene lacked finesse, particurlarly since right after it they broke for commercial and showed a commercial for that exact product.  In case anybody missed that there was a product placement in the show.

Eureka had some pretty blatant product placement and it didn't save that show.  *sigh*

isgrimner 8/8/2012 9:14:02 AM

I am currently on season 3 and noticed some vehicle product placement on an episode I watched last night.  Pete and Claudia were chasing a merc with a corrosive can of spray paint and they talked about how his nav system in his car sucked and theirs was so much better and their vehicle had so many cup holders.  Then cuts to the logo and close ups of the nav system.  It was minor but the dialoge was pretty bad.  Still, I've come to accept product placement if it will help the shows I like stay on the air.   Still some shows do it better than others.  Fringe has PP all the time and its usually somewhat subtle.   I thought Community tackled it head on and actually incorporated it into the plot in a funny way with Subway.  Speaking of Subway they have been placed in several shows I watched, besides Community, they were freaquently on Chuck and Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.   Its Always Sunny also sometimes does product placement for various beer as the signage in the bar will change and the gang might drink that particular beer in the episode, but they don't mention it, it just kind shows the logos. 

CyanideRush 8/8/2012 11:05:08 AM

 Karas: gah! That actually was not my mistake. And I'm laying the blame for last week on my iPad's autocorrect. It really doesn't like 'Myka' with the y!



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