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redhairs99 6/13/2013 7:23:53 AM

For the most part, I thought the episode was the usual bit of fun, though the Prius on lava was a bit much for me.  

I have to ask with so few episodes left, how many of these "filler" episodes are there going to be before we return to the storyline with James Marsters?

Now here's where I'm going to be nitpicky...

This episode heavily featured a fictional "Arkansas" as one of it's main settings.  Being a native Arkansan having spend my first 24 years living in the state (though I no longer live there) and going to college in Fayetteville (where most of the action took place), I have a few beefs to bring up with regards to the producers/writers not doing any research on the area at all.  Firstly, there is no "Arkansas State Prison."  There are a number of state run prisons throughout the state.  Granted I can let that go, but the details of this prison are what gets me.  Okay, orange jumpsuits make for better filming, but if you wanted authenticity, the inmates typically wear white jumpsuits.  No I haven't been to prison, but I did film at a maximum security unit a few years back for a documentary.  Also, the jumpsuits had "A.K.S.P." stamped on them.  For starters, it would more likely read "A.D.C." for Arkansas Department of Corrections.  The biggest problem here is something every 2nd grader (if not younger) should know.  Alaska is AK.  Arkansas is AR.  Don't know about anyone else but I was taught official postal abbreviations when I was in grade school.  This is probably my biggest pet peeve as I see the error almost constantly and it's either a lack of education or outright laziness.

Where were any Southern accents?  Sure, Liam is a Federal Marshall, so I buy that one, but the people they talked to at the diner or the family that is at the center of the story?  Also, there's not an overabundance of actual "diners" in the south.  Your traditional diner's are more of a northern thing.  That's not a big deal, but I feel the need to mention it.  

And speaking of the central story arc, okay, there's gangs of one form or another throughout the state, but for me it would seem more logical to have this take place in Little Rock (the captial) where that sort of thing is more wide spread.

I will say at least they did a tiny bit of research and got the state flag correct and there was a seal on the wall in one scene that said "Washington County" and the firetrucks, etc. where from Fayetteville (where the University of Arkansas is) and that is all accurate, though I can't speak for the design and paint jobs on the emergency vehicles.  It's been a while since I visited there.

And they managed to get the correct license plates on the vehicles in the state, however, unlike California and a number of other states, state law does not require the plates on the front and back bumpers, just the back.

Okay, I feel better...end of rant.  Everyone have a wonderful Man of Steel Day!!

Kaziklu 6/18/2013 7:35:44 AM

Redhairs first I'm sorry I spent half your post wondering why you lived in a made up state before I realized that Arkansas was Ark can saw.... for what ever reason I read it as Ar Kansas. 

But that has a lot to do with being Canadian and not seeing the word Arkansas a lot, I do see Kansas a little more. 

Second Warehouse 13 much like Defiance is filmed in Canada, using many Canadians on staff.. as hard as it maybe to hear, we aren't taught US potal abbriviation in Canadians schools and we don't talk with southern accents, there is very little demand for that sort of thing here. 



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