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Who is Warner considering for LOBO?


By Rob M. Worley     October 21, 2009
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Comics2Film: Clancy Brown as LOBO
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Who is Warner considering for 'Lobo'? Plus: Casting imminent on 'Hack/Slash' film? Quesada talks 'Captain America'. 'Justice League' forming around 'Green Lantern'? More! It's pronounced Canada but it's spelled Comics2Film 9.10.21!



Will Thomas Jane star in CRIMINAL MACABRE?

There have been plans on the books to bring Steve Niles horror noir comic 'Criminal Macabre' to the big screen for over six years now. For most of that time actor Thomas Jane was attached to star as Cal McDonald in the movie. Indeed, ever since his attachment, cover artist Timothy Bradstreet has been putting Jane's face on the covers of the comics published by Dark Horse.

Last August the trades reported that the film had moved to Universal Studios as part of their pact with Dark Horse. It was unclear at the time whether or not Jane was still considered the leading man on that one. MTV Splash Page put the question to Jane this week.

"Cal is one of the great characters and I’m perfect for the part," Jane told MTV. "As far as I know, Universal is interested in putting together a Cal Mcdonald film and, well... we’ll see what happens."

Jane also said he's aware that screenwriter Kyle Ward is writing a draft of the script for the film, "And it's something I definitely have my eye on."

So, the question of Jane's actual involvement with the project remains unclear, but one thing is certain, he definitely has passion for the role.

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Yesterday we linked to an article at NOLA.com regarding the filming of 'Green Lantern'. The piece contained a bit of info that we dismissed as speculation, but has been passed around the web since then. Namely, it mentions the notion that the DC movie is the first in a series that will build up to a 'Justice League' movie.

Writes the Times-Picayune:

"Green Lantern" is expected to be the first in a trilogy of films focusing on D.C.'s Justice League heroes  --  the others being "The Flash" and "Wonder Woman"  --  before uniting all three with fellow League members Batman,  Superman and Aquaman for a Justice League movie.

Now, that is entirely possible. C2F has never heard anything that directly refutes that statement. However, it doesn't really mesh with what we've been hearing out of the newly formed DC Entertainment. And it seems unlikely that the Times-Picayune would have access to this kind of advanced planning from DCE.

Our initial and present reaction to this is that it's a bit of misinformation glued together from various rumors. On the other hand, if we're wrong and the Times-Picayune is right, then it's exciting news indeed.

Thanks to Matador for the submission.




Comic Book Resources reports from the Joe Quesada panel at  the Big Apple Comic-Con. Quesada talked all things Marvel but made a few comments about the 'Captain America' movie, due out in summer of 2011.

"I've seen a couple of outlines and an initial screenplay, and it's going to rock everyone's socks off," Quesada told fans. "It's very unexpected, the kind of movie it is."

CBR also reports that Quesada said the film will set up 'The Avengers' in "a fantastic way" and that Marvel has a list of potential leading men in mind already.

Thanks to Matador for the submission.



TRANSFORMERS: Optimus Prime Takes A Licking

'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' arrived on DVD and Blu-ray this week. SCI FI Wire has posted one of the extras found on the release, which shows showing how the visual-effects artists bang the crap out of Optimus Prime.

Check it out:



HACK/SLASH Casting Soon?

Producers Daniel Alter and Adrian Askarieh chatted with Collider.com on the red carpet at the Spike TV Scream awards on the weekend. They gave an update on the 'Hack/Slash' comic, based on Tim Seeley's kick-ass horror comic.

"We have an exciting director, a new director named Fredrick Bond," said Alter. "It's going to start [production] early next year."

He also said that casting news would come pretty soon.

Here's the clip:



Who is Warner Bros Considering for LOBO?

Clancy Brown. That's who.

Comics2Film at Mania.com spoke exclusively to a source close to the development of the film who tells us that director Guy Ritchie is "gung-ho" on the 'Lobo' movie project and working hard to get the script in shape for filming next year.

With that in mind the conversation has turned towards casting the film. We asked our source if plans were to cast a wrestler or bodybuilder that could match Lobo's muscled-up physique from the comics.

"Lobo has to look like that, but the person being Lobo doesn't necessarily," our source told us. "I'm not saying that's how they're gonna do it because they're still trying to work that out, but for example Andy Serkis doesn't particularly look like Gollum, you know? It's all about performance."

So is Lobo going to be all CGI, a la Gollum or Hulk or King Kong? Our source says the conversations about that are all over the map. They could go that route or they could go with a mix of costume, makeup and CGI enhancements, similar to what was seen in the 'Hellboy' movies.

