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SONYMANswallows 9/10/2009 11:41:51 AM

Everybody Hates Chris may be the best show on TV. Chris Rock is brilliant. His comedy points out faults or characteristics of all ethnicities. And he represents those uniquely, no one  white, jewish, black, or hispanic person is represented in the same way. Chris Rock is more a philosopher than a comedian.

silversurfer 9/10/2009 11:43:24 AM

Ponyboy, I don't have a lot of confidence in the DC Deal (other than the fact that they did realize that they had to do something) simply because they didn't mention anything new...something that we all didn't already know. I would like to see how this move is going to impact movies that need to be made like Justice League and other DC comic book properties. Marvel has given them the playbook on what to do, and has in its own way, dared them to compete, and they haven't.

We'll have an Avengers movie out before they can get over their legalities at DC. The red tape that they've created has caused more harm than anything else. Let's face it, even though Fox has ruined some of the Marvel Characters, we were still able to see the films at the theater....so the fallout wasn't that bad.

I would like to see something come of it that allows for more flexibility and better writers to some of the things that they have. Instead of going forward they've went back, with the exception of Batman....Superman is definitely going to be redone, and who knows how long that's going to take....in the meantime...make mine Marvel! 

SONYMANswallows 9/10/2009 11:43:38 AM

Man dark Knight keep up the speculation, you are always right.

Chopsaki 9/10/2009 12:09:29 PM

After watching the Black Beauty crash I can't help but think thats a metaphore for the entire production...

DaForce1 9/10/2009 12:16:27 PM

WB has had DC for 40 years. They decide they want to do something with it now? That's like some old fat guy wanting to get into Kung Fu because he just watched a few Bruce Lee movies for the first time. It ain't gonna happen.

dragon261 9/10/2009 2:15:30 PM

This move might help the movie side of the equation but the comics side will crash and burn. The most creative writers and artists will jump ship into the waiting arms of Marvel/Disney watch and see.

hanso 9/10/2009 2:50:59 PM

Holy mother of fuck!  Crank 2 is one of the biggest pieces of shit I've ever fuckin seen!!  Just thought I share that cause I just finished watching that shit.

violator14 9/10/2009 3:59:56 PM

i wonder what IS everyone's nationality on here??

WarCry 9/10/2009 4:17:14 PM

Well, I'll throw myself to the wolves here, but.....

I'm still waiting to see a good BATMAN movie. Not a "reimagining", not a "dark, gritty, more realistic" version. I want the grey suit, with the yellow-backed emblem and the blue cape and cowl (we CAN skip the purple gloves, though). I want to see the 1979-Superman: The Movie version of Batman. I want to see a tricked-out Maserati as the Batmobile (as described in the Knightfall novel) rather than something that comes straight out of a Hollywood chop-shop.

At this point, we KNOW it can be done. Spider-Man did it. With a few changes (as will always happen), they had the flashy costume, the witty reparte (dude just needs to learn how to leave his mask on; and yes, I am ignoring Spider-Man 3 and, to a lesser extent, Spider-Man 2). We've seen it work perfectly well in Iron Man. And, as I stated, Superman (and Superman 2) did it right - the costume, the core of the character, even the villains.

So, for me, even though the Nolan films are GREAT movies, they're just not Batman to me. He's stated he's not sure what he wants to do for a 3rd, if anything (he may be sandbagging, I know). I say let him. Let it sit for a little bit, then turn it around and do a BATMAN movie.

That's my hope for this DC/WB announcement, anyway.

Wiseguy 9/10/2009 4:24:02 PM

I think there are just too many effing hypocrates here. I bet we've all laughed at racist jokes. This asshole jk says it may have helped if it was funny but calls me a racist, ok I guess it's ok to be a racist as long as it's funny, dumb deuche

I still had Family Guy on mind from last night when he did that bit about a female asian driver switching 6 lanes without signalling. But I guess none of these fragile sensitve pc cadets watches that or South Park or anything of the sort.

And I like how so many assume I'm white, don't know why but I guess if you don't care for pc correctness that means you're white cause everyone else is for restrictive speech. I just let them assume

And if you're feelings are hurt over being called a bad driver or any other stereotype, too bad, too effing bad. That's part of living in a free speech society

Sleeper, stop sending me pictures of you swallowing and entire banana, I'm not interested so take that hamster out off your butt

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