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Warehouse 13: Second Chance Review

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  • Episode: Second Chance
  • Starring: Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, Saul Rubinek, Allison Scagliotti, Aaron Ashmore
  • Written By: Diego Guitierez
  • Directed By: Constintine Makris
  • Network: SyFy
  • Series:

Warehouse 13: Second Chance Review

One from the heart.

By Chuck Francisco     September 18, 2012
Source: Mania.com

Yes! It's excellent, tightly scripted episodes like this, full of revelations, that make Warehouse 13 such an amazing show. We're paid time and a half for many of the plot points our faithful crew have been carrying this season, and it's richly rewarding. With nary a second wasted, Mrs. Frederick, Leena and HG confront Artie about the Astrolabe. He explains to another person, for the first time, what horrible circumstances drove him to up alter time, and then begs longingly of Mr. Frederick to validate the inner turmoil he's been combating. My hat's off to Saul Rubinek; his almost quivering "Did I do wrong?" could have come off as angry, but instead rings as sincere in it's longing need to be understood. And they do; Mrs. Frederick confirms she would have done the same thing. 

This one conversation has got to be an enormous weight off of Artie's shoulders, and their further speculation that Brother Adrian is flat out lying about the exact nature of the consequences, or my very well be the evil which has been unleashed, has been running though my head as well. In any case, now here are a number of capable folk working on the situation, leading Artie to be less frazzled I'm betting, and more able to focus on the task at hand. Still, I simultaneously feel for and am concerned about Mrs. F's choice to have HG take the Astrolabe into hiding. She's experienced in time travel, incredibly resourceful, and has the kind of painful skeletons which could cause her to use the artifact herself. We can at least be assured in the knowledge that the Astrolabe only allows travel back one day, so HG couldn't be tempted to travel back to saved her loved ones in the distance past.

We know comparatively little about Steve Jinks' life before becoming a warehouse agent. He was an ATF agent and he had a sister who resembled Claudia but has passed away. He'd never been one to speak about his history, and we'd never very much asked; here his hand is forced. Artie discovered diary entries and a poem which hint that in order to remove Steve safely from the metronome, he needs to return "from wence he came, find his heart and make a pure start". Turns out he's from New Jersey but hasn't spoken to his mother since the trial of his sister's killer. To stop the cycle of pain, his mother vied for life imprisonment over the death penalty for Olivia Jinks' killer, something which violently upsets the normally serenely Buddhist Steve. The necessary reconciliation was obviously from the outset, but what I wasn't expecting was such powerful, raw emotion from Aaron Ashmore. He's a brutally exposed nerve, quaking with misdirected anger and sadness. Allison Scagliotti dug deep too, bringing her A game in establishing the emotional gravitas with Aaron to really makes these scenes matter, succeeding in really making us care more about them both.

Meanwhile Pete and Myka work feverishly to save plant workers from an artifact that's making them physically rust from the inside out. While not connected to the overarching season's plot, these two are still the glue that holds the series together. The artifact being quested after, fragments of Spartan armor imbedded in a former marine's chest after an explosion in a museum, present quite a unique challenge. I'm sure that injecting a bunch of neutralizer fluid into a man's heart has got to have more dire consequences than a Pete one liner. I wonder if this will come back in the future, or if the artifact might reactivate at some point. For now, it's refreshing to have had a artifact wielding person who is really good inside, and can realize something is wrong, allow the agents to act before he himself is in peril. It's a great reminder that while these artifacts can be amazingly powerful, a person with a good heart can be more so.

There we so few artifacts mentioned or seen by name this week that I'm going to forego the usual ranking of them. Instead I want see how astute my fellow viewers are. In the pre-credits conversation Artie has with Mrs. Frederick, did anyone else see Johnny Number Five from Short Circuit sitting deactivated in the office? Is this the prelude to a Fisher Stevens guest appearance? Probably not. Is it awesome to the tenth degree? It totally is! 


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karas1 9/18/2012 1:53:12 PM

Allison Scagliotti dig deep too

now his had is forced


Do you actually edit these articles before posting them?


As for the episode, I agree it was one of the better ones.  Pete and Myka were their usual entertaining selves.  But Jinks is rapidly becoming my favorite character and learning more about him was nice.  He and Claudia are easily as entertaining to watch as Pete and Myka. 

It's time Artie shared with somebody and Mrs Fredericks was the perfect person to do it with.  He now has some help dealing with not only Brother Adrian but the emotional trauma he suffered from seeing HG, Mrs Fredericks, Claudia and Pete die in the unaltered timeline.

CyanideRush 9/19/2012 4:48:45 AM

 Karas, I appreciate you pointing these out so I can fix them. There's no need to be insulting though. I typically copy edit everything I post 2-3 times but since I'm Mildly dislexic, there are times when I simply won't catch times that iPad autocorrect decided that I wanted a completely different word in there. Rest assured that I'm not doing it to make to angry, so there's no reason to cast aspersions.


millean 9/19/2012 9:06:50 AM

Jinks is easily my least favorite character, so to each their own.  He just seemed too harsh towards his mom from the get go this ep, and then to resolve it with a 5 minute conversation he should have had with her years ago... sorry, I didn't like it.  But I will give him some credit as he had my favorite moment of the episode when he pulled his nosehair out to annoy Claudia.  That was just funny.

As for Artie confiding in Ms. Fredrick/H.G, I was waiting for one of them to pull off those purple gloves only to reveal a thimble.  Something ain't right there, and I think HG (if she isn't Brother Adrian in disguise) is going to suffer because of it.

Overall, it was a good episode, and I have enjoyed the W13 reviews (although I've been too busy with work to comment on them the last few weeks).


As for grammar and insults, both can seem to come across much worse than intended.  Glad to know I'm not the only mildly dyslexic/grammar checking idiot out there.  :)


karas1 9/19/2012 2:22:17 PM

I'm disgraphic so I understand the life long effect that learning disabilities can have.  I didn't mean to insult you Chuck.  Bad grammar is really a pet peeve of mine and the internet is rife with people who seem to believe that because they are on the interner that gramerical rules no longer apply.

Of course, I also get agrivated by people who leave their shopping carts in the parking lot to inconvienience other shoppers instead of returning them to the store or one of those little cart corrals that the stores provide and people who litter and people who make a mess in public restrooms so maybe I'm just easily agrivated.

CyanideRush 9/20/2012 3:55:08 AM

 I can completely understand being let down by people's lack of grammatics on the web, Karas. Honestly though, given the rest of my writing, do it really appear to you as if I'm some person on the Internet who threw grammatics out the window? 

millean 9/20/2012 8:08:35 AM

Chuck, don't ask questions you may not want the answers to.

Oh, and Kara, you misspelled aggravated.  Twice.



CyanideRush 9/20/2012 12:52:27 PM


isgrimner 9/26/2012 9:02:48 AM

I agree Jinx is my least favorite on the show.  Although, I kind of actually sided more with him than his mom, as I would have the same vindictive thoughts in his place.  

I thought this ep was about a B, and the one after it was more of an A.   I guess I just like the Pete, Myka, and Artie focused eps the best.  I like Claudia, but she is starting to go down a Chloe on Smallville path in which I will not like her, so I hope they divert her from that. 



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