"Ultimately regardless of whether you do it all CG or its a guy in a suit, with CG, you'll still end up doing a lot of CG animation. So do you need a celebrity? Do you need a name or do you just get someone who is good and who's gonna nail it?"

Our guy on the inside says a name that's come up frequently in meetings is Clancy Brown.

Brown, a veteran of too many genre films to name, first caught fan attention as The Krugan in 'Highlander' (a role not too far removed from DC Comics' main bastich). More recently he sizzled in roles like Brother Crowe in 'Carnivale' and the heroic tracker John Clay in 'The Burrowers'. Of course he's also known as the voice of Lex Luthor in various animated productions including the recent 'Superman/Batman: Public Enemies'.

"Wouldn't he be awesome? I think he'd knock it out of the park," enthused our source. 

However, he was quick to add that the studio hasn't truly begun the casting process. A lot has to happen before they actually start approaching actors and making offers. For now Brown is just a name being tossed around in meetings.

Brown definitely has the voice and can pull off the surly persona of the main man, so C2F has to give this casting choice a thumbs up.

What do you think, Maniacs? Is Clancy Brown a good choice for LOBO? If not, then who? Post your comments below...


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nemesis1_57 10/21/2009 8:13:14 AM

If its done like Hell Boy (meaning the actors in a suite) then it would be ok Borwn has that voice that sounds like a bad ass.

SgtTechCom 10/21/2009 8:18:56 AM

Clancy Brown rules ! Definately a good choice.


AntoBlueberry 10/21/2009 8:28:45 AM

I don't like CGI characters, I'd prefer a real actor even if made big with a muscle suit. Or they could use a big guy who can act like Dwayne Johnson or Kevin Durand.

Slip69 10/21/2009 8:32:43 AM

D. Johnson would be a good choice but only if the script was about him kicking santa's ass.

Wiseguy 10/21/2009 8:35:02 AM

Lobo should be cgi ala AVATAR, then you can get a good actor regardless of physique. With Cameron's new technique and cameras to catch facial expressions this is a no brainer IMO

I'm looking forward to hearing some casting rumors for Capt.America. I've already said I'd prefer they stay American but I recall Feige saying that they planned on considering some of the actors who tried out for Thor in some future projects. So I wouldn't be surprised if Skarsgard or Hunnan were at the top of the list.

Also, glad to hear Marvel writers giving their approval for Cap and Thor's scripts. It fills me with confidence that they're all going to rock, can't freaking wait

I wouldn't be surprised if DC fopllowed Marvel's blueprint. Afterall, look at all the buzz it's causing with every step along the way, building the fan base and interest outside of us comic book fans. I still think they could jump straight in a JL story and then doing solo films, either way I'm hyped over seeing both universes on trhe big screen

I don't hate Thomas Jane but what's up with this begging and pleading every time a comic book film comes up


littlemikey979 10/21/2009 8:43:27 AM

Bring on Brown, that guy is a good actor and deserves a shot at something that will make him a main stream guy.

It would make sense that DC would want to kind of follow what Marvel is going with their movie, they know the fans would eat up a quick cameo of any other DC characted, even Elongatedman he has his fans somewhere. It wold be crazy for DC not to do the same given how much everyone went crazy over Caps shield alone.

I really hope T. Jane doesn't end up like Nic Cage, he seems to be heading down that road, anyone else see it too....?

Darkknight2280 10/21/2009 8:52:44 AM

CLANCY BROWN IS THE MAN!! (He Rocks in PET SEMATARY 2!!) Looks liek he is in the Remake of Nightmare on Elm Street movie as well.

So looks like DC is going to copy Marvels blueprints on how to make good superhero movies! I dont balme them Marvel has a great plan and so far is excuting it VERY well!

Love hearing the excitment about the upcoming CAP movie! Cant wait to hear more and more about it!! I wonder what names are floating around over at Marvel? Just as long as its not Will Smith, Channing Tatum, or Brad Pitt I will be happy!! lol

TKay42one 10/21/2009 8:55:05 AM

Do you, Wiseguy, take Avatar to be your lawfully wedded movie...To watch and watch...over and over again...no matter how bad it might suck?   LOL...sorry, just had to say something...it's obvious you're gung ho about it.

I like Clancy Brown...he was killer in Carnivale, not to mention The Shawshank Redemption.  He plays a great badass.

Wiseguy 10/21/2009 8:56:49 AM

I DO!! No prenup necessary

TKay42one 10/21/2009 9:01:06 AM

You just broke Transformers heart, you bastard!

